South versus North

The North Koreans attacked an island off the coast of South Korea , today. But what this means for the long term battle between the North and the South is far from clear. If the South Koreans allowed a battleship to be sunk by a North Korean torpedo, then we may find them willing to overlook the invasion of one of their islands. The image of the Korean peninsula at night is something I still find striking - that an entire country can be basically, completely dark - in the 21st century.

Why did the North attack the South? The North has mismanaged its resources, it is starving - and it is in dire need of the South. In some ways, this is similiar to the Civil War of America - the North was heavily dependent upon the natural resources of the South - but they were unwilling to share the wealth that arose. Many economic factors played into the South Carolina secession, and the southern colonies broke away from the north primarily due to this reason. At the start of the Civil War, there was no debate about slavery - the north were keeping slaves just as the south - although the northern factories required no plantation labor and therefore on a different scale. Abraham Lincoln - saw that, after General Grant had mismanaged the Union War - and the casualties mounted - that men will not die for simple economic reason. The south were fighting fiercely, believing it to be a second war of independence - but the north - under Lincoln , and in a master stroke of diplomacy - fought the war to free the slaves. And they won.

The North Korean government seeks to dominate the entire Korean peninsula. They are not fighting for a higher cause - they are, instead, fighting to survive. They are starving. The image of the Peninsula, at night - is a telling indication of what is going on in the country.

North wants to tax without representation. They want to take the resources of their neighbor country. Their fisheries. Their industries. The harsh, rocky, cold lands of the North will not feed its people. And so they set their sights on the South.

Someone drew their sabre, and this time - instead of rattling it - cut off a finger of the other's hand. It was no accident or slip of the blade. I do not believe they will pretend it didn't happen.

Although I am from the South, I am not biased. I believe in this War, the South fights for a just cause. Should they choose to defend themselves, I believe America will support them. However, we should bear in mind that this is a civil war. And we should not get involved unless large scale loss of life is emminent and humanitarian interests are at stake. I feel strongly that the South are being bullied by the North, but it has happened before in the past.

The dogs of war approach. Their feet pound the ground until it shakes. The American military installation on the 38th parallel will be blown away if the North Korean wolf pack leaps across. Such is the scale of this conflict.

Um. Happy Thanksgiving. :)