Who are you
Why are you here?
Did the grace of angels bring you
Did the wind guide you here

Where did you come from
Where are you going?
What time, do you have. My watch says 12:12
I didn't make that up.

The night is so dark
The stars are so far and few and distant
Empty space grows as cold
as death

Are you my lock
or are you my key
Why do I respond
to your touch
Is it the body
or the soul
that feels love
Is it both?

All is fair in love and war.

A beautiful liar comes from afar
Never laugh at the person drowning in the river
that you have not crossed yourself
They say

Without you
is there an us
a we
a them
a they

Without you
is there

Here is a secret:
The sound coming from that box over there
is a daemon.

to escape.