The fall of the water balloon

A practiced and easy dead seriousness
envelopes the question and answer
as twilight falls
on thought itself

And I remembered, wow, hey I'm really in for it
watching my two year old daughter
watching the water balloon fall
then march to the kitchen
and retrieve more ammunition
from her mother
at the sink

And like ten thousand fireflies
thought balloons can be kept inside
a jar

I have never had a haircut so bad that I cried
And when I open the drawer I reach for the larger spoon
and feel its weight, I am not so passionate
about it as the fork, of course
I have definite feelings about tines
I don't want them too close

I have original items in my home
production numbers limited to one
And I can fall asleep on my own
at the end of the day

But what I love most
about being alive
Is that somewhere out there
There is a you , and I
and that we live in a time

within ten thousand years
of Bettie Page
whom I promise
will one day grace
the nose of a spaceship
heading to a faraway star
in a nearby constellation
gathering its fuel from the interstellar cloud
burning hot pink hydrogen bussard
that flares blue water and fusion
and roiling steam within
the electricity
that burns like a halo
in the black between stars
and your eye
where all questions fall like gravity
into the jar
at the center
of an electronic net

It is not strange for men
to want to scatter their seed
across the galaxy
or in a zero g honeymoon suite
across a woman's breast
like a pearl necklace

The question can be sound
and the answer can be music
to the ear
But the heart
is a lonely hunter

The tendency of all things
is ,sometimes
like a balloon
releases into the sky
and come down in bits
far from home

Is it actually become something to be impressed by?
Seeing how far it is they've managed to drift apart?
Do you already know what is this called?
Are you waiting to say the word, Entropy?