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I Can See Your Tracks - Laura Veirs


World of Warcraft

The questgiver lives in the city
and stands at the edge of the abyss
Our lord was betrayed by temple
and also by a kiss

One goes east
And one goes west
Both from the same winds blow
'Tis the setting of the sails
and not the gale
that point men where to go

It isn't a world
nor a secret garden
Not some secret place
It is thott's solution to Karnuk's problem:
made into electron
A point of time and space
where the past is the future
and the future is unwritten
and the past recedes away
into singularity unfolding
the removal - of the inside
we question why
we travel on - the silent road
and take down
the overlord

Not so much late
or night
as so, early morn

The day unborn
we are found
in five
twenty five

Nature was the static
Human was the noise

Warcraft asks us to face difficulty
with humor
and an open mind

And though experience is the teacher of fools
if music be the food of love
Then play on

Even if in reality
we are alone
in a dark room
stille nacht




Freedom at Point Zero

Only a little life left
but enough to hold on tight
I have to stay focussed
and keep myself in the fight

There is nothing wrong
within the act of letting go
But only those who fight on
will see freedom at point zero

We're all in this together
but we all die alone
and struggle against the tether
that binds us to future past

But perhaps the first game we play
is the one where we choose ourselves
and leap into the fray
and blast satan straight to hell

Play to win
and one day know
freedom at point zero

Iraq in Fragments

They bind women
and keep them under control
whip themselves with chains
the sunni and shia

They taste dust and yellow sun
and oil
Shout words to the faithful
violence for sin
rhythmically winding their way
away from Persia
and over

Let's talk about 40 something women.

I think the concept that a 40 year old woman is somehow aged beyond attraction is completely false. Women age differently than men, and 30 year olds , 20 year olds, 40 year olds, even 50 year olds - are all equally hot. Dita von Teese proves it. The image below is her, flanked by two twenty year olds. As a man, I honestly can't tell the difference. Maybe women have some secret way to tell... but for me, most women make me glad to be a guy and find myself as their complement. Feminine beauty has a timeless characteristic to it. Cherche la femme.

How Society Works

binds you to something more
than just yourself
helping others
helps you as well

If you're in a room
and there is a beautiful girl
four men can vy for her attention
but only one will win

This is how society works:
she is playing the field
she wonders who is going to be the one
but she will entertain others
if not for the adventure
then for fun

And they know
game theory

So we have manners
and we have appearance
and the art of communication
and with these tools she weaves a picture
of the man she wants to have
and leaves the other
to wonder what happened

and the one that goes home
to play world of warcraft
is the winner
and the loser

The important thing
is to be careful of the girl
who plays a level 85 night elf
and has an epic mount

Seven Years on the Snow

Turn at the top
your boards fly
body flat along the fall
knees tight

The mountain
always scares you
seven years on the snow
the town still looks like a toy
crafted into the hillside
like a model

And on you fly
skis together
the wind blasting
you land
you fall
you turn at the top
skis together
knees touch
the snow feels light

a small shout escapes your lungs
the pretty german girl smiles
as you fly by
a bunny on black
she's trying

And you are flying

mistakes have consequence
seven years on the snow
shouting at the top of your lungs

Do my eyes deceive
Listen to your heart
Listen to the trees

One day I was up there
and I saw a man turn around to look at his girlfriend
he hit a tree
C-4 parapalege

It feels good
You feel alive

And at the bottom of the run
A little boy named Joshua
holds up this many fingers (four)
and says he loves skiing
this was his first day
his brother and dad were up on the mountain
last year, but he was only this many fingers then (three)
and s…

A Short, Simple Note to Harlan Ellison

Dear Harlan
Stop fucking around
Write it
Publish it

And never call yourself a Jew
if you are going to keep calling yourself an atheist
Because to be a Jew
is to be
one of the chosen
and Harlan
if there is no-one choosing
there is no observer
and if there is no observer
what meaning does any rule or law have
how can the wave function collapse
the question of origin
isn't just another question
just like fluffy little clouds isn't just music or dancing
it's trance

Write the fucking book
and make sure
that you get it published
because before you die
I want to read it
and know
that it was in you all along

Harlan I have the same dream
but in mine the teeth eat and feed
and the grotesque is consumed its bones cracked
the marrow sweet
the danger formed in the fabric of the night
forged in light
and nothing but a soft subtle reminder
no need to bathe in the monstrous
the power of our mind
connects the dots
to something greater

There isn't much time

Death wi…


Humming a song from the seventies
the cool sound of her voice in my head
the workday falls away

The problems are not easy
the work is hard
the net is there to distract me
artifical heart and soul

And I ignore the fact that all the information of the world
is at my beck and call
and get done with the more noble purpose
of trying to take over the world

And last night
I didn't get to sleep at all

Dec. 21st, 2012 . 6:24 AM.

It escaped our telescopes. It was too dark. There weren't enough people looking for it before it happened. It was a cataclysm.

Ever Seen A Healthy Vegan?

Someone asked me this question , this week. I thought about it for awhile.. nothing really came to mind. And then. ... I remembered ... someone... :)

I've been full Vegan for 10 days now (achievement!: n00bsauce) so I should probably study this person very carefully. I think I will devote some time to ... closely ... study.. her. She seems to be healthy, but, you know.. I think we need to make sure.

At first glance, to me, she looks great :) - But appearances can be deceiving. It's better to make certain. All in the name of science.

How to stop an argument

Most arguments are really about control. Specific issues change but the propensity to fight with someone usually means you're not happy with where you sit on the social hierarchy with them. A lazy husband finds an angry wife. A lazy wife finds an angry husband. It is their respective position relative to each other - their respective status - and what they feel it accords them, that can be the source of frustration. You go to a hotel. Check in, and go to your room. It has been a long trip. Shortly after you lay down on the bed, a jackhammer begins to pound the street outside your window. Metal on concrete. You are frustrated. Your expectation, fueled by your vehicle of status - the money you paid for the room you were to enjoy - has been dashed against the incessant sound coming through the window. You deserve to rest, you paid for the room - and yet the jackhammer continues to pound. You feel frustration. Frustration is a natural side effect of living in a large social commu…

How to live life

My grandfather and I played chess. He was very good. On the board, and in his actions - he taught me alot about how to live life. He graduated from High School at age 16, and finished Medical School at 21. He started his own practice and a hospital. He had many children, and he was by and large happy. He would get up every day and go to work. When he retired from practice, he had delivered six thousand children. He performed 3,000 major operations. He married a girl - who was his girlfriend from elementary school, and he stayed married for 64 years. Altogether, my grandmother and grandfather were in love for nearly 77 years. So, what have I learned? From the chessboard I learned that making the move with your queen can make her a big target. Protect the pieces that are important to you. You've never figured out who I really am. And you never will. As a person, it's ok to be private. He was careful with money. My own sense of fiscal discipline helped me to avo…

How to watch a film

The first step in watching a film, is to make it like a new year's resolution. Select carefully, and make sure you are going to follow through. Granted some movies can be so bad you'll leave them before they're done - but if you're careful, you can figure out which ones are good enough to stick through to the end.

The next step is to realize that what you are seeing was first a book or a play - something written down and imagined. This part is important, because some of the most beautiful elements of many books and plays are those imagined by the reader. The director and the producer take an enormous leap of faith and artistic skill to attempt to bring these images to a kind of common language - but first and foremost, they exist as a part of your imagination - not theirs. Let yourself enjoy the film completely - but remember that it's up to you , ultimately, to knit together the missing pieces and solve the open riddle. Every film will have them. Alfred Hitc…

What I'm Doing Now

I'll start off with what I'm not doing first. I'm not eating anything that ever had a face or a mother. That sort of happened organically over the last week. I'm full on vegan, and I'm loving it. I am not religious about this - because I reserve the right to eat whatever I want, and I'm an omnivore because I'm human - but that said, I'm definitely on the path toward better chow. Vegan doesn't mean anything wonderful about the world, or the environment - it means, simply - better food. Trust me on this point. I'm also not wasting any time on facebook. It's just a website. I'm pleasantly surprised that it eclipsed google as the number one visited site - but that said, it doesn't hold much utility for me. I have friends that are good friends, and a family that is warm, and supportive. I have recently said goodbye to some people I loved very much. I didn't update my facebook page. Because you don't know them, and I plan to …

Happy New Year

2011 is going to be a very good year. We just had alot of fun dancing to jazz, stripping almost naked, running around with underwear on our heads. Sparklers. And the limbo. We went out on to the deck and someone fired a mortar firework in our backyard; the sky lit with blues, reds and the trace of the shell in gold. Welcome to the year of our lord, two thousand eleven. Hang on for the ride. It's going to be fun.