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Thomas Mann's Letter to Dean

Thomas Mann responded to the Dean of a German university, in 1937 by letter- that was written in response having his honorary doctorate rescinded by a German university, since he lost German citizenship. Mann writes - " my work comes from a connection to my nation. it is for germany. that connection should not be sundered so easily" "the sole purpose of the national socialist state is this alone and can only be put to this: to put the german people in readiness for the "coming war" by ruthless repression, elimination, extirpation of every stirring of opposition; to make them an instrument of war, infinitely compliant, without a single critical thought, driving by a blind and fanatical ignorance." "that germany would not have any allies, not one - is a single consideration, but the smallest" " other nations treat us, as a nation as doctors treat a sick man - with utmost tact and caution, with inexhaustible if not very flattering …

The best defense

What we've been seeing in the American landscape is the slow decline values, position, education standing, ethics and finally - a position as guardian of democracy - The world has decided, for lack of a better way of describing it - that America is no longer the vanguard of democratic regime change. They are looking to China, who was quietly overthrown by the will of its own people - to lead the way. China is a giant machine. The cities spin, churning out endless goods. The government is not truly communist - it appropriates land from its own people, then turns it over to the corporations at minimal expense. Generally speaking, it is an entity that is - mainly because of the accomplishments of a few chinese men, and a great many chinese corporations - has become a new symbol of freedom. But what can we do, as Americans - to lead once again. Simple. We can overtake our own government. Just as Kasparov wants to overtake his. We can VOTE.

On this day in History

This is an historic moment in time. On this day in history, about a hundred years ago, a little kid went outside and played in his front yard. He had alot of fun, there were friends to play with. And he was able to visit them. He did his chores, and he slept well.

Schiavo's Feeding Tube

What would mother teresa do?