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The Edge Effect - Mandelbrot/The Police

This is a really important and not just so psychedelic clip - and it has to do with something you should know about. Take a complex function zn+1 = zn2 + c - where you get the zeroth term starting point at zero. So iterating through - if you start with zero, zero squared gives you the next term z1 = c, and then the second term comes from the previous, third the second, and so on. At the zero, you've got the constant making it go to out to space otherwize, if c=0, then you would just have zero. Fun things happen when you have numbers on the edge of a boundary. Fun places on a planet or at the edge of a star or other places in the universe where guns, germs and steel can give us iron and wine and such great heights. There are three cases, runaway, center and edge. Say the center. Pretend you're on the edge of a black hole. Go in to close towards the zero, and things collapse in - 1/2, 1/4, 1/16, etc. limit down to zero. Ok, so go away from the edge. What do you get? Y…

Security and Internet Resources

This being a simple post wherein the colorless reader may find him or herself availed of certain network security resources, and technique. I post this because I overheard my daughter say "I like your skills" yesterday and she also got at all my SMS messages (I had pictures of babes in there) (Fortunately , one year olds this time) .
Nomad M R Center
Phone Losers of America
New Order
Info Reading
Hack Canada
Damage Inc
Computer Underground Digest
Brotherhood of Gimps
Cult of the Dead Cow

Schism - Tool/Solaris [AMV]

Octaves are Universal

Here's something kind of cool. In every musical form around the world, for some reason, the octave exists in some form or another. There's alot of discussion about the octave and its role. Pythagoras, the great mathematician - which many believe was in fact a woman - was the first to try to form a theory around the idea of the octave. It was supposed to be a theory that unified everything. Most recently, Garrett Lisi found that the E8 Lie Algebra group -a 248 dimensional group , as long as you don't account for chirality - gives you alot of the standard model. He's on to something, one way or another. What I like about his theory is that it makes fairly simple predictions for 22 additional particles to be found. And it also makes a general assertion, that Pythagoras was working towards. The principal bundle connection and its curvature describe how the E8 manifold twists and turns over spacetime, reproducing all known fields and dynamics through pure geometry - G…


En Utero

I was regaled by a friend last night of pictures of cute kids, which made me think of how inventive young babies are. They look around the room, and try to make each piece of furniture a handhold as a means to an end. They play with objects in front of them, reach out to touch your face. They're really pretty cool. There's an annoying question about them, however, which is - at what point are they actually alive? I don't believe there's any such thing as baby power. Its really mompower - at this point- a mother is comfortable working with the baby and she's sharper just because she knows she's doing something worthwhile - purpose gives us focus and definition. Babypower does not exist. They're helpless. In fact, they're so helpless, they would die if not cared for intensively. Thats how we're born, its part of who we are as mammals. I suppose if we were born as egg, and we had to grow sharp claws to scratch our way out , it would be different.…

Blade Runner - Vangelis

Loaded with Important Omegas

Michael Jackson, as a young member of the Jackson 5 , and in accordance with his father's strict rules - was forced to sleep next to his brothers while they partied in the room. They often told him to just pretend to be asleep. The young girls and women who were involved often treated him like the little boy. His sexual identity was formed during that time.

Under strong discipline imposed by his father and the tight sound that evolved from the group as a result The Jackson 5 rose to stardom. The public singled out Michael Jackson - they all took off to form solo careers but Michael, buoyed by their support and his innate ability - shot forward to success. His album "Thriller" was the largest selling album of all time. He also bought the rights to the Elephant man, had a Chimp named Bubbles, and eventually purchased the rights to all Beatles songs. Later, Michael Jackson picked up a case against him for pedophilia, and a penchant for self mutilation (under anesthe…

Parabola - Tool/Matrix [AMV]

Welcome to the Boomtown - David and David

Ms. Christine drives a 944
Satisfaction oozes from her pores
She keeps rings on her fingers
Marble on her floor
Cocaine in her dresser
Bars on her door

She keeps her back against the wall
(She keeps her back against the wall)

So I Say -
I Say Welcome
Welcome to the Boomtown
Pick a habit
We got plenty to go around

All that money
Makes such a succulent sound..

Welcome to the Boomtown

Handsome Colin got a little off track
Took a year off College and he never went back
Now he smokes much too much
Got a permanent hack
Deals dope out at Denny's
Keeps a table in the back

He always listens to the ground
(he always listens to the sound)

So I Say

Welcome to the Boomtown

Serenity - Evanescence [AMV]

For Mallory

Canto I
The begin

She drove through the sun
into the best thing she ever had

She could feel it inside her

She went into that place
The mouse shadow
on the moon

took the water of life
and in her womb
her unborn child
heard the sound
and song

Not subspace, but not bad

Of the class she was teaching
the sound of laughter of the children
the sound of fucking
they sounded glad

to leave ideals
and share different thoughts
the lessons she has learned
the lessons she's taught

parts of us lost
parts found
carefuly kept
under glass

next to the trophy
down the hall
and a printed old newspaper
of when she mattered
as they hand her the award

canto II

she has her baby in jail
and he decorates his cruiser in pale
shades of green and grey
with blue lightplay
airbrushed image of a woman
stretched across the hood
and down the side

he wants to be with her
and she wants to be with him
they sit together
touching each other
her tits pressed to the glass

how thing…

Mosh Perseopolis

She's never had intercourse
not counting a certain type
somehow avoided the thought police
in class she wears western style

She rides to work on a bus
she wants to get in the pit
on saturday night and dance
but her parents forbade it

He is the devil without a cause
running round and round the pit
he turns and smashes into the boys
that knock the wind out of him

Reeling he spins from the blow
knocked out of the mosh pit
spinning from the pit below
death from above ricochet

An arm hooks out from the whirling mass
the outlawed music of the sharia bawitdaba
the single arm outstretched hes off his ass
moshing hard

young, alone - she adjusts her collar at home
paints her lips black
and pulls up her stockings
fashions the fishnet
a shining pin

climbing down the side of her parents home
she makes her way past the police
in the shadows until she turns
down the street to the door of her friends

the music rises and calls to them
the sound and sight of the rave
the sweat the torn shirt a…

Guardian Council: Errors occured before election.

The Iranian Guardian Council is well on its way to putting Ahmadinejhad, the selfsame who proclaimed the Holocaust was a fake, and that he would use Nuclear Weapons on Israel - into a position where he will cut the strings of his puppetmasters. They count irregularities in 3 million votes. This would not overturn the election. These are ballot-cast issues, but do not address legitimacy of votes cast or ballot-stuffing. They are focussed primarily on things such as vote recording error, and bureaucratic niceties of what time certain reports were filed. Specifically, the Guardian council claims that all reports of serious voting irregularities were actually filed before the elections began. The widespread reports of voting irregularity perfused the membrane established by Ahmadinejhad and the Iranian Police state, mostly by being broken into smaller messages then reassembled in blog posts. Time/date stamping is automatic. Tempus Vernum. The Iranian Guardian council claims that…

Andy Goldsworthy

Stone River

Rowan Leaves With Hole

Gold Treesoul


Stellar - Incubus [Tabs]

Death of the March Hare

I had a dream of a rope
that went up to where
the sky turned black

balloons supported its weight
its fullerene cord
helium buoyed

I imagined a lonely robot
climbed slowly its length
and the dirigible wing
its parabolic strength

At the far end an anchor
and I guess I designed
there, a nuclear engine
or something. I get to decide, its my invention

(isn't it great, not to have to write all the time?)
(but sometimes, to be free to build, with your hands?)
(I wish sometimes I could use my hands on you)
(You are too far away, shall I continue?)

whatever the fuck it was
I shot it against the belay
as upwards whatever thing would climb
lonely made its way

no big flash
no smoke
not alot of fire

No space captain
no hype
no camera

In fact, Getting there was. Boring
And only after I woke
I spent a moment
in the lucid morning
adding elevator people
beautiful, asian watercolor
the ones you sometimes see
in all those architects drawings?

Bridging from yesterday until today
ken and barbie

And the sky was made of amethyst

And the sky was made of amethyst.
And all the stars are just like little fish.
You should learn when to go
You should learn how to say no

When they get
what they want
and they never want it again

Go on
take everything
I want you to

And the sky was all violence
I want to give the violet more violence
and I'm the one with no soul
one above and one below

Go on take everything
take everything I dare you to

Go on take everything
take everything I want you to

I told you
from the start
how this would end

- Hole

Alice in Wonderland - Tim Burton

Iran's Guardian Council: Election was Faultless

The Iranian Guardian Council discovered today that the results of the election were completely real, fair, and faultless. How interesting. They're also throwing reporters out of the country.

Happy Fathers Day

We went swimming, that was the high point of the day. My gonzo son and I made a pact to try a flip off the diving board. First thing he does, is a full flip right off the high dive. Over compensates into a bellyflop so hard we pulled him out of the water with a nosebleed. This little girl that happened to be his same age went up and introduced herself to him . Her name was Keera. She ran up to him and gave him a Wild Cherry capri sun. I looked at my son and said to myself. Definitely wild cherry. They want to play together again. I spent most of the pool session going for a flip. Finally I just got into doing these bunnyhops off the board, seeing if I could hit the board hard enough to get really high into the air. Did that on the high dive, the view was nice. My daughter gave me a book. On one page, there's a little textbox that said "Silent Running". I read it. And the whole day opened up. In it was the story of an experiment that was brought up to the ISS…

Lets Get it Started - Black Eyed Peas [AMV]

Message from Skippy

This list was compiled by my invisible, evil twin named "Skippy". I didn't have anything to do with it. I walked away from the computer and when I came back, this was mysteriously written into my blog. My Great Moments in life, From "Skippy": My starring role in a you'd-better-wear-your-helmet skateboarding commercial. I got a big "NO" symbol drawn right over me. I went down the hill with such hyperextended style. Thank you. You're beautiful. The moment I actually read someone to sleep. My voice was. Mellifluous. No, she didn't just drop the line to get rid of me. She actually fell asleep. Think. James Earl Jones. She digs me. I can tell. That whole "I hate you so much my soul wants to jump out of my mouth and run away" thing is really just her way of saying, "keep reading, this is turning me on". The hot and sexy moment I succeeded in seducing a chick online. Yeah. She digs me. I think its because I rarel…

Wiamea Bay, Standing Wave Surf

Cut a channel from the Wiamea River and this goes on for a couple of hours as the river hits the shore and goes standing wave on you.

Before Two Portraits of My Mother - Emile Nelligan

I love my mother's portrait as she once
Was painted in her girlhoods glorious prime:
The forehead lily-white, the eyes that shine
With a Venetian mirrors brilliance!

Her other picture is a world away;
Wrinkles have ploughed the marble of her brow:
Lost is romance's rapture, distant now
The rose-red poem of her wedding day.

It saddens me today as I compare;
This brow haloed with joy, and that with care;
Gold sun, and thick mist at the years' eclipse.

But, O unfathomed mystery of the heart!
How can I smile at those poor faded lips?
How for the smiling face can teardrops start?

Reve D'Artiste - Emile Nelligan

Parfois j'ai le desir d'une soeur bonne et tendre
d'une soeur angelique au sourire discret
Soeur qui m'enseingera doucement le secret
De prier comme il fuat, d'esperer et d'attendre

J'ai ce desir tres pur d'une soeur eternelle
D'une soeur d'amitie dans le regne de l'Art
Qui me suara veillant a ma lampe tres tard
Et qui me couvrira des cieux de sa prunelle

Qui me prendra les mains quelquefois dans les siennes
Et me chuchotera d'immacules conseils
Avec le charme aile des voix musiciennes

Et pour qui je ferai , si j'aborde a la gloire
Fleurir tout un jardin de lys et de soleils
Dans l'azur d'un poeme offert a sa memoire

pour Lara Day

Koyanaqqatsi - Philip Glass

My wife: When I walk on the road children stuck in different apartments call me and say didi where are you going. I don't know them but smile touch my face and I stop to respond them. The moment feels sweet and reminds me of (our two children). :)

Abiogenesis, and Origin of Language

Abstract: Within context of RNA world abiogenesis we posit a translation protocol for precursor. We present a common treatment of prosody and recognition. Probable patterns of clique formation with a view to prosody as a state maintenance mechanism /applications are discussed. You are the result of a delicate sequence of moves that involve 26 chromosones guiding a cellular transformation in the first few seconds of life. This process mimics evolutionary processes. In this a genetic predisposition to language also forms as an organic faculty. Althought executed DNA , and the entire concept that DNA could spontaneously arise from primodial components - are unlikely progenitors. DNA forming spontaneously into the basis molecules of life, by some sort of lightning strike into primordial soup - is as unlikely as if you had put a golf ball down on the first tee, and had a sequence of earthquakes knock the ball into the hole straight from the tee both in and out to card a tiger woods…

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend - Marilyn Monroe

Is Cheating Ever Justified?

Wow. this stopped me cold today. I'd just finished winding down after a morning of work + I happened across this. The key to this article, is not to profile the husband - but rather, the wife. She gives an example of a wife, for whom cheating may be justified. Excerpt follows: The majority of that relationship seems to consist of (the wife) treating her husband like something that got stuck on the bottom of her shoe, the property of which she cannot quite identify, eliciting a nonstop look of thinly-veiled disgust and disappointment.

In fact, it's hard to think of moments in which this housewife is not humiliating, degrading, and emasculating her husband. ... She actually chastised him for breathing too loudly. There she is in the supermarket ripping him a new one for being a lousy spouse. There she is at the pumpkin patch shouting at him for being a substandard father. There she is telling him to stop mumbling like a fool. There she is explaining to the camera that s…

Skateboarding - Sir Mixalot / Jackass [AMV]

The Short, Happy Life of the Brown Oxford

We were working for the military
trying to create something
from nothing
brass getting back at the Russians
By their AK rounds how to steal our ammunition

They wanted us
to raise jetfuel from dead discarded wheat and corn
Forge plastic cartridge casings from rock and shale
they asked us to make things come alive
Weapon of choice.

whats more useless, in a war
than a soldier with children?
Alright men! Charge! .. Wait. Billy. Put that down.
you don't know where its been..
You get the picture.

We decided the best way to do it
perhaps because at the time none of us had kids
and being slightly scared of women anyway
Was to build a machine

We weren't quite sure how to build it.
We decided to stick to first principles.
hysteresis. chaos. pioneer organisms.

Memory was first
we found we could store almost anything
yeah. we had some fun
figuring it out, we'd coded secret messages on our skin
and then set them together
to spell out a great big novel
we'd done it first on so…