The best defense

What we've been seeing in the American landscape is the slow decline values, position, education standing, ethics and finally - a position as guardian of democracy - The world has decided, for lack of a better way of describing it - that America is no longer the vanguard of democratic regime change. They are looking to China, who was quietly overthrown by the will of its own people - to lead the way. China is a giant machine. The cities spin, churning out endless goods. The government is not truly communist - it appropriates land from its own people, then turns it over to the corporations at minimal expense. Generally speaking, it is an entity that is - mainly because of the accomplishments of a few chinese men, and a great many chinese corporations - has become a new symbol of freedom. But what can we do, as Americans - to lead once again. Simple. We can overtake our own government. Just as Kasparov wants to overtake his. We can VOTE.