Tomorrow's Election - Nov. 2

Tomorrow is an important day. Alot of us are pretty upset about the influence that lobbyists have over our country. They see real solutions getting chopped up into fake and plastic placebo effect, sent back to us in 25,000 page form with amazing legislative innovations such as the concept that we should not allow the government to group bargain for the lowest rate, from pharmaceutical companies.

Lobbyists have spent 4 billion dollars in the past five months - that's almost 26 million dollars a DAY. Think about this for a second. That is a huge amount of money. What has it been buying?

It has bought off commentary - and editorial control from the eight struggling media corporations who control over 87% of everything every American reads, sees or hears. There has been a huge influx of manipulated polling, and political 'consultancy'. These polls and 'studies' have all focussed on one key item: the 'loss' of the house from the congress that voted for healthcare reform.

Before these midterms, the pharmaceutical lobbies spent well over 2 million dollars a day - over 20 million dollars according to a non partisan, independent organization and the FEC, in their attempt to co-opt a national discussion about healthcare reform. The lobbyists succeeded in infiltrating the senate. Max Baucus headed up a committee to write a senate version of healthcare 'reform' that required every man woman and child in the united states to buy insurance from a private company, but somehow forgot to include the chance for them to buy it from the government. The stock market tickers for all of the big healthcare companies shot upward the day that the senate healthcare reform bill passed.

85% of all money - 19.2 million dollars a day - were spent this past election cycle in an attempt to put Republicans in control. The candidates that were placed before the US Citizenry were people who had unquestioned allegiance to corporations, but had real issues understanding things like the first amendment.

Want to really change our country? Simple. Just vote. Go vote tomorrow. And vote for the best person. Not just the person with the coolest advertisement or the neatest yard sign. Vote for the right guy. Use the net.

Should be fun. :)