Iranian Electoral Math

Iran's State-run Press TV states, during count: 10 million of 24 million votes counted.

Iran's State-run Press TV statement, aired at the same time: "69% of the votes counted"

10/24 = 42%. , 69-42= 25% . How does a margin of error occur, that wide ? All sources agree that at the time the State Press issued the statement, less than half the vote had been counted. How does the government's official statement end up being 3/4 of the vote counted?

Simple. The vote was being rigged. The returns that were being provided to the state were doctored returns. The vote turned in for official count, while exit and return polling showed count was underway - completely ignored the actual return.

The final return shows a 63% margin of victory, for a widely disliked incumbent. - reading the graph, there's a total of 49.3M votes recorded on a voter registration base of 42M registered voters. 49.3/42 = 11.7% difference.

Maybe he was so nice, some people voted twice?