Are you real?

A physicist might as that question in a different way. First, to a physicist - you're an observer. The laws of Physics aren't all that meaningful unless they provide valid, observable predictions. And the last iteration of updates to physical law dealt in a set of special conditions that deal with the observer - making that entity - an integral part of the measurement. Ever heard of Schroedinger's Cat? You are important to a physicist. Without the observer, nothing happens. The closer you get to the data, the better off you are.

And real, to a physicist - means something different than it might mean to a mathematician. A math guy will accept real, and imaginary results. However, in a physics experiment - everything that will be produced has a real value. The results will all be expressed in real numbers. And real numbers have alot of structure. Have you ever heard of the concept that there are very many real numbers between the number 1, and 2? For example. 1.125, 1.9742 , etc. ... those are all real numbers. Math refers to that kind of space as 'dense'. But it will accept numbers like the square root of negative one, which doesn't actually exist in the real world. A number squared, then taken its square root - is always positive. Any experiment you run in the real world will give you a real positive or negative value, but there won't be a square root of a negative one to drop out of it.

So, let's take the question apart. The first part is .. Are you. The word 'are' is a conjugation of the infinitive 'to be'. It implies existence. You can give me this, for now, right?

The second part of the first two words is the phrase 'you'. Well, 'you' are self aware. Can we assume that the particle interactions inside your skull, are resulting in a conscious perception of what I am writing? An electron hit the active matrix liquid crystal on your screen - or whatever visual element you are using to read this - and that element glowed either red, or blue, or any combination. Several of them glow together to form a symbol - which you interpret as a character. Then, you utilize your language comprehension capability to string the characters together - and recognize the spaces between them. This allows you to understand the words, and then the sentences. There are physical processes at work right now to do this. Light has hit the retina of your eye. It has been translated into neurochemical electrical impulse. You've processed that signal somewhere. This hit home, right. So we've got the first two words.

But the last term is the catch. Are you real. This is where it gets fun. Math has shown us that we can represent numbers in terms of real, and imaginary components - Physics shows us that we can drop real equation results out of what we think are largely abstract math equations.

So, where do we begin. First, we must establish that at this specific moment, we are on the edge of time itself. Our thoughts, perceptions - and existence - border a past that is receding away from us, and a future that is approaching fast. We can travel forward, in time. But not back. At least not as the same being we talked about, above. Perhaps one or two particles of us, can travel backward. But there is a cost. Our universe holds a strong arrow of entropy. Jumping into a fast spaceship, if one could ever be built - we could jump forward in time, and return to see the world aged, and us, the same.

Well. You are my reader, and you are my world. And you exist in another place. I am completely anonymous. Nobody knows my actual identity. At least, most people don't know who I am. So let's start with the basics.

I am fairly certain that although you are in another place, you're in the same universe as I. However, in this universe - we have calculated that it began with a sort of explosion. I've seen alot of explosions. At time just after the bang, I haven't yet seen an ordered, simple and smooth expansion. When I was young, the way it was explained to me - was like opening a bottle of champagne - the bubbles begin to appear at random places. The suds fly out in a chaotic direction. Detonating explosives in the desert - the sand flies in several directions, and beneath the mark - it turns to dark glass. If you walk out where the explosion occurred, and pick up a piece of the blast glass - you find that it is filled with little bubbles.

So we are in the same universe, but we shouldn't assume that the universe is all smooth and there aren't any bubbles anywhere. Things that look like miracles can and do occur. They occur between two people. And if you can think of a number. I can think of a higher one. So together, we touch the infinite.

The chances of that higher dimensionality - having some kind of play at our consciousness - is pretty good, as I see it. We became land creatures at the edge of a primordial shore. We became living creatures at the edge of a subsea thermal vent. And life itself, which seeded our planet - began somewhere at the edge of spacetime, near T* sagitarrius. That life force or entity - is still alive. And it has the same power as you - the ability to be an observer. What would an observer, be like, at the edge of space and time? What would they be able to observe - if everything were a singularity? If all space and time were in one place - he would be able to see everything. Since he exists at that point, he is everywhere. And because he gathers information about that system - his observation interacts with - and becomes part of something - that is an all knowing entity. I do not believe that being 'all knowing' means that you can pray to him for a parking space.

But by his grace. You are real. And one day, if you're lucky - he'll introduce you to his wife. Because if he is real, in this universe - the symmetry we see all around us - belays the existence of a better half. A woman. The complement, and the source.

Light shines on us, from the sun. As we stand before a wall our shadow enfolds us and reaches to us. It is never broken from us. And when darkness falls, we return to that shadow. It does not become us, and we are not one thing. But in light and shadow, we see. That contrast defines the edge of us. And here at the edge of time, where life begins - you are real because she was real. And she is real because he was real. And we are real, because you are real.

The light from a star warms the solar system. It gives life, without asking for anything in return. It fights the cold of dark. And that darkness, and water -and ice - that rain down upon our sky. Becomes the warm seas in which we swim and play.

We are not holograms, but we are enfolded from these higher order dimensions. Our minds traverse the entire universe. Only to return here. Where we began. With an answer. To a simple question. Are you real?

You are a projection of the light of an immortal soul. You are real.


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