The Glory of Friendship

"The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, not the kindly smile, not the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone believes in him and is willing to trust him with his friendship."

--Ralph Waldo Emerson

In keeping with the precepts of openness here's a list of my partners. No incidence of serious disease but a few of them have been known to use Virus as a vector.

  • Amber - if you're alive, we're good.
  • John - Someone who hit me in the mouth, so hard it gave me a concussion. I lost three days - they told me I went around the neighborhood picking fights. We are still best friends, but we've not spoken in nearly .. uhm.... 25 years. I am pretty sure he became an Artist but he might just be a drug addict instead.
  • The little boy that I had the conversation with in the sandbox, when I was four. You can remember things that far back. Try it. His specific sentence was " I don't believe in God. " .. My first lost weekend...
    1. I tried to eat flowers.
    2. At the age of 5, I tried to play in the masters golf tournament. I was found on the highway walking to Augusta with my toy golf clubs.
    3. At 6, I jumped from a 90 foot bridge along with a bunch of daredevils. The water felt hard when it hit. My mom found my shoes there on the top of the bridge. Her boyfriend at the time jumped in after me, getting up the nerve
    4. Later that year 'the talk'. Pieced together from fragments of what my mom would say - and my friends. so that when they gave me the book where little baby chicks came from , at 9, or so - I skipped the whole vaginal intercourse part and went straight for "which came first, the chicken or the egg"
  • The Cocteau Twins, for the song 'Heaven or Las Vegas' . Beethoven, for 'The Moonlight Sonata'. Boston for 'Don't Look Back'. Daft Punk for 'Da Funk'. And the Beatles for 'A Day in the Life'. Again, not necessarily in that order
  • Krazy Kat, the first openly Satomasochistic (masochist) comic. I have read them all. The entire scope of his or her vision of pleasure in life is to be hit with a brick.
  • My wife. She'll be pissed off discovering she's under a comicbook character, but then again, she took two masters degrees in College before she was 24 and she spent the majority of her academic career pretending to read while she was reading comics behind the book. One time her father found her doing so, and quietly offered to turn the book rightside up. She went to the beach in a full length dress. And held my firstborn child.
  • The comfort in the sea. Distracting. Reacting. Against my will I stand beside my own reflection.
  • CallerID. I now, no longer answer the phone. Whoever invented it is my friend. If you have business with me, I will know about it. And the person who invented the technique called Graylisting - which is surprisingly effective against spam. Thanks guys!
  • A Biography of Abraham Lincoln, by Carl Sandburg.
  • The lights of LA County. Because they look like Diamonds in the sky, Lyle
  • Sean, in whom I hope he's truly found the love of his life - in Costa Rica. If he's still there. Hard to hear the sound of gunshots anymore, when you live by the beach. I promise we'll go windsurfing someday amigo
  • That girl in black leotards. The one who climbed right past me free climbing that wall I was one. The one who pushed with her legs.
  • The bottle of Tequila I drank when I was 14. And the, and the front wheel of my bike . Which I discovered , strangely - that I couldn't feel when my head went through it.
  • A poster of Linda Rondstadt. Carefully retouched, in ball point pen and marker.
  • The Leitz and Red Camera Companies. The Bose Corporation. And the Vince Guarabaldi Trio

  • The church-sponsored and tacitly endorsed Orgy known as the Catholic Youth Organization sleepover.
  • Justin. Green and wiggly. And Black. And White.
  • Andrew. A hacker.
  • The B-17 Bomber, the Messerschmitt BF 109e , the Focke-Wolf 190, the Heinkel He 177 bomber and The Junkers JU 87 Stuka. In that order.
  • Teresa, Janet, Beth, Jennifer , Christina, and Ruby. Measure twice. Cut once.
  • A shabby couch on a porch overlooking a hill and a pool in Topanga Canyon.

Haven't been allowed to have friends for quite a while, but I've recently made the decision that friends are ok and this list needs to change.

I just realized, as I wrote this - that I have never lost a friend, which is to say some of them are MIA but never really broke anything between any of us. I guess its because I am not really one to be full of surprises.

I like long walks on beach and listing things like the ingredients to make an atomic bomb. I have been described as being like a Mother Cat who is always moving her kittens. If I was a Horse, I would be the one that might listen to the leg when you're on, but try to buck you off .

Tie a knot and press it into the side of my mouth, and spend time running me around in circles.

Here's a playlist that I built - for anyone out there that I'm talking to currently (ie "thrashing") kindly tune to the song by L-7 for a good starting point. Here's where I tweet, and I never tweet where I live.

Lets see. What else? Hm. A couple of hookers, one of them named Kim, and the other one I'd like to forget (no more hookers!) and a Submissive who wants to be a slave. Thats it. Full disclosure.

I hope to change this list in the near future, but it will take a skydiving jump I think to make sure. Or another 29 mile run. Whichever comes first.