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Just a smile would lighten everything
maybe a picture of you on my desk
and then unfold my day
the predictable pain cuts through
I look at you with wide eyes
I wonder about your tattoo
Why I had mine
A paragraph
on my back
that lines me up with so many people from new york
to make a poem of human skin
a story known
to the writer

I dreamed I was awake
I should have known it was a dream
I am not a modern American shogun
I do not carry
A razor sharp katana
My enemies
Do not wonder, wide eyed, if they are actually cut
then slide apart before our eyes

Oh, but
Just for clever conversation
Didn't you tell me god was a man
from a carpenter's finger?
armies rape
on their way to the Egyptian theatre
and then again
back to Rome S.P.O.R.C


I think of brown skinned women
Damnatio Memoriae
Dust storms that take the paint right off my car
I think of a sunrise over Baghdad
My mind drifts as we talk
I smile
listening more…

One - U2

Making a List

This next few days are going to be tricky. I am not exactly focussed right now, if anything a bit de-focussed and missing the marks. Last night was a good start though. There's something I've always wanted to do, but there was a meeting running in the same room and so finally I just walked into the meeting and started working. I kept in mind that I am not going to worry too much about what people think of me as long as I am getting the job done. The first step is always with me to make a list and I am putting it off. I am still not sure all of this can be won. But I am going to try. Go here for something useful. Good clip. She always says the same thing when she posts them "oh, posting clips is lazy blah bla" but wow what a good clip. And yes, I don't know her. But I've read her a bit. She's one of the ones that sometimes does something cool. IMHO she is only self deprecating because she's insecure about herself and likely surrounded by b…

The slow realization

I had a slow, painful realization today that basically everything that is wrong in my life (mostly work related, some personal stuff) is something that I can fix. This is a very important realization for me. It came after I sort of accidentally dropped into a game of WoW in the late afternoon, didn't have anything scheduled and the kids came home. The run was through a place called Shadowfang Keep. I was playing Horde. As usual I was doing a pretty good job. I say this in humility, I have done a great job with my avies and toons - had them do all kinds of fun things. A grown man playing with dolls. And so we are in an instance, as a group - and I am dawning as we are working through this instance - that I am handling some complicated dynamics here. Our group was low (meaning we were easily killed). This is that halflight of the day , that time when people who actually have a life, meet on their porch. Have a drink. Talk to friends. Things like that. And I am an undead …

Cherry Darling

From the new Quentin Tarantino Film (Double Feature) - Note the bullet wound in her left side.

Blu-Ray wins!!

Ok, folks. HD DVD has now officially gone the way of the BetaMax format. Blu Ray wins! Toshiba just withdrew their manufacturing support for HD DVD . Now as soon as those South Korean HD panel factories start kicking into high gear and the price of trillium drops, we will have a really killer system on the way. Yay!


Choir in the yard
in the house next door
where a grandma brought
some songs from the shore

Six foot girl gonna
sweat when she dig
stand close to the fire
when they light the pig
standing in her chinos shirt pulled off clean
Got a tattooed tit
Say number 13

The Pixies

Digital Love - Daft Punk

Implicit Bias

This is a personal bias test, that uncovers your hidden bias as to whom you, if you were voting in the primary - would vote for - and it covers all of the candidates. . I found this during my morning perusal of good blogs that I occasionally read, and I really liked it so thank you to my favorite bitch and pls. enjoy.

Cleaning House

I am cleaning house and not in a nice way. I am going after things that have been buried under piles of other things for six months. I have a steam cleaner for the carpets. I bought a new mop for the hardwood floors. I have a V-shaped razor blade hook thing for the caulk lines in the bathroom. I have nailed the kitchen, getting stuff that was on the hardwood floor for almost a year. Polished the tables. Cleaned the windows to the kitchen and the adjacent sunroom. The kitchen is spotless. Gleaming. Ready to be trashed again but hey. There was a stack of 4 chairs there in a part of the kitchen that should have been gone a long time ago. They are now in the garage. In the process I emptied out alot of old dried beans that were for some reason or another kept in the original bag . I emptied them out into the big old glass jars with the old time metal clasp locks. And I thought - wow. I never cook indian food - looking at them made me hungry for my wife's fare. This wa…

The Implicate Order

There was a person named David Bohm, that I remember from school. One of his favorite things to do was to take a cylinder of clear glycerine and place three small dots of dyed liquid in them, or five, or whatever. A series of dots. He would hold up this cylinder,and show you the dots. Then he would spin the cylinder and the dots would disappear. And he would say, there is order here but you can't see it. And then a few seconds later the dots would appear again in sequence. That is implicate order. I came back home from "No Country for Old Men" last night very aware of the home that I live in - the life that I have been living. I bought my father a copy of Cormac McCarthy's other book (he has a few, all of which are probably very good - I have read "The Road" and now only seen "No Country for Old Men") - called "The Road". It was a christmas gift, sent late. And it was never given to him. My step brother gave him the same b…

Freak on a Leash - Korn

The key issue now for Obama

Poll in Texas came out today, it was like. Clinton 49, Obama 40 and the Wisconsin polls (for which the contest is only 4 days away) is 47 to 40 Obama. People want to fall in behind a winner at this point. They do not want a big giant freaky convention with the whole super delegate intrigue. Add to that Obama picked up 12 and Clinton lost 3 on that score, and what is happening is what I predicted. Namely, that the superdelegates just aren't a big factor. They are going with the popular vote. So what may happen is Wisconsin may break to Obama, thats a really competitive race right there. I would offer that if Obama can take Wisconsin it is going to be harder for Clinton to come forward. The key issue now for Obama is for him to get very simple and direct and eliminate the one key issue left that amongst the people who are really going to the polls in primary - are going to divide against. That is national healthcare. Obama's plan is a kind of strange frankenstein'…

Principles of Lust - Enigma

Three Days on an Island

My daughter was working on an essay last night, and she started it off by asking me to read her first para. I did. It was junk. I told her so. In retrospect, I could have been kinder. But I wasn't. And she got the message. Now, its really important when you give criticism to be very clear about what you really want to see. And , for me at least, I have to keep an image in my mind of the ideal case. That is, I pictured her, in a flash - writing a great essay. Somehow that came out. Thats important because thats where I really center with whomever I am working or playing with - I really enjoy visualizing the end of the trip at a good place. But I told her. Her entire approach is trashed. She started out with "If I were on a desert Island I would experience many wonderful things". I turned to her and said.. ok... tell me precisely what they asked you to write an essay about. Give me their exact words . Now, this may sound like you are being a jerk. And maybe you ar…

Bird of Prey - Fatboy Slim

I'm playing with it

For some reason, the paperback novel "Prey" by Michael Crichton seems to be a silly toy for my seven year old son. He throws it in the air and laughs "I'm playing with it!". Tonight at tiger cubs we had a cannonball. The kids would head out into a course with made-up cardboard boxes on them, to the fuel station, through the car wash and on towards the pit stop where they had to change tires (take off their shoes and put yours on). It was a riot. When we were making his car I looked down and noticed he'd written "Cub Oil" on the side. We circled it. Sponsored at age 7. And he took third place. I think he should have gotten second, since second place actually crashed. But I put him out with a fire extinguisher. Meanwhile my daughter is beginning to get heavily into "Eragon". Its fun to casually remark, as a matter of fact that dragons are born blue .."But they turn red as they get older". Her eyes get wide. She really does …

Direct Democracy

Democracy has changed thanks to blogs. In the old days there was a smoke filled room. Now everything is out in the open. But it is a long race ahead of us to actual, direct democracy. Obama is a start. Having chaired the ethics commitee. And being relatively free of lobbyist ties (as/opposed to the clintons - who are now running around all over the place trying to make the superdelegates their pals). In fact, Obama is a great start. Look today for a huge win amongst the super-cool people who live in the DC area. When I run triathlon I hit these walls sometimes.. I get this dread feeling.. like maybe sometimes the harder you hit the worse off you are. I think thats what its like right now for the opponents of direct democracy. They are subtle in their ways, to be sure. Many of them masquerade as "friends" of the movement. But they're not. Does anyone remember when the Govt. of Burma (a military industrialist oligopoly) tried to shut down dissent and shot …

Let it Be- The Beatles

WTP about Super Tuesday

Ok this is my last whorish top post (WTP) about Super Tuesday. But I wanted to draw out a couple of other cool things that happened. The california counts are coming in and Obama drew strong numbers in the high population districts and so that means that we've got two interesting facts. First, he won more states than Hillary. Second, now, according to the count - he won more delegates. Ok, if you include superdelegates Hillary is on top but - if you included superdelegates in the count - she would have also been winning after Iowa so, in my own little world I am going to just go with the national delegates you can win, ok. I guess why I really work out there - is because I know that soon genetics will change the structure of society and I am trying to nail down concepts that are hard for me to understand. Polyamory, Origin of life, molecular networks. That kind of thing. I didn't do too badly in lattices when I was in college. I usually find that I can approach these bi…

Super Tuesday Results

Georgia won by a large percentage, giving Obama 9 delegates. This is significant because right now the race yesterday is so close that every delegate will count. To give you an idea of how close , right now the entire state of california (with, like 400 delegates or something) is coming down to 18 delegates. Those 9 that Obama won here (his margin was way more than 10 percent) really count. Obama is also winning his home field stronger, and taking more delegates there - He won Illinois by 30 percent - whereas Clinton only won NY by 15 percent. The way that delegates are assigned means that the actual delegate totals will work to Obama's favor. McCain won the Republican Primary. He will now focus on the General Election although there are some states that he will have to barrel through to get there. Good for him. California is a big deal right now, as is New Mexico where the two battled hard. Clinton came into California with a big lead and now its looking like she will …

Yes We Can - Barack Obama AMV

Delivering Ga. for Obama

I've worked hard to get Obama into good position in my state. This is an extremely conservative state, that tends to vote republican in almost every general election. And yet Obama has been the most workable candidate I have had the pleasure of supporting in nearly eight years. The man has taken more money from small donors than any other democratic candidate in history - using the internet. He is free of lobbyist influence. Thats a huge plus. But what he can really do is get people talking to each other again at Thanksgiving dinner tables and over morning coffee. There has been an extreme sense of division visited upon our country in recent years. Being an independent forces you to question issues - anathema to those who would have you sign loyalty oaths at rallies, or screen out questions that were "too controversial" and for all the others , deliver pre-made answery. News-media-entertainment "reporters" would pretend to interview our president o…

H - Tool [300 AMV]

Sold the Horse!

Alright here's the deal. I really got the stablemaster miffed at me for what looked to be a really innocuous wrongdoing. There were three bales of hay there in the barn and I normally keep my hay up there out of the way in the loft. I had been stacking my hay in a small red woodshed in the upper paddock so my mare can have breakfast up there without me dragging bales all over the world. Well. I had stacked quite a few there, and a few in my tack room and I had three left over. Now, I had bought 10 bales of hay for a friend and sold it to them in their hay room and they were fine with me stacking my hay there and that was the plan. But it was a shared room, actually the people were co-op on that room and as things stood I was not cleared to stack three small bales of hay in that room by the other two there. Actually one of them was the mayor. So the guy complained. He's a dude thats about sixty and has a wife of about 30 and thats just the kind of guy he is. I'm no…

bow shock

Bow Shock by Gregory Beniford is so. cool. Its a short story about a radio astronomer who has discovered an object that is speeding across the plane of the sky - a simple story about the life of a scientist who gets blindsided by everyday life. Even if the thing that he's working on because turbulent it just makes him more curious about it. He follows it wherever it goes. This short story also takes us farther into the life of the scientist than you have probably ever before been. How strange the feelings you can feel, standing at your girlfriends mercedes benz dealership where while you get your oil change, you can work on your putting game and drink latte. Are scientists second class citizens? Not enough "O.C."? I think we tend to forget what happens in modern life. The lab rats are stillw orking away, they've chosen harder problems. Just as in "Prey" by Michael Crichton, there are moments when we can glimpse the vaudeville of their attempts to k…