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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, is being pressed into a role for the American viewing public. He is being cast in a drama. Those that wish Wikileaks to be silenced, are heavily focussed on providing - for the voting public - a persona and a face to the Wikileaks utility. Although this makes about as much sense as, say, attributing a single human being to a set of comments about a blog post - or trying to pin down a blog written by a team of people, to just one person - they are now attempting to make Julian Assange the face of Wikileaks. This is so they can criminalize him. Today, Interpol rapidly placed him on their most wanted list - and why? Sexcrimes.

In the book 1984, a sexcrime was any offense against 'big brother' - that resulted as a part of a sexual act that was not for the purposes of furthering the party. Sex was reserved as a means of furthering the species - and such sex was referred to as 'goodsex'. Anything else, was deemed a sexcrime. For example…

Distributed Denial of Service

Wikileaks is trying, today, to publish a large cache of documents that outline American foreign policy. This policy is resultant from ten years of gradual shift of control of American institutions to Corporations. In 2010, Corporations have unprecedented control of American institutions. It is likely that the revelations contained within these documents will contain an incredible array of information relating to this recent effect - and it will likely uncover a large proportion of American foreign policy in such a manner as to allow an American citizen , for the first time in nearly 30 years - to determine if he or she agrees. Most American News organizations have drifted into News Media entertainment - it is a profitable thing. Seeing , this weekend - on a journey to a small town - the presence of the nonstop ticker parade and the 24 hour news cycle passed off as a kind of endless entertainment - suitable for dealing with fast food lines, waiting in line at amusement parks - and …

A Thanksgiving Message from Turnerbroadcasting

To: Mr. Kim Jong Il.
RE: World War III

Dear Mr. Kim Jong Il, of North Korea. How are you? I am fine. I hope you get a chance to take a good , long look at this blog. And in particular, feast your eyes on this. delicious. bird.

I heard that if you stare at meat, you feel alot less aggressive. So please, Mr. Kim Jong Il, or , if you're already too tired... have your successor just set down a spell. Stare at that bird up there. Really decide if you want to aim your artillery and rockets on the islands of an innocent country and blow up their armies there. That's it. Keep staring.

Happy Thanksgiving

South versus North

The North Koreans attacked an island off the coast of South Korea , today. But what this means for the long term battle between the North and the South is far from clear. If the South Koreans allowed a battleship to be sunk by a North Korean torpedo, then we may find them willing to overlook the invasion of one of their islands. The image of the Korean peninsula at night is something I still find striking - that an entire country can be basically, completely dark - in the 21st century.

Why did the North attack the South? The North has mismanaged its resources, it is starving - and it is in dire need of the South. In some ways, this is similiar to the Civil War of America - the North was heavily dependent upon the natural resources of the South - but they were unwilling to share the wealth that arose. Many economic factors played into the South Carolina secession, and the southern colonies broke away from the north primarily due to this reason. At the start of the Civil War, there …

Right Here Right Now - Fatboy Slim

Love and Faith

is built with faith
it feels time
and has sense of place
it is part of life
and hidden desire
the kick inside
the unforgettable fire

without faith
is like calamari without taste
like a plate of tiny tires
and the end of a meteor shower
in the cold morning
where one by one
the stars cease to fall
and we freeze in the grass
looking up at the dark

We are all in the gutter
but some of us

look to the stars

Grinnin' In Your Face - Son House / [Jack White]

My Death

I am finite
so are you
the food we ate tonight was good
but it too
was something that gave its life
I choose to give mine

But how? Did it have a choice?
we ate
because we are predator
they were our prey
The Dalai Lama said :
"It is not the quantity of life
but the quality"

You are a hungry baby

For what reason
should I give my life to you

Let me whisper in your ear
and sing
that I want you to free
to learn
and play

If my life cannot give this to you
perhaps my death will

Pink Floyd - Marooned

In the Shadow of the Moon

Sleep Number

I went to bed at ten last night, and it was a trip. I slept very well, and woke up with a head full of dreams at seven. I was surprised at the effect of sleep. I'd never had as much sleep as this - at least, not in the last four or five months. The first thing I noticed was that I awoke with a vivid dream. It involved a marriage scene, some webdesign, sharpeis, and a dangerous waterfall with a hot tub up at the top of it. Let's not go into details here. But the second thing I noticed was that I felt alot better. I was more tired, when I awoke - but then gradually I started to feel sharper through the morning. I was really surprised at the positive impact it had upon my day. I'm going to try this sleep thing out again sometime soon.


If you are playing to win
There are days you will lose
Depression seeps in
like dark primordial ooze

It closes your eyes and walls in the room
and makes you feel small and cold and black
It makes you wonder why you're even alive
and if you're just a hack

But in its blackness it whispers "avoid"
and opens a chance to escape
So don't get paranoid
of inescapapble fate

Pick yourself up
and get back in the game
You can win again
Just don't forget that you play to win
and fortune favors the brave

Wave of Mutilation - The Pixies/Luc Goddard [AMV]

Inflammation Response

The inflammation response is a deadly mechanism: its sole purpose is to act within your body as a living and functional programmed cell death that can be used at-need. When you get a cut, and your skin turns red around the wound - the color in your skin is the inflammation response directing the arteries around the area of possible infection to rupture and destroy themselves. The response is almost immediate, and it can occur anywhere. Cancer comes from a virus. The patterns are sometimes passed from generation to generation. The cancer virus expresses itself as a constant attempt to break the code of the human telomere - to attempt to decrypt the means by which our cells can be used to make other cells without nuclei. The telomere breaks a piece of itself of in an attempt to stop it. When cancer arrives in a particular area, what has happened is that the cells in that area have succumbed to the brute force attack by the virus or by an inherited expression of the virus from with…

Superfriends Power Activate

The Germans never believed for a second that the Enigma rotor cipher had been broken. It was all wine and roses for the third Reich, until Hitler fell. Chain graphics cards together and see what happens. It might suprise you. Maybe not like a chick jumping out of a cake, but it will surprise you enough to make you smile.




Are you real? A physicist might as that question in a different way. First, to a physicist - you're an observer. The laws of Physics aren't all that meaningful unless they provide valid, observable predictions. And the last iteration of updates to physical law dealt in a set of special conditions that deal with the observer - making that entity - an integral part of the measurement. Ever heard of Schroedinger's Cat? You are important to a physicist. Without the observer, nothing happens. The closer you get to the data, the better off you are. And real, to a physicist - means something different than it might mean to a mathematician. A math guy will accept real, and imaginary results. However, in a physics experiment - everything that will be produced has a real value. The results will all be expressed in real numbers. And real numbers have alot of structure. Have you ever heard of the concept that there are very many real numbers between the number 1, and 2? For exampl…

Dita Von Teese

The best things in life are free. And the best of that, might be able to say yes - when it comes to the question of, say ..... are you free on Saturday ?

Cherche La Femme.

The Dominant Life Form on Planet Earth

Just took out the dominant surfer on Planet Earth. Andy Irons, R.I.P.

Andy died a few days ago in his hotel room, in Dallas, Texas - after withdrawing from a surfing contest. He was trying to return home. He had contracted what was thought to be Dengue fever. His life serves as a reminder to those of us who are all about excellence. His surfing was nonpareil. He was one of the greats, and he will truly be missed. But his death serves as an even more solemn reminder that viral forms of life dominate this planet, and are constantly mutating. Andy was born in 1978. His mother, and father - as human beings - took 28 years to change their DNA code and produce great surfer. That is the time between our generations. The Virus that killed him took ten weeks and it produces a new generation every few days. They are parasitic - feeding on the host organism by inserting their DNA into our own - and using us as a means to reproduce themselves. Andy died, in all likelihood, because the D…

Tomorrow's Election - Nov. 2

Tomorrow is an important day. Alot of us are pretty upset about the influence that lobbyists have over our country. They see real solutions getting chopped up into fake and plastic placebo effect, sent back to us in 25,000 page form with amazing legislative innovations such as the concept that we should not allow the government to group bargain for the lowest rate, from pharmaceutical companies. Lobbyists have spent 4 billion dollars in the past five months - that's almost 26 million dollars a DAY. Think about this for a second. That is a huge amount of money. What has it been buying? It has bought off commentary - and editorial control from the eight struggling media corporations who control over 87% of everything every American reads, sees or hears. There has been a huge influx of manipulated polling, and political 'consultancy'. These polls and 'studies' have all focussed on one key item: the 'loss' of the house from the congress that voted for hea…