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Poem 27

Duct tape has so many uses
its so strong

We can bind a camera to the handlebars of our bike
We can tape the cover of a trampoline

Someone once asked the question
How is duct tape like 'the force'? to which they answered
you have a light side, you have a dark side
and you bind the universe together

Someone once told me I have a lyric command
of the english language

I vowed then and there, that I would write a poem
about duct tape
And as I penned these final lines
the wind whipped through the trees
the rain came down in sheets
And I finally retired
my pirates of the carribean magic eight ball
You know, the one with the head of a skeleton
The one that I got at McDonald's
About three years ago
Yes. I gave it a proper burial
I just chucked into the trash.
Magic and all.

I stopped writing this poem, and took a drink of water
And wondered..
Can anyone really write a poem
about duct tape?

I remembered you could make a wallet out of duct tape
I scratched my throat
I s…

How to Save a Life -Terabithia /Fray [AMV]

I love you always

Healthcare Action Alert

Alright, word is now coming out that the bill coming out of committee is one tailor made to make the lobbyists happy - its not real universal healthcare at all, its a toxic fake based on the Massachusetts model, that won't solve our problem at all. Here's a quote from a study on that system .. PNHP’s study of the Massachusetts model found that the state’s 2006 reforms, instead of reducing costs, have been more expensive than expected. The budget overruns have forced the state to siphon about $150 million from safety-net providers such as public hospitals and community clinics. Many low-income residents, who used to receive completely free care, now face co-payments, premiums and deductibles under the new system - financial burdens that prevent many of them from receiving necessary medical treatment. Since the state’s reforms passed, premiums under the state insurance program have increased 9.4 percent. The study found that if a middle-income person on the cheapest availa…

Failed Chilldren's Book Titles

Ok, I am going to shamelessly cross-post something from Sybil Vane of Bitch, PhD. who is, after all, one of those pajama clad bloggers that still hasn't fallen asleep at the switch (yes, bitchPhD 'gets it', go visit them sometime!). Herewith - find - "Failed Children's Book Titles". Need a glass of water? No?. Did you brush your teeth? Let me smell your breath. Ok. Good. And now Colorless Reader, lets snuggle up together and read.. The Little Engine that Warmed Up The Whole World Harold and the Purple Thing How to Kill a Mockingbird Pride and Prejudice: The Story of Pat Robertson The Scarlet Letter and Other Cautionary Tales for Abstinence-Only Education Walter the Farting Dog That Went to Live on a Farm Because Really, He Just Wouldn't Stop Farting Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever! Which Isn't Saying Much Because Most of His Books Aren't Storybooks, Really Mouse Soup and Other Recipes For Poor Children Is Your Mama a Llama? Only…

Great Expectations


From The Desk Of...

Final Form. Note this image includes the comments on original post as part of the artwork. Thank you. :)

Iceblink Luck - The Cocteau Twins

Crunch Time for Healthcare

We need Universal, real, single payer option Healthcare reform in the United States of America. And we need it now. The committee members have been paid off, and the Lobbyists succeeded in delaying the vote a few more weeks - the commitee bill is going to try to become one that drops the key part of it we all need. And then the clock will keep ticking. By my calculations that means, that from now until 17 days from now they will just 30 million dollars in bribery. Legalized. Bribery. Thats 30 million dollars coming down to your representative, or senator. Now. If you don't think that will put a powerful leash on him, think again. There's only on way to counter that. Remember that online donations gave 200 Million dollars in just about twice or four times that timeframe, alone - in the 2008 election cycle and the upcoming advent of microdonation and rapid-pay election models will put the bigger money on the table.

The blogosphere has had a profound effect on the electoral la…

Work is Hell: Isometric Exercise Edition

Ok, work out with almost nothing. Drop to the floor and do a half pushup. Hold it for 30 seconds. If you can. Try even . 10. Do a situp. And just raise yourself 6 cm off the floor - see if you can hold that. Just do it. Find your limits at work today and push them. If anyone is lagging on your invoices, get them to pay. Fix things. Get alot of work done. Now. Kick some butt. Take some names. I'm going to head down to the middle of Atlanta today with a circuit board thats been bothering me. For me, this means I have some on-the-fly coding to do for software that is heading to a conference and it will hit the conference floor bug-free. It has 55 errors in it now. Damnit. Ok. Get back to work you little sneak, or this could be you:

Ilya Prigogine - On Life - and Time (Dim4)

The Most Beautiful Place On Earth


This is you. This is me.

And this is what my wife and I did on our honeymoon. Get the picture?

Score: Healthcare Reform 1, Lobbyists 1

Although we've seen good moves to include an honorable and decent universal health care package moving to the floor, the latest setback that the lobbyists have dealt to delay the vote on the legislation out of committee, makes it all the more likely that the 1.5 million dead presidents they are waltzing into the pockets ... per day .. of senators and congresspersons - will end up making one dead president standing. And so, just for fun (and because I am such an Obombre) I thought it might be fun to look back at a few quotes from the President - as this issue finally drags him down while he's sitting up there, starry eyed , in the white house and his party is getting cash hand over fist from lobbyists. So , here's the still living President, before he became Mr. TV Star. Its like I was shot out of a cannon. I am so overexposed. I make Paris Hilton look like a recluse... After all the attention - People Magazine, GQ, Vanity Fair, Letterman - I figure there's nowhere…


Because sometimes 140 characters is all you need to express yourself. Uses for a useless medium Breaking news - follow the source you like, and you'll get it even when you're in the john Keeping in business - why not? someone had to compress your url for you. spying - did you have anything better to do with your free time, than check up on someone you don't know, and experience the rush of pretending that you do? D/S Collar - slave should let master know everything. bitch. :) unweave the fabric of society - stuck in a long line? on a train? don't talk to the person next to you .. talk to the world hack government - tweet your message of revolution. just don't go deep enough to give depth of reporting, thats news media entertainment's job! antidote to blogging - because hey, after all things are so much better now. pretend you're sexting - your friends won't know the difference. and that chick you were going to see in california t…

Richard L. Stine


Luka - Solitude Standing - Suzanne Vega

Across the Universe

I saw Mr. Kite jump through a hogshead of real fire. Now I can die happy. As I booted 'Across the Universe', I was actually kind of tired from another long run + for some reason while Bono Hewson (oh, wait, I mean Dr. Robert) was singing I am the walrus, my kitten went up to me and started licking me. I suddenly felt this incredible sense of bliss. The little fucker climbed up onto my shoulder and fell asleep. It only got better from there. A film should wire you up, sort of like a ritual - if its done right. Whatever we're doing - (sexual, religious, recreational) if whatever gets taken out of us, doesn't either put something back in - doesn't help us to grow. Normally things like this make you keen. In this case, even more so. Across the Universe is a film that explores a simple theme of a series of cascading stories based on Beatles songs - but done with a visual and epic sound flair that accents the medium and carries the film well. It is a love story.�…

How to Pet Your Cat

My cats are kind of wild, but I love them very much - and my relationship to them has to be extremely structured or I lose them to either the woods, or little girls down the street with stay-fresh kitten food in juicy foil packs. So, how I pet my cats determines whether or not they will stay with me. That, of course, and food. I have noticed that if I am kind to them in a certain manner, they stay. Apart from the first rule that one should never hit a cat with ones hand (its the thing you will pet them with ) the first thing about petting your cat is to realize that the verbalizations and gestures that will comprise a response to your touch are meant to let you know where you stand as well as acknlowedge your companionship. Cats rarely meow when they are hunting or playing with a ball of string. Thats the way they would want to be always.

A cat is looking for a type of companionship that will not compromise its hunting ground - they are by and large solitary animals. When there…

She Sells Sanctuary - The Cult

Abiogenesis and Origin of Language - Social, Religious and Theological Implications

Ok, this is a blog - not a cold scientific journal or open mike poetry. So before I leap into a few fairly wild things that naturally fall out of the research I've been doing I thought I'd start off here by sharing something a bit more earthy than telling you where to go find God. First, I have two kittens now. Most of my other cats are gone , for some reason - My darkest and oldest female, only shows up now for five minutes and then disappears. My oldest male is gone for months at a time. Recently my younger female disappeared abruptly, I am almost certain she was killed - she was nursing her kittens at the time. My younger male has a little girl down the street that loves him - and I have given her family the Ok to keep feeding him, he will eventually be there all the time. So in effect, I am down to two cats again. Tarot. And a little black male called Simon. I have been de-worming them. Why is it that parasites always come along, when there are little kittens? And not…

Neruda Poema 20

Don Pablo , el hombre.

Transcript of a Conversation

Her: From now on, financially - dont say you are sitting on a pile of money - you'll not give any more money. You'll not think I have a pile of money. You'll not be dishonest. And you'll treat people the right way. I have intelligent, and I'll do right. Do not think "I am the only intelligent person in the world and all the others are stupid." Me: What are your plans to stay in India? How long do you, personally want to stay ? Her: Not ask. Not criticizing. Blog is your life. Me: I was just writing down what you were saying, (expletive deleteD) Her: Bye! (hangs up) Waits 5 minutes, then calls back, deeply apologetic. She is victorian. No cussing. Her: Do you use that term with your mom? Why use that term with me? Did you buy a slave, with me? Its not today, you're doing that forever. In front of kids too. Don't do that anymore. My mother used to fundraise and give blankets to poor people in the hospital. Her: You've been s…

Shove It - Santogold

The Tracking Number

He placed the collar around her neck
and locked it with a key
he keeps on a chain

He touched her earring and a lock of her hair
that contained the ashes of her son
and traced it to her chin

And made her look up at him
He told her that he loved her
and her voice broke

And she was free
And she walks today through fences
and across borders

His maps aren't quite right
and she floats in the middle of oceans
Or on the top of buildings

But there are cars driving through her neighborhood now
with cameras filming your house
and soon
she will return

Its not something he was really into
so he just wrote a program
and let it run

It might be useful for kids someday
who need to stay away
from a certain zone

or maybe a pet
he made alot from ADSX

So one day
he just threw the key off a cliff
catching the sun as it spins
it landed on the top of a tree
far below

to think a thought
that someday
It will line a crow's nest
Or rust away
public and private

Moments of Pleasure - Kate Bush

The lamb and the foal

Quietly Passing their time
in the garden and grassland away
subjects in line with a bite on the hind
running them down or bleating in kind

The horse travelled far to meet the sheep on the hill
and walked up to her door
then quietly walked away

Sheep smiled seeing him go
she watched him from the porch
then went about her day

Sort of like those two girls that kiss in a nightclub
and make all the guys go

And by his force of nature Eros and philos are kept apart
Just another day, a horse to fleece the flock
and an old white sheep galloping away in the meadow
to feel each precise gift
bending from morning to night
and night again to day
to live second by second this far
is good enough for him
after all he deals in quiet gestures
and pressure

The horse returned to the garden
and the sheep to her hill
both to be surround by their loyal
subjects and friends

For horse there are those who ride him
and from whom pressure makes quiet his mind
For sheep her fleece taken
one day be cl…


Let us be lovers we'll marry our fortunes together
'I've got some real estate here in my bag'
So we bought a pack of cigarettes and Mrs. Wagner pies
And we walked off to look for America

'Kathy,' I said as we boarded a Greyhound in Pittsburgh
- Michigan seems like a dream to me now
It took me four days to hitchhike from Saginaw
I've gone to look for America

Laughing on the bus -
Playing games with the faces -
She said the man in the gabardine suit was a spy
I said Be careful his bowtie is really a camera :)

'Toss me a cigarette, I think there's one in my raincoat'
'We smoked the last one an hour ago'
So I looked at the scenery, she read her magazine
And the moon rose over an open field -

"Kathy, I'm lost," I said, though I knew she was sleeping
I'm empty and aching and I don't know why
Counting the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike
They've all gone to look for America
All gone to look for America


A Model for National Healthcare Bonus

In a national healthcare system - who should get paid, if you're healthy? Answer: The doctor. Why? Wouldn't we want a Safeway model, where we all get to work out, and get discounts on our premiums? Because we would all pay the same, up front - and yes, its going to be in Taxes. It will work out to about 800.00 per year. The Insurance Company Lobby wants to hide that fact from you - its the thing that will "destroy America". This national healthcare is offered to Citizens, but also illegal aliens as well as long as they register with the system / renewal fee equal to the taxes levied. If they are living here less than a year, or are on a travel Visa, care will be free as long as we have deals set up with their country. Medical records stored by Genetic Sequence Index would prevent the system from being gamed. Racism has its roots in certain aspects of popular culture, it has to be eliminated before we get to this kind of Indexing scheme. When and not if.��…

Once A Punk

Ah suburbia gives you so many options
go get drunk
play strategy games
go to the pool
and admire that chicks tattoos
you know, the pixie
and x marks the spot right between her tits

Why not live the good life, hang out with neighbors?
Hear their voice and nod your head
Completely ignore them. Isn't that sad?
Hey. I do it as well. Whatever

Once a punk
Always a punk

Maybe if you push yourself hard enough
mile ten or so
it will be like moshing
you can play games
'close your left eye five miles'
pretend your blind again
like you did with your girlfriend
making it home
with your right eye strong
to fall asleep on the grass
look at the stars
smell the fresh air
and wallow in your filth
and listen to the sound
Of the nightfall

Maybe tomorrow
get to the office early enough
to go hang up on the telemarketers

And for a change be nothing
the nothing that I am
the nothing that you are

Nice to meet you, Mr. Lawyer.
I think I met your girlfriend on Craigslist

Once a Punk…

Green Porno - Bee Sex

Green Porno - Snail Sex

Green Porno - Spider Sex

Pop Kink

We live in a highly sexualized culture. There are alluring women on the side of bus stops selling shoes. Teams of psychiatrists assigned to a product placement that yields maximum impact in a certain demographic, based on sexual imagery. Like the cigarettes whose tobbacco is shot into a sort of nico styrofoam by superCritical CO2 - sexualization in our culture inflates and reduces burn time - it makes for fluid relationships, fluid sexual identities and a general sense of sexual malaise. Idealized images of women and men participating in highly publicized divorces. Perfect women with perfect bodies wearing perfect clothes. Men shown as aggressive, dominant and driving the car you want. No families. No silly, boring moments that exist between real lovers. Its all flash. Its all about all about tearing things down, cutting us away from our roots, our nature. Sexualization of culture induces a fluidity to relationships; money as a vehicle of status induces fluidity in social hiera…

Hand of Sorrow - Within Temptation

My daughter's favorite band. Skipping the Britney Spears fashion stage and heading straight to Corsets?

Juvenile Bald Eagle

Photographed on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska by Nate Zeman


Pain is weakness leaving the body
Pain is a called out warning
Of something or someone
Broken, torn, cut, exploded
Burned, twisted, rent
Smashed, altered, burst


In its whisper there is an echo
of things to come
of ourselves
of what we really are
and who we can become
Pain does not forget
Pain does not forgive

We see through a glass, darkly
All our daily trances
The hunt that becomes the nightly dream
A mirror forged by fire gleams
Strangely cool to the touch
Compact and sweet
Something takes a part of you
Something takes a part of me

Pain is a continuum
that rises from apathy
to enfold
and shape us

Once you release it
or decide that you can endure it

will sweep through towns and villages
and whole cities
transferring itself
from one to another
its simple code
to splice

They will look upon its face
or at least, they will try

Some will see

A shadow
Maybe some will see
The face of a cold hunger
strangely warm to the touch

A few , perhaps me or you - or any …

In Time - Zero 7

Solar Eclipse - July 22nd

There will be a solar eclipse for India and Asian, and the Marshall Islands. Tomorrow's eclipse will be the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century. At least thats what she said last night.. :)

Rosetta Stoned - Tool

Battle of Evermore - Robert Plant / James Page

Queen of Light took her bow
And then she turned to gold,
The Prince of Peace embraced the gloom
And walked the night alone.

(dance in the dark of night)
(sing to the morning light)

The dark Lord rides in force tonight
And time will tell us all.

Throw down your plow and hoe,
Rest not to lock your homes.
Side by side we face the might
Of the darkest of them all.

I hear the horses' thunder
Down in the valley below,

I'm waiting for the angels of Avalon,
Waiting for the eastern glow.

The apples of the valley hold
all the seeds of happiness,
The ground is rich from tender care,
Which they do not forget, no, no.

Dance in the dark of night,
Sing to the morning light.

The apples turn to brown and black,
The tyrant's face is red.

War is common cry,
Pick up your swords and fly.

The sky is filled with good and bad
Mortals never know.

The night is long
The beads of time pass slow,
Tired eyes look to the sunrise,
Waiting for the eastern glow.

The pain of war cannot exceed
The woe of af…

I Hate Everything About You [AMV]

Passing By - Zero 7

I don`t think you love me
Confusion settling in
I don`t think I`ll be staying
Around here, anymore

There`s no question that I love you
But I`m living in my own time
And here I am debating
Whether I`m wrong, or right

Who am I
To make a judgement of
Your life?

I`m only
Passing by
Passing by

All the promises I gave you
Helped me to survive
And all the times I wished you`d save me
You were the love of my life

Who am I
To make a judgement of
Your life?
I`m only
Passing by
(Passing by)

Am I
To make a judgement of
Your life?
I`m only...
Passing by
(Passing by...)

Queen Christina

Listen to What the Man Said - Wings/ McCartney

Any time, any day
You can hear the people say
That love is blind
Well, I don't know but I say love is kind

Soldier boy kisses girl
Leaves behind a tragic world
But he won't mind, he's in love
And he says love is fine

Oh -- yes, indeed we know
That people will find a way to go
No matter what the man said

"And love is fine for all we know
For all we know, our love will grow"
--That's what the man said
So won't you listen to what the man said
He said...

The wonder of it all baby..
(the wonder of it all, baby .. )

Things that Need to Change With My Life

I realized today that if I were ever caught doing anything really wrong, I'd probably just freeze + try to weasel my way out of it. I need to be able to relax, accept responsibility, chart a path to a better situation and follow it. Resolving things that are obviously wrong, should be more straightforward. Oddly enough I'm better sometimes at the subtle stuff. Should be better able to take care of the big ticket items. I would love for everything to be perfect, I have my desk + table all lined up - In control freak mode, I clear all the work that 'needs to get done' before I move on to the really important work. Its a weird situation sometimes, and part of this flaw I accept. For example, I get very sensitive to sound. I need to be able to accept variables, assign priorities properly even if it means getting rid of the McJob. Don't sweat the small stuff. Cherche la femme: Nice, but they're just another form of human being. I'm much better off ignoring…

Head Over Heels - Tears for Fears [AMV]

Might Tell You Tonight - Scissor Sisters

When you're quiet, but your eyes
Are saying everything I need to know
I want to burrow like a sparrow
Dodging alley cats and whiskers
Why do we talk in whispers?
Is it painful hearing voices ring
So early in the morning?

I've been waiting for the day
When I can throw away these numbers
That line my dresser drawers and cupboards
Start me over
Life seems so much slower
With your toothbrush by the mirror
Can I make it any clearer?

And I just might say it tonight
I just might say it tonight
I just might tell you tonight
That I love you
And you should stay all my life

They'll tell you that you'll maybe make it
If you just cut your clothes and change your hair
But I won't fuss and moan
'bout what you wear
I feel so much better
When I read your dirty letters
Just wear your sweaters in the winter
'Cause I wouldn't want you to get cold
I hope that we're together when we're old
I would have sold all my possessions
Never took piano lessons
But baby you'…

Box of Rain - Genesis - Phil Lesh/ R. Hunter

Throwing Heat

Russ Hennings is the guy who shot this cover. For a cousin, you could do alot worse. Lately I've been wondering just how it might be possible to get some of my family together and shoot a film. I think I've found a way to shoot a film for less than 5,000.00 bucks in total funding. A full feature film with all kinds of cool angle shots, good sound, good image. Fully edited down. Here's how. First, the camera. A modified Nikon D-90 that can shoot high and long enough for us to get dailies off it. Pull cards on it while you shoot, probably. I am concerned about resolution and ISO. And other stuff. This thing isn't technically a movie camera. For stills, its great. Not sure about continuous movie. Total cost: 1400.00 but I think I can get it for like. 1000.00. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure I can get a good camera for less than 2,000.00 somewhere. For Dolly shots, use a Skateboard. For Louma shots, just spin the boom down (the camera is light). If you want an…

Bjork Interview - Japan

I slept with Tarot and Scarlet

I slept with Tarot and Scarlet last night. I woke up to find them nipping me. You have been warned.

Colorless Green Ideas was originally designed to be an exploration of Thomas Mann's question regarding the acceptance of pretty bizarre things - like , the rise of the Third Reich and what the German University System did when the Aryan myth started going around. It was meant to ask questions. It began in 2004, and then I decided to shut it down. For two years. Then again in 2006, I ran until late 2007 and shut it down for months. The basic idea behind the title of this blog, comes from a quote from Noam Chomsky - who , when asked at a conference - to produce a sentence that had no meaning whatsoever - said "Colorless green ideas sleep furiously." If I am writing about kittens, it is probably time to hang it up. Those little nerds keep tearing into my quilt. Last night I did Carmichaels Trainright Spin Class and I walked off before they hit the mountains (…


Stars, Songs, Faces

Gather the stars if you wish it so.
Gather the songs and keep them.
Gather the faces of women.
Gather for keeping years and years.

And then …
Loosen your hands, let go and say good-by.
Let the stars and songs go.
Let the faces and years go.
Loosen your hands and say good-by

Carl Sandburg



Pile the bodies high at Austerlitz and Waterloo.
Shovel them under and let me work--
         I am the grass; I cover all.

And pile them high at Gettysburg
And pile them high at Ypres and Verdun.
Shovel them under and let me work.
Two years, ten years, and the passengers ask the conductor:
         What place is this?
         Where are we now?

         I am the grass.
         Let me work

Carl Sandburg

Clarence Thomas/SNL



Pretty in Pink - The Psychedelic Furs

Lets do...

One night one of my friends said. Lets go do crimes. I said. No. When he came back, he figured out what was going on with his girlfriend and I. I didn't have to tell him. He just turned to me and said.. Keep her. I did. She and I figured out that our souls were kind of like patchwork quilts. She wanted to cut a few pieces out and see. Kink goes on. She got arrested, and somehow I didn't. They thought I was stable. Maybe I was. Today I taught my daughter about IM. I said. Slow it down. Make them make a statement they can back up. They're not real. Neither are you. Learn. Then I put her on computer restriction. She doesn't care she's going down to the islands tomorrow. Yesterday a business partner of mine I have been working with for 12 years accused me of armed robbery. Pretty good way to start off a monday, wouldn't you think ? I actually prevented from being a disaster because I was working in his building at 4 am. I happene…

Where's the Music? - Medeski Martin and Wood

Aunt Beast

It was a dark and stormy night
the wind blowing so hard
it shook concrete and reinforced steel of our wall
lightning when it struck, filled the whole of the sky
when she arrived and said Tesseracts are real

And when my unborn son told me to go

It was like walking but really riding through a veil
if you touched it , it felt like a gel
It had no form and it shined like water
It feels like rainfall on a sunny day
and as you passed through , cool to touch
with the sun coming out
and all the colors of sound

If you passed through one
you may have heard
waves on the shore of Iceland
or the drums of Catalon

Its kind of like holding a cup
or a kitten
the moment before the sunrise

And then came the Black thing

That was when I thought I heard a voice say
God made
Foolish things
to shame the wise
And weak things
to shame the strong

The black thing was entropy

Its strange to tell the story
because it wasn't just a journey
it was , instead, sort of like meeting someone
it was a moment of hop…

Let me tell you about the camera..

.. that girds the flame in my loins. I am going name her Scarlet. when I get her? I know she's just a ... I'm sorry I can't say it. Colorless reader, would you look differently upon me if I told you that... I want to have .. um.. a relationship... with a battery powered electrical device? I have already told my mom I met the woman who changed my life. You may see a camera. I see... long walks on the beach at sunset. "Scarlet" and I , drinking together at the soda shoppe (woops scarlet, is that a spot on you? let me clean that off.) I hear.. the song... "If you like Pina Coladas" ... Is it so wrong, I ask you?

IronMan Preplan

I am focussed on a training plan for my IronMan upcoming early next year. There's got to be a way to do it without fragmenting the family, under fifteen hundred dollars. This is a discussion. First, the majority of this money should go to the bike. Clearing your travel overhead, registration, a good pair of shoes, etc. - you're looking at basically 1000 left over for the bike. How do you get a good triathlon bike, under 1,000.00? Well first you have to set a few goals about what the bike is meant to do. It will not be meant to be the lightest thing in the world, you just can't get a 15 pound bike for less than 2,000.00. So be happy with a 20 pound , even a 23 pound bike. At that point, its going to be all about comfort. Take some time to find a bike that fits you like a glove. Measure your inseam, and actually have that number in your head as you make it over to the bike shop. You'll hit a 1300.00 wall in the new bike shops, and you might as well forget t…

A Romantic Moment

For me, one of the most romantic and fascinating moments that could be found from any film, is the moment in 'the professional' where mathilde and leon are in his apartment and they have a conversation about a pig. Mathilde uses the term disparagingly. Leon insists, no, pigs are very clean animals. I have one in my kitchen. She says no you don't I was just there. Dont move. He says. She realizes, as his pig oven mitt peers over the edge of the wall... that she has affection for him. That he won't hurt her. The scene is split. Later that night, Leon gets up in the middle of the night, puts a silencer on the gun and walks quickly and purposefully to her room, levels the gun to her head . And doesn't pull the trigger.

Pretty in Pink

Caroline laughs and
It's raining all day
She loves to be one of the girls
She lives in the place
In the side of our lives
Where nothing is
Ever put straight

She turns herself round
And she smiles and she says
'This is it'
'That's the end of the joke'
And loses herself
In her dreaming and sleep
And her lovers walk
Through in their coats

All of her lovers
All talk of her notes
And the flowers
That they never sent
And wasn't she .. easy?
And isn't she
Pretty in pink?

The one who insists
He was first in the line
Is the last to
Remember her name
He's walking around
In this dress
That she wore
She's gone
But the joke's the same

Caroline talks to you
Softly sometimes
She says
'I love you' and
'Too much'
She doesn't have anything
You want to steal
Nothing you can touch

Isn't She?
Pretty In Pink