WTP about Super Tuesday

Ok this is my last whorish top post (WTP) about Super Tuesday. But I wanted to draw out a couple of other cool things that happened.

The california counts are coming in and Obama drew strong numbers in the high population districts and so that means that we've got two interesting facts.

First, he won more states than Hillary. Second, now, according to the count - he won more delegates. Ok, if you include superdelegates Hillary is on top but - if you included superdelegates in the count - she would have also been winning after Iowa so, in my own little world I am going to just go with the national delegates you can win, ok.

I guess why I really work out there - is because I know that soon genetics will change the structure of society and I am trying to nail down concepts that are hard for me to understand. Polyamory, Origin of life, molecular networks. That kind of thing. I didn't do too badly in lattices when I was in college. I usually find that I can approach these biological things going on with a kind of stable eye.

So, here's the punchline for all of you out there into polyamory.

Politics effects social change, in large measure. Who we pick as president also determines, to a degree, the direction our society is travelling towards. I think if we vote for change in this election - we might just be ready for it when it actually comes. In the meantime if I were you I would read that link and tell me what you think.