Teresa 4

you have to be there

You can't just tell someone
or add a soundtrack
and make it something

And sure, things will worry you
You want others to feel good
and you want them to even - feel
to cut through inhibition
and despair
testing limits

you have to be there

You can't just make someone
into something they are not
and it doesn't really matter
what they believe
or what you believe
love feels sometimes
like religion
you have to follow your heart

And sure, you can collect everything together
all the hidden stories you thought made you special
all the mystical moments , clothing optional
the respect you give
and the respect you have taken

All of it adds up
to nothing

You have to be there

Even if there
is here

It's so hard to explain
how harmless everything
really is
until you face it

All of it.
And make it to the other side.
And hear

The sound
of the faces in the crowd