The Resurrection of the March Hare

Its a matter of instinct
My kitten loves to eat my sock
they hunt through my yard
for rabbit to find a den

They feed from the young, one by one
tearing their limbs
chewing their head
I can hear their screams

The tissue is torn down to protein
and flows through my kitten
the bone is crunched to calcium
for sharp claw strong tooth and bone

And we eat , no differently -
using every global species
like the march hare
mother nature's hamburger

I had a dream that one day
We let the rabbits wear glasses
The carrots rose up against them

I had a dream that one day
A rabbi
from Bethlehem rose up to the cross
I dreamed that he spread his arms and went into transmission
a crown of thorns became rabbit ear
bright antenna against golgotha
perfected chemistry
a little bit of gravity
and the rhythm of a steel drum band

softly smile I know she must be kind
he has to be talking to someone he loves
maybe it was his father, his mother I don't know

But like the March Hare
we tore his entire life apart
and ate it
his body became the church
and the church became a technology
use any religion you like to , to talk to God

I don't know where
but it will send you there
Just remember the March Hare
She was born
in a hole in the ground
her mother tore her fur to line it
the mother cat camped it but one survived
and the others she ate again and again and again

Remember the Leper
The poet the priest the politician
The Rabbi from Bethlehem
that we ate again and again and again

Born in the dark of winter
And reborn in the Spring
Making us stronger
The bread and the wine , au gentil lapin
the lamb
three courses
one serving

Maybe one day the one that survived
has another baby that survives
and her baby safely breathes

Rust never sleeps