Cherry Darling

From the new Quentin Tarantino Film (Double Feature) - Note the bullet wound in her left side.


Anonymous said…
roflmao dude you have a thing for girls and guns. i bet thats why ACE is at the top of your list.
Is life a game or a play or a poem or just a gift? Sometimes it is all of those at once to me; at other times it is just one of those, but it is all I have -- this life.

Carla just lost her Dad and will likely lose her Mom soon, too. Recently she grew concerned when I did not waken as usual -- at like 3AM -- to start my day, and did not answer my phone (had left it in another room).

She sent me an email finally and I called her right away. Our conversation was a rare (nowadays) and very precious one because, for me it was the first time in ages I realised this is life and I will lose it one day.

All we have are those we love and who love us and ... how precious is that!

And if we are wise we will make lists, and bustle about ticking things off. We will kiss and hug those we love as if we may never see them again -- each time. We will build into the lives of others and leave our legacy (of words in their keeping).

And perhaps, just perhaps some will miss us. Many won't remember us. But in this way we will have had a rich life from those who have touched us with their ideas and their energy and their faith and their love.

You know who you are!