Sometimes I like to Wear Women's Underwear

.. and tonight is one of those nights. Purple, silky, tight. I get to stretch them in new places, and walk out to my workshop, where acid still burns a hole right through the edge of a toe. I wonder absentmindedly if this will be a cure for that damn athlete's foot, as the skin turns red and bubbles up.

And you know, things that cause cancer still cause cancer. So the compound I'm working with out there has to be applied with a minimal amount going into the cuts or on my fingers. And who knows where those fingers will be tonight. But it is polite, I feel, to get kind of aired out and clean. You never know where a girl might want to put her tongue.

The highlights of the DNC convention were for me, an indian woman and delegate looking at another indian woman's breasts, and licking her lips. A president that feels the bern. And our next president, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

There is a humanism present, and a sense that this is, in fact, a convention. Thus. The sex. That's what conventions are really about. Lots, and lots of really great sex. Maybe even the dirty stuff. A hot cousin you've known that can turn you on to her girlfriends if you can hook her up with some really radical physics dudes. Ok, I'm actually dreaming here.

But I was also dreaming about Vince Foster, and how he seemed to lament that Washington was a place that ruined people. And indeed, Hillary is not someone that you can talk about Vince Foster around easily. But I can. Because I saw that bright spark in her eye when he was around. And I saw that bright spark again tonight.

So this is really a story about a young woman who was abandoned at the age of 13 and fended for herself, Margaret-Atwood Style, in a house maid's tale. This is really about Bill Clinton tearing up because he looked up to Dorothy Rodham. That moment is unguarded, and real. And then you get the agenda.

The most flat out progressive agenda I've ever seen. She hits the overturn of Citizen's United in the first few moments. She gets it.
And of course, you have people like Cory Booker - calming down frantic republicans who thought they paid for their vote, to say things like "Hillary knows compromise" and so on... but that moment was hers. And she chose courage.

So. I'm courageous, I guess. I'm wearing some nice light purple , tight underwear. And I flipped the block over in my workshop before
the acid could burn a hole into the billboard vinyl I had under the table. And now I have a pleasant, blank feeling in my left toe because the hydrosulfuric acid cut through to it.

But at the same time, I probably smell just a little better. And that's ok with me. Because tonight, the plan is going to be..
I'm with her.