Mosh Perseopolis

She's never had intercourse
not counting a certain type
somehow avoided the thought police
in class she wears western style

She rides to work on a bus
she wants to get in the pit
on saturday night and dance
but her parents forbade it

He is the devil without a cause
running round and round the pit
he turns and smashes into the boys
that knock the wind out of him

Reeling he spins from the blow
knocked out of the mosh pit
spinning from the pit below
death from above ricochet

An arm hooks out from the whirling mass
the outlawed music of the sharia bawitdaba
the single arm outstretched hes off his ass
moshing hard

young, alone - she adjusts her collar at home
paints her lips black
and pulls up her stockings
fashions the fishnet
a shining pin

climbing down the side of her parents home
she makes her way past the police
in the shadows until she turns
down the street to the door of her friends

the music rises and calls to them
the sound and sight of the rave
the sweat the torn shirt and her man
young and wanting to impress
she figures hes just big enough
to let him take her there

they make their way back
to a place where someone threw a mat
and there in the back of the club
they both stop just short of making love

after no cigarette
no reason
she's going to live forever
still a virgin

ready for her wedding day
thanks to the watching eye
of the sharia

the same that brought us all ahmadinejhad
and the ayatollah

They hold each other
their skin grafting into one being