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The Dark Side of Genius


Sometimes I like to Wear Women's Underwear

.. and tonight is one of those nights. Purple, silky, tight. I get to stretch them in new places, and walk out to my workshop, where acid still burns a hole right through the edge of a toe. I wonder absentmindedly if this will be a cure for that damn athlete's foot, as the skin turns red and bubbles up.

And you know, things that cause cancer still cause cancer. So the compound I'm working with out there has to be applied with a minimal amount going into the cuts or on my fingers. And who knows where those fingers will be tonight. But it is polite, I feel, to get kind of aired out and clean. You never know where a girl might want to put her tongue.

The highlights of the DNC convention were for me, an indian woman and delegate looking at another indian woman's breasts, and licking her lips. A president that feels the bern. And our next president, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

There is a humanism present, and a sense that this is, in fact, a convention. Thus. The sex. That's …

Waiting to Listen to Her

I am in my workshop
waiting to listen to her

She will tell us
who she has chosen

And we wait quietly
with respect

We were born to be fighters
We are survivors

We listen to our leader
and we follow

Lost Highway - In Technicolor (TM)


You were getting offended (excerpt from the net)

You were getting offended by people about something that you brought up yourself, something that you don't even necessarily believe in. I appreciate your struggle between belief and secularism, but I think that's probably something that you should make up your own mind about before going out to attack others for it. Arguing about things without a firmly grounded position is a trick used by people who are spoiling for a fight. Unfortunately, a fight cannot be conclusive (or even meaningful) unless the combatants' positions can be ascertained. Why do you want so badly to fight without a position to defend

Oh, Don't Worry. I Support Hillary, But I'm Still A Complete Asshole.


Street Spirit- - Radiohead


All of these things into position

All of these things one day be small

And Fade

To Fade Out


This machine will
will not communicate
these thoughts and the strain

I am


before we all go under

and fade


to ++ fade +++ out _+_____again


I can feel their
beady eyes

all these things into position
all of these things one day be smalll

t0 fad3 0ut @aga1n

t0 fade3 out again



And love.

I've got the World on a String - Louis Armstrong


I need you to know

I need you to know
why I still love you

A false encounter
with a broken and painful heart
does not a reunion make

So I do no judge
the awful character
of coming together
under duress

And second
I understand
the need for circles
and why I cannot be within yours

I reject
Social Media

and I fight for the freedom
that we need
to live
and so

are separate
and alone
and apart

Even though the axis
of art
and science

seemingly brings us together

to love you
is a pledge
not only to you
but to myself

That in some way
you might one day understand

The wonder
that you bring me
and the joy
that comes
from another

who knows you
and trusts you
and respects you

and believes in you

Chaos Reigns


Ambulance - The Amazing


Something Shimmering and White

So far away
the amber yellow
turns to bright white

the steady warmth
shimmers in the night sky

and ok, it's something you already know
that I am broken
and not whole

but alive

you stand before me
your hair ever changing
birds falling from the sky
like a scene from melancholia

under the milky way tonight
under the milky way tonight