Score: Healthcare Reform 1, Lobbyists 1

Although we've seen good moves to include an honorable and decent universal health care package moving to the floor, the latest setback that the lobbyists have dealt to delay the vote on the legislation out of committee, makes it all the more likely that the 1.5 million dead presidents they are waltzing into the pockets ... per day .. of senators and congresspersons - will end up making one dead president standing. And so, just for fun (and because I am such an Obombre) I thought it might be fun to look back at a few quotes from the President - as this issue finally drags him down while he's sitting up there, starry eyed , in the white house and his party is getting cash hand over fist from lobbyists. So , here's the still living President, before he became Mr. TV Star.
Its like I was shot out of a cannon. I am so overexposed. I make Paris Hilton look like a recluse... After all the attention - People Magazine, GQ, Vanity Fair, Letterman - I figure there's nowhere to go from here but down. So Tonight, I announce my retirement from the United States Senate. It's been a good run.

Barack Obama, 2004 Gridiron Club Dinner

I mean, WTF. This was 5 years before he took office. You think he'd have found a way to bring a giant pin for all his headswelling sessions along - he's telling everyone we've got healthcare reform on track, but he's a heatseeker. I mean, Gates? WTF?

You hear this constant refrain from our critics that Democrats don't stand for anything. Thats really unfair. We do stand for anything.

Barack Obama, 2006 Gridiron Club Dinner

For the record, last years money to pay off Senators and Congressmen, hit a record high on this issue - nearly 91 Million dollars. Think of it. 90.7 Million dollars spent on a handful of senators and congressmen. Part of anything indeed.

Health should hit the ground running in the next few weeks, when everyone gets back into the office. This week, Dean is going on Countdown - hosting the show Tues and Wed. 8 PM, on MSNBC. I am going to fix my mothers Korg Concert Grand + kick back and share a beer with el madre and watch our guy roll.


transcript: Bill Maher- New Rules

Monday, July 27, 2009
The Climb - Miley Cyrus

posted by turnerBroadcasting at 6:13 PM

turnerBroadcasting said...
if the conservatives get to call healthcare socialized medicine - I get to call private for-profit healthcare
soulless vampire bastards making money off human pain

Now , I know what you're thinking.

But, Bill, the profit motive is what sustains capitalism,

Yes, and our sex drive sustains the human species, but we dont try to fuck everything.

Its ok for some things to remain nonprofit, just like when it comes to sexual relations, some peopel are off limits, like your cousin, or your sister - or if you're a leading republican... your wife.

America ranks 50th in life expectancy, and all those 49 other loser countries in front of us?

What do we say to our kids?

"Here in America, you're not coughing up blood, little bobby - you're coughing up freedom"

The problem with Pres. Obama's healthcare plan isnt socialism, its capitalism.

There are just some things we don't do for money
The Democrats are in bed with the insurers and drug companies, just like they all are, and thats why this turkey bill does nothing to take the profit motive away from these industries.