Delivering Ga. for Obama

I've worked hard to get Obama into good position in my state. This is an extremely conservative state, that tends to vote republican in almost every general election. And yet Obama has been the most workable candidate I have had the pleasure of supporting in nearly eight years. The man has taken more money from small donors than any other democratic candidate in history - using the internet. He is free of lobbyist influence. Thats a huge plus.

But what he can really do is get people talking to each other again at Thanksgiving dinner tables and over morning coffee.

There has been an extreme sense of division visited upon our country in recent years. Being an independent forces you to question issues - anathema to those who would have you sign loyalty oaths at rallies, or screen out questions that were "too controversial" and for all the others , deliver pre-made answery. News-media-entertainment "reporters" would pretend to interview our president or vice president and pointedly ignore questions than 80% of America wants to know about. Then there were the 20% of Americans, identified by a disposition to get their news from an entertainment source such as the one I mentioned - that actually believed WMD's were found in Iraq.

We have become the least informed, and best entertained people in the entire world. And if you haven't noticed - there are people who have been in power for far too long who are either noticably lame duck or poisonous to our systems - all the way down to the family level.

Obama's promise is simple. Our Moment is Now. California , the largest state in today's contest - may have a surprise for us.

Speaking for Georgia, that division exists strongly. Rural townships resent the constant drain of resources to the city of Atlanta. The strongly conservative base there holds a strong dislike for Senator Clinton.

And there was never any debate about whether or not this was about Women, or Race. That was something that the Clinton camp tried to get off the ground in South Carolina. Bill acknowledged that he made a mistake there. This is about who can lead the country best.

There are people in my state that will simply never vote for Hillary Clinton. And if she is elected honestly I am not certain that she will stop the smirking and self satisfied complacency that exists in my family's St. Simons and Sea Island political discussions. In fact, I believe it will be the opposite.

I believe Obama will take Georgia , and their large Sun-Belt delegate count by more than 10 percent today. I have simply worked at the grassroots level to make this happen. I will get invited to the victory party.

January 20th. 2009. The last day of the Bush Administration. Our moment is Now.


Anonymous said…
I have heard the number for hillary is 40% - there are 40% of americans who won't vote for her no matter what. So that means the swing voters would decide.

if McCain gets the nod from the GOP hillary vs. mccain would be tough.

Watch romney today tB. thats a disease, isn't it. ^_^