The Tracking Number

He placed the collar around her neck
and locked it with a key
he keeps on a chain

He touched her earring and a lock of her hair
that contained the ashes of her son
and traced it to her chin

And made her look up at him
He told her that he loved her
and her voice broke

And she was free
And she walks today through fences
and across borders

His maps aren't quite right
and she floats in the middle of oceans
Or on the top of buildings

But there are cars driving through her neighborhood now
with cameras filming your house
and soon
she will return

Its not something he was really into
so he just wrote a program
and let it run

It might be useful for kids someday
who need to stay away
from a certain zone

or maybe a pet
he made alot from ADSX

So one day
he just threw the key off a cliff
catching the sun as it spins
it landed on the top of a tree
far below

to think a thought
that someday
It will line a crow's nest
Or rust away
public and private