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Love is a Stranger - Kate Miller Heidke


Teresa 4

you have to be there

You can't just tell someone
or add a soundtrack
and make it something

And sure, things will worry you
You want others to feel good
and you want them to even - feel
to cut through inhibition
and despair
testing limits

you have to be there

You can't just make someone
into something they are not
and it doesn't really matter
what they believe
or what you believe
love feels sometimes
like religion
you have to follow your heart

And sure, you can collect everything together
all the hidden stories you thought made you special
all the mystical moments , clothing optional
the respect you give
and the respect you have taken

All of it adds up
to nothing

You have to be there

Even if there
is here

It's so hard to explain
how harmless everything
really is
until you face it

All of it.
And make it to the other side.
And hear

The sound
of the faces in the crowd



Bug Light

A dark blue purple beacon
that fills a bug's eye
with possibility

A silver mesh of wire
that fills a bug's mind
with electricity

An eerie light
on a dark night

Lit by the flash
of simple minds

And finding it

Old Man - Neil Young


A Nice Jewish Girl

Let's face it
one testament
is enough

Whoever would climb the summit of truth
to receive commandment
should write in stone
or the Talmud

that whatsoever ye would
do unto others
as they to you

to the chosen
be born
A true Messiah

A Spirit from the Sky
who wields the power of the earth
and will baptize with fire
and more than likely
know what it means
to be broken hearted
once or twice

Maybe an alien impregnate
zombie suicide mission

To A
Nice Jewish girl

The only person
who knows to whom

The voice of the invisible shadow belongs

But enough, already
Let's travel
along the footpath
covered in weeds
that grow
like the word of false prophets

Each tear we cry
Each day when we wake up
And see each screw that we are missing
perhaps tiny
like diamond sparks
The voice of your conscience
Or is it the Shadow..?
That says
Crime does not pay ..

Girls are trouble
But to a Nice Jewish Girl -
Ask her. And she will tell you.
There is a secret.
That isn't a secret.

Trouble does not…

Rockefeller Skank - Fatboy Slim


Teresa II

Over the past few years
to the traditional sound of the drama
has been added a new noise

I close my eyes and pretend I can write
and you can read
and the images on my skin
mean anything at all

Mine are scars

Yours are purple and red and yellow and on fire
Your skin would catch the color everywhere


One day I will read
your memoir

And by love and union
I will at last become
a Daimyo

I close my eyes and see

The pulsing orb that grows
from the center of the world

And suddenly
it is spring

And you and I
are beneath
the cherry and dogwood

May we walk long among their blossoms

Muttu teke motomo fukigatashi

Lights - Ellie Goulding



I wasn't there when it began
at least the way I am

Maybe we were all undersea
like the fossil I found
in the middle of a south Georgia Field

The forest could have been a reef
The mountains an Island
The ridges of the canyon
a channel where we swim

It doesn't always matter
where we came from

As long as we know where we're going
like Old Faithful
who tells us
where we are

And the mountains
if you listen
can tell us where we've been

Like flying saucers
and Jesus Christ
riding a Dinosaur across the eerie landscape

of endless numbered days
that crush themselves like kittens against the breast
biting milk teeth the blue someday
that fell like daggers of hot rain
up yellow stone
and lifted up into clouds
that you and I
named lorraine and salem

and tufts