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Only Lovers Left Alive - Deleted Scenes Part 1. - "I've never really been into Swedish girls." (gasp)


Only Lovers Left Alive - Deleted Scenes Part 1. - Deep into the Funnel of Lovers Left Alive...


Only Lovers Left Alive, Deleted Scenes. 2. 00:42 . Stonehenge Explained. Finally.


Market Debacle! NYSE:HLCO Collapses in After Hours Trading!

byline: Larry Harvey

Reports of a breakdown in talks between Burning Man and HELCO have sent shock waves through world financial markets. HELCO stock, valued at $10,000 per share at the end of yesterdays trading on the New York, Tokyo, and Black Rock exchanges, has plunged to a minus value. Many investors, caught in panic selling, have leapt to their deaths. Danger Ranger has issued a community advisory directing all playa participants to stay clear of the towers at Central Camp.The long expected acquisition of Burning Man by HELCO began to unravel on Saturday night when several thousand playa activists stormed a HELCO stockholders meeting conducted in downtown Black Rock City. Chanting, “Hell Co! Hell No!” the angry mob overturned Satan’s throne, sending HELCO’s board of directors scurrying for cover. The outraged participants proceeded to storm Hell’s Gate. In the ensuing confusion, the City of Dis — Satan’s Citadel — was destroyed, and HELCO Tower, world headq…

I Miss You - Blink 182


Life or Something Like it

I'm so sorry
I simply mean

This wine is aces

I push my way through it, alone
hidden in Mormon guilt
catholic but push it to the hilt

Maybe I will have a chance to live
like you
and yours

The sweet circle that fades even as I see it
like someone looking at me from a bus
from 62
driving over the adironback

But then maybe I get to take another hit
and the thought that you were it
the tammy one except

You were cool

Maybe I was cool

So here's what is left

I get fit
drop 40 pounds
build beautiful art

Angel from my nightmare
I raise my kids
like yours

Good eyes
clean heart
clear thinking

unfettered by tradition
we'll wish it never ends

we'll touch infinity
in the belt of orion

riding through the medicine man silence
the six strings vibrating through the quiet
like indecision
and love

But then what is love

It's not a high school infatuation
It's not a contract
It's not something you wish upon your best friend
It's not something you wish upon your he…

Tool - Sober - Meytal Cohen


Ancient Aliens with Action Branson - Destination Orion


I Grieve - Peter Gabriel.


As Though Everything Was Okay.....


World of Tomorrow - Don Hertzfeldt


Individuality. / Songs of the Marsh - Sidney Lanier

SAIL on, sail on, fair cousin Cloud:
Oh loiter hither from the sea.
Still-eyed and shadow-brow'd,
Steal off from yon far-drifting crowd,
And come and brood upon the marsh with me.

Yon laboring low horizon-smoke,
Yon stringent sail, toil not for thee
Nor me; did heaven's stroke
The whole deep with drown'd commerce choke,
No pitiless tease of risk or bottomry

Would to thy rainy office close
Thy will, or lock mine eyes from tears,
Part wept for traders'-woes,
Part for that ventures mean as those
In issue bind such sovereign hopes and fears.

--Lo, Cloud, thy downward countenance stares
Blank on the blank-faced marsh, and thou
Mindest of dark affairs;
Thy substance seems a warp of cares;
Like late wounds run the wrinkles on thy brow.

Well may'st thou pause, and gloom, and stare,
A visible conscience: I arraign
Thee, criminal Cloud, of rare

Ohhh Fuccckkk Yeaaaa. Or was that only three letter A's in that Yeaaa :-)

Yes, this is a job app.

The Apotheosis of how I feel about the world. I was once the fourth ranked Mage in World of Warcraft, precision arcane single target dps. Q: What's the difference between a Syrian Middle School Playground Slide and a Taliban IL Levant Uranium Enrichment facility? A: Shut up and fly the drone. Who knows where one's next target might come from? Three years back, adjusted, draft and unadjusted. Plus a full backup of that .. vendor... who happened to get stiffed on that deal. you know the one, Donald. Just ask Chris. ... Well. It would appear.... that one might have ...... the returns. Pledge my loyalty to defend the united states constitution against all enemies, foreign, and domestic, I pledge my undying (and will probably end up dying) loyalty .. To Madam President Hillary Rodham Clinton, of whom I , a former Bernie Sanders ...guy who was operating a mirror or two in the smoke and mirror of a well fought and well won primary that now stands , with the …

Dearly Hillary

Dear Hillary,

The conflicting interests of multinational corporations and the competing interests of those that have structured this country into a plutocracy now meet an informed electorate and the influence of internet based communication that , even though a corrupt system continues to intermediate them - will not allow blatant policy decisions that conflict with the people's will. You have forged a progressive platform, there is the horizon of Teddy Roosevelt, and FDR - Thomas Jefferson , and Abraham Lincoln. In my field of software, we have to create products that are 100 percent better than their predecessors. Consider the word processor... how much better would another be, to get you to switch? 100 percent.

Hillary, you will have a permanent place in history. In honesty, you have released your tax returns, showing that 60 percent of your wealth comes from corporations seeking influence. You have also shown honesty, paying your fair share, and giving much to charity. Know th…

Just - Radiohead/ Thom Yorke


They say life carries on

And on

and on

The news that truly shook

is the empty

empty page

While the final rattle rocks

its empty

empty cage

And I can't handle this

I grieve

For you

And you leave


Let it out and move on.

Missing what's gone.

They say life carries on.

They say life carries on.

And on.

And on.

Bad Girl - Avril Lavigne


Heathens - 21 Pilots


Picasso's Last Words

To Pele
To Paulhino Da Viola
To You