Pop Kink

We live in a highly sexualized culture. There are alluring women on the side of bus stops selling shoes. Teams of psychiatrists assigned to a product placement that yields maximum impact in a certain demographic, based on sexual imagery.

Like the cigarettes whose tobbacco is shot into a sort of nico styrofoam by superCritical CO2 - sexualization in our culture inflates and reduces burn time - it makes for fluid relationships, fluid sexual identities and a general sense of sexual malaise.

Idealized images of women and men participating in highly publicized divorces. Perfect women with perfect bodies wearing perfect clothes. Men shown as aggressive, dominant and driving the car you want. No families. No silly, boring moments that exist between real lovers. Its all flash. Its all about all about tearing things down, cutting us away from our roots, our nature. Sexualization of culture induces a fluidity to relationships; money as a vehicle of status induces fluidity in social hierarchy, and pop kink is either a transition phase to kink - or a means by which it is destroyed.

Mostly this works to keep us spending cash - money, as a vehicle for social status - is a high maintenance proposition.

Pop kink is a type of exploration. As we progress, the bits and pieces of kink that fall away will eventually collect into the mainstream.

People eventually work their way through fantasy and arrive at an equillibrium which allows them to either pass through variances in their hormonal levels, self-identify, or otherwise rationalize what they sense in their own sexuality. This is a normal transition.

Pop kink, however, is a sort of cross section approach to alternative sexuality - by its nature intent on the immediate and easily accessible. The heuristic and exploratory cases are fairly straightforward extensions of any sexuality. However, in-depth exploration of the alignment of Pop Kink is a different situation.

To be into Pop Kink , is to find a classification of participant whose focus is not so much the mutual and consensual but rather, clinical. Almost as if taking a transition and trying to hold it - surfing that standing wave - those who are into Pop Kink have to be continually adjusting their position.

Take physical form, identity, and work within a changeable template. This is a finite form of kink (like genitorture - eventually you just run out of skin down there). And in the end, continually reworking form will usually end up giving you something that looks Michael Jacksons death mask. Sexual templates are not always easily established nor altered. Again, sexuality - at a social level is a complex thing. There are 'connections' and 'friendships' to maintain.

At a biological level it will have a deletion effect.

Lets take the simple case of simple life forms. Say, a Virus Nightclub. Whatever atmosphere there would be one of connectionlessness - easily accomplished by place. Floor, music, bar, and so on. And like so many pictures on the wall in a restaurant - or the hyper cluttered 'eatery' with nostalgia in shadowboxes on the wall - the representations within that club frame a fast burn, a distraction. Like items in the yuppie restaurant, neither authentic nor explored.

In this , rarely do we transcend physical limitation.

Why does this image remind me of the song "Georgia on My Mind?"? I never had a sister. Oh well. Anyway. ;)

A locked transition phase isn't going to be about growth. But staying in one place, isn't necessarily about being trapped either.

Think of a hive - the queen will live 70 times longer than her male suitors. Staying in one place and bathing herself in telomerase. And for that, the hive will listen to her chemical signals - one day, to collect protein, the next sugar, and again - water. She is the beginning and the end. But.

Where's the music? =)


Anonymous said…
this is pretty good work. the parallel between hive-mind, cutting roots and pop kink is a good one.

remember to include just the concept that pop kink is a form of free behavior though - its not always the case that pop kink is cultural or static.
I posted a wikipedia definition page here - if anyone thinks I missed anything, let me know - this blog post was background research to it, but the definition is more broad and general.