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when we die
a part of us lives on

Perhaps there is an afterlife

space and time
a fractal edge
between you
and I

where dimension is more than four
we could measure
but here
in three space
flows like wave upon wave
to cross the distance
from where
I've gone to ground
I count the seconds
from lightning flash to sound

And I am here
and you are there

and we can divide
by three
to find the distance in kilometers
to the heart of the storm

Where you and I
are born

The Wrestler


Bush Republicans, and their Laws...

Georgia state Rep. Bobby Franklin (R) has authored a bill which require miscarriages to be investigated by authorities. Franklin's bill would classify the removal of a fetus from a woman for any reason other than to produce a live birth or to remove a dead fetus as "prenatal murder." Although the legislation would not place any criminal penalties on natural spontaneous abortions, it would require miscarriages to be reported by hospitals and other medical institutions and a fetal death certificate issued. And conceivably, create a requirement in the police force for officers of the peace to check the uterus of a woman and verify that she did in fact have a miscarriage. The penalty in the bill equates any violation of the law to, effectively, an act of murder. As if a woman undergoing this trauma needs something else to worry about, in her life? Bush Republicans are great, aren't they? Just when you think they couldn't do anything more stupid than waste 6 tri…

An Observation by a Co Worker

A co worker made an observation this morning that I would like to share with you. He said that he remembered clearly the day the first heart transplant operation occurred. It was in South Africa, and it made headline news all over the world. He then said almost immediately after - that it's been about twenty years - and a heart transplant is happening right this second, in a hospital down the street from us in our city. Kind of makes you think, doesn't it?

Destiny - Zero 7



There's something there
that turns the ear
of a cat
half asleep

Watch the slow arc
of his head, eyes closed
tracking noise

He is not so hungry that he is weak
but enough
to leap
claws white
teeth sharp and flying to prey
biting scissor-like at the base of the small grey head
to feed

Rust never sleeps

Galaxies - Laura Veirs


The fall of the water balloon

A practiced and easy dead seriousness
envelopes the question and answer
as twilight falls
on thought itself

And I remembered, wow, hey I'm really in for it
watching my two year old daughter
watching the water balloon fall
then march to the kitchen
and retrieve more ammunition
from her mother
at the sink

And like ten thousand fireflies
thought balloons can be kept inside
a jar

I have never had a haircut so bad that I cried
And when I open the drawer I reach for the larger spoon
and feel its weight, I am not so passionate
about it as the fork, of course
I have definite feelings about tines
I don't want them too close

I have original items in my home
production numbers limited to one
And I can fall asleep on my own
at the end of the day

But what I love most
about being alive
Is that somewhere out there
There is a you , and I
and that we live in a time

within ten thousand years
of Bettie Page
whom I promise
will one day grace
the nose of a spaceship
heading to a faraway star

Hamburger Phone

Dial nine

A Conversation at the Burn

A conversation, overheard at Burning Man, Black Rock Nevada:
A guy driving a shark: " Do you want a margarita?" ... Girl on bike next to a giant birthday cake: "No thanks - I'm about to climb a metal butterfly and then slide down a massive grass-slide. " “Did you see the dinosaur made of buckets?” the shark-car-operator asks ... and her topless reply? ... “Not yet, I think I’m going to stay here for a while and see if the rocket blasts off.”


I have been blogging for about 5 years now, and I've seen alot of change. In the early days - media and embedded content was open and it really was alot of fun to excerpt the work and include it here. But if you look back through my work from 2005, you'll find alot of fragmented links in this blog,- the result of an aggressive copyright enforcement campaign waged on 'behalf' of the artist by companies that ferret out content and then - thanks to the complicity of the Google corporation, remove it at almost at random. These companies have little basis for this action - they don't really know how many or how few are viewing the work here. They make up the numbers, and hire expensive legal teams to threaten anyone that disagrees with them. Fortunately for us, they haven't really changed the game. But why are they wasting so much time deleting stuff from youtube? Because of what they think they own. And their basis is copyright. According to these companies t…

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman

Name: Jennifer Steinkamp
Age: 29
Occupation: Artist, Installations, New Media and Video
Home base: Los Angeles
Retail standby: Tortoise
Music venue: Royal Albert Hall, London
Favorite concert: The Police in 1978.
Music: Punk and electronic.
Provisions: Whole Foods
For gifts: Jin Patisserie — for amazing chocolate gift boxes.
Restaurant: Bastide, Los Angeles.
Drink: Coffee from Venice Grind.
Reading material: Newspapers
Art pick: Cathie Opie
Museums: Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo.
Movie: “Code 46″; anything social-science fiction.
Vacation destination: India, for the colors.

A Tuesday

My heart felt wrong
when I awoke

I chose to lay still
and listen

The dark and the cold
touched my nose

I know I have to leave
I have a list
of things to do
as long as my arm

synchronize our wristwatches
on my mark

A Monday

It started off in the dark
with a phone call
and a remote login

After the telecommute
I had to head north of town
to take care of an internet connection
I wasn't paid

I drove back
and my cellphone died
so I passed the time, on the almost forty minute drive
in silence

The place where my horse stays
left me an email that said
my lease is dead
painting the day in shades of malaise
and candy apple grey

And when I finally made it into my office
I became the uncompensated
led by the unknowing
to do the impossible
in half the time
as we did before
with twice the staff

I ate sandwiches in the car
and listend to stories
of Egypt


In the desert sand

And raced home to pick up my daughter
for her orthodontists appointment
I looked up
and the sky had turned grey
the sun was a pale disk
and when I got home
I logged on
and went to work again

Blow Me Away - 300/Breaking Benjamin [AMV]


Ten things to do, to make you a better man.

1. Stop idealizing women
2. Lead
3. Make your territory yours
4. Know when you're out of control
5. Eliminate bad habits - get better ones
6. Stop projecting your weakness onto others
7. Constantly improve yourself
8. Balance learning and doing
9. See your self deception habits
10. Learn to identify social status

(found at

She is sick

She is sick
part of her was hurt
and that part was removed
but the cure is taking its toll

She will get better
if I give

And a bowl

Of Chicken Soup

It might seem strange
to see a man
giving chicken soup
to a 92 volvo

But hey
That's how I roll

And this is how
to successfully end
a serious poem

with a smiley