Abiogenesis and Origin of Language - Social, Religious and Theological Implications

Ok, this is a blog - not a cold scientific journal or open mike poetry. So before I leap into a few fairly wild things that naturally fall out of the research I've been doing I thought I'd start off here by sharing something a bit more earthy than telling you where to go find God.

First, I have two kittens now. Most of my other cats are gone , for some reason - My darkest and oldest female, only shows up now for five minutes and then disappears. My oldest male is gone for months at a time. Recently my younger female disappeared abruptly, I am almost certain she was killed - she was nursing her kittens at the time. My younger male has a little girl down the street that loves him - and I have given her family the Ok to keep feeding him, he will eventually be there all the time. So in effect, I am down to two cats again. Tarot. And a little black male called Simon.

I have been de-worming them. Why is it that parasites always come along, when there are little kittens? And not wanting to 'cross the streams' I've been flea-combing them. It taught me a personal lesson. There are plenty of parasites out there, if you go out into the wild. Lesson two: tangle them up in the stuff that they used to hold onto you and then burn them alive.

Ok, one more thing. I am alone. And the first thing I want to do is run like hell. Not just a nice 'speed walk' that makes me look like some old man. But to run. Not jog. Run. I want to run so hard and fast and far that I fall down. My last run left me passed out in my front yard. Thats the goal again today.

Ok, so enough. A while back I wrote that the origin of language and life are one, that language is essential to life. And that abiogenesis or origin of life occurs as a result of gravitational anomaly. So here are some assertions. In the words of the Beatles and Revolution Number 9. Take this brother may it serve you well.

  1. God is located at Sagittarius A* , not in the center of the bloody thing but on the edge. If you want to find God, you have to shed your biological form, live as Silicon and travel there. At least until we work something better out regarding space travel.
  2. Abiogenesis occurred on a reproduction cycle that way we can understand if we use Physics, Molecular Biology and Chem. Therefore the acolytes of any living church should first master the sciences before they can acquire their degree in theology - no more diploma mills stamping televangelists "Doctor". While we're at it, the first reproduction cycle (abiogenesis) can only be described using concepts of kinky sex. Therefore the acolytes and leaders of the church should be open to alternative sexuality and experiment with it. In short, take the priests to Grad school.
  3. Before we leave the whole, lets go meet God thing - I should caution you. When you meet him, its going to be a her. God started life in the universe, but he gave his life to his wife and she is the one who survives and takes care of the world. Its from her that life is streaming from the center of the galaxy.The male form of God occurs only at the beginning and the end.
  4. Also, one other thing about the go meet God thing - and that pioneer organism. Think of her as a kind of echo. Not an anthropomorphic , hi, lets shake your hand and tell me the secret of the universe , long white robe - kind of thing. Rather she will be a sort of queen organism. There will be several other organisms. When you arrive you will find the Godsphere - a biosphere populated with similiar pioneer organisms. What we understand as God has several forms - sort of like the Hindu pantheon. Or like a National Geographic special.
  5. That whole "my god is stronger than your god" thing, is only hype. The basic principles they operate on, are all the same - and can be learned - but the statement that "my god comes first" really only means "my religion comes first" and its a way that people try to get you into church. It could also be an echo of the fact that Israel got raped twice each time the roman armies marched down to the Egyptian theatre and so they ended up kind of competitive about their religion and decided on the whole warrior messiah thing. Interesting how he morphed into a God of Love, hm?
  6. Language is a form of interdimensional play. Females are locked into another slightly altered dimension and they are focussed on storage. Males are focussed on the new. Basic duality of human sexuality comes down to a right/left division of the spheres into (not creativity/analytical) - sensitivity to the new, and radical - and sensitivity to the routine. Men and women engage in interdimensional play as they come together to swap bodily fluids and fuck like minxes and do whatever it is they do that I don't get to do enough of at all.
  7. A marriage can only be made or broken by a poet or a real priest (see above). 'Nuff said.
  8. Application to current issues: Same Sex Marriage - is holy, and sacrosanct - but not for the laity. Same sex marriage is the marriage union blessed by God for those who would transmit the tenets of the Church itself, it is type of union that should be blessed and made sanct in Society - but not as a norm. It should be a kind of union that is reserved for the Officers of society who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the whole. CF. Ephesians 5 18-28, particularly 25-28 - the scope of that love is to give ones entire life (not their life. your life).
  9. Application to current issues: Origin of life - because abiogenesis is a molecular sublimation phenomena that really occurs , to see evolution - that which we would call soul - goes through a definite origin and model process at life's beginning. Yes, your soul is born - so using a simple function description of a soul as something that can engage in interdimensional play - the moment at which someone is alive. Sexuality is that expression - therefore life begins at or around week 12 in the pregnancy, as this is the moment roughly at when the soul has begun to form. Note that this is also the time at which genitals appear on ultrasound. Simple application. All abortions before week 12 are legal. At week 9, its a misdemeanor. At week 10. Fees increase. Week 11, its a low grade felony. At at week 12. The state has the right to keep the baby alive. Or you can choose to murder the unborn child. Your call. So if you're going to have sex, and you're female - test to make sure if you're pregnant and don't just wait until you skipped a period, ok? Fair? And then, yeah, it really is your decision up to a point. And after that point. Guess what. It ain't. And everyone ends up happy.
  10. Lets see. What else. Alright. One last thing. And the most important thing. There exists a sound that can kill someone. I'm not talking about brown noise. I'm talking about a series of phrases that can be spoke which can turn a person either into suicide, or something close to it. Every person has this passphrase coded into them. Speak it and they die. By symmetry there are also phrases that can be spoken which make them regenerate. Each phrase has a systematic prosody variance. We can discover simple versions of these phrases and use them for medical therapy.
  11. Oh yeah before I forget, the origin of language should be sought in tone-languages. This regenerates things. Keep singing on the freeway, its good for you.

Its important to remember we're not the dominant form of life on the planet. Viruses are. We're just the things that walk around for a while until, 11 million years or so, we're all going to be wiped off the face of the planet. This in our genetic memory is Satan. And he's real. Very real. Satan is the thing that meets you in a hotel room and puts black lace over his head and asks you a simple question.. and when you answer he raises a gun.

And pulls the trigger. Sort of like that scene from the film "The Natural". He's this thing thats very .. erudite? Sets himself up like a friend. Then kills you.

Or someone who spams your inbox with junk mail. The weaponization of a human being is an exercise left to the reader.

Without going out of your door. You can know all things on earth.
Without looking of your window. You can know the ways of heaven

Arrive without travelling.
See all without looking
Do all without doing



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