Its Under Control

Sartre, a man whose career started off with an analysis of hatred and its origin based on the study of the origin of hatred of Jews - once wrote :

Existence precedes and rules essence

Meanwhile, down in the Mediterranean, where there is a lot more sun - and where a different seed-comet landed - There was a person born as a slave , whose name meant "acquired" (can you imagine naming your kid 'acquired' - thats almost like naming your kid "Lumpy Rutherford" or something).

To Epictetus, all external events are determined by fate, and are thus beyond our control, but we can accept whatever happens calmly and dispassionately. Individuals, however, are responsible for their own actions which they can examine and control through rigorous self-discipline. Suffering arises from trying to control what is uncontrollable, or from neglecting what is within our power. As part of the universal city that is the universe, human beings have a duty of care to all fellow humans. The person who followed these precepts would achieve happiness

Epictetus wrote alot about Prohairesis. Sartre wrote alot about Being and Nothingness. Prohairesis is what distinguishes humans from all other creatures. It is the faculty that, according to our own judgments, makes us desire or avert, feel impelled or repel, assent to or dissent about something . Epic saying:

We are our own prohairesis

This doesn't of course, make Sartre any less cute. Especially when he was givne the Nobel prize, and then declined it. And then when he realized he'd just given away all that money he wrote them a letter that went basically like this .. "oh wait, no. can you give me the money instead?".

Which goes to show you. Which came first. Another epic saying is .

I must die. Must I then die lamenting? I must be put in chains. Must I then also lament? I must go into exile. Does any man then hinder me from going with smiles and cheerfulness and contentment?

Which, is how I am getting through my fifth month without sex. Whats going on with you?