Abiogenesis, and Origin of Language

Abstract: Within context of RNA world abiogenesis we posit a translation protocol for precursor. We present a common treatment of prosody and recognition. Probable patterns of clique formation with a view to prosody as a state maintenance mechanism /applications are discussed.

You are the result of a delicate sequence of moves that involve 26 chromosones guiding a cellular transformation in the first few seconds of life. This process mimics evolutionary processes. In this a genetic predisposition to language also forms as an organic faculty. Althought executed DNA , and the entire concept that DNA could spontaneously arise from primodial components - are unlikely progenitors. DNA forming spontaneously into the basis molecules of life, by some sort of lightning strike into primordial soup - is as unlikely as if you had put a golf ball down on the first tee, and had a sequence of earthquakes knock the ball into the hole straight from the tee both in and out to card a tiger woods 18 on the round. However, language is innate. Althought others recognized - Noam Chomsky seems to have formalized it best. However, the genesis location and primordial function of language are still open to question. The concepts that Noam Avrim Chomsky have laid out have formed a basis for further exploration. But as examples of other simpler languages have shown - such as the prosody based language of the Amazonian Parajan - it is not a complete basis.

DNA is a storage mechanism. For our purposes we're going to set it off down the chain of evolution with higher organisms. Life as we know it, begins before this. But the study of the origin of life is not necessarily best dealt with from a biological , but rather physical perspective.

The linguistic treatment of glottony has suffered a similiar fate - crippled by self referentiality, the best studies of language up until this point has been alot like the study of the standard model in physics: studying music by throwing a piano down the stairs and trying to listen to what notes come out. The basis of syntax, grammar and generative structures has all been dealt with by relating them to symbolic logic, abstracting into a kind of pseudo math.

From both a cognitive and functional perspective, the origin of language up until recently - held a mostly theoretical fascination. However, NIH funded research has shown that rapid regeneration of neural cells has been tied to unique subject cases where language plays a significant role. In particular, new language use, language under conditions of consequence - and of course Mehmet Oz' recent discoveries in the communication patterns between family members, during recovery - have shown rapid regeneration and significant recovery patterns that call for further investigation.

Speech engine development takes a different path. There isn't much focus on individual code development for particular syntax or grammar processing - instead its about convergent sequences and first applications. It is also a field that is uniquely intolerant of error. Engine development recognizes its easy to mess things up. We also do it just for plain fun.

That practical modelling process, when the principles of software development - are applied - yields pragmatic results.

Lets say you wanted to build a speech engine. You could literally build one that would be able to respond exactly like you, in your voice.

Here's how you get started. You record yourself saying utterances (in some cases, you give them a copy of the newspaper to read) and you record these utterances. Then you cut it up and get down to allophone tying. Once you're done, you reassemble. In general, there are about 55,000 unique human sounds that comprise whatever language you were working with. Normally you are reading in a flat manner. Clear. Simple. Pronunciation.

Now, this gives you something useful. A corpus. The standard way to do this stops here when we're talking about prosody. As a result, most engines are fairly blindsided by prosody issues , its also hard to write about or study accent - the words on this page have no english accent. They are, however, printed on scented stationery. Glitter? Ok. Anyway... ;)

Some speech engine developers tried to key in on prosody as a means of lowering the confusion of the recognizer. This was part of an effort to try to recognize Mandarin - from which we take systematic prosody variance (SPV), a systematic variation that is significant to the recognition task associated with certain tonal aspects of the language. We sample the frequence of the spectrum. The wave form you see of your own speech, is this thing called the Mel Based Cepstrum. Frequency info is extracted in a similiar manner to the energy extraction we did above. Same kind of corpus. But you use tone.

And its one or the other.

The results showed a kind of AM-Radio like recognition scenario. They got farther, but were subject to all kinds of noise and interference issues. For example, women.

When you go frequency (pitch) instead of energy, women's voices start giving you issues. This may be due to the fact that, at time of writing. Most labs are full of guys. The recognizer, for lack of a better description - because its sampling along a frequency line, can miss the mark.

So of the two approaches, energy based recognition seems to give the best results. You can remove things like beards scratching on the cellphone, doors slamming in the background - and so one. Frequency listening could work if there were greater unification between the different anti-aliasing and noise reduction stuff, but you run the risk of letting the recognizer fall out of active listening. Its tricky to mix the two techniques.

A word about active listening. Active listening is the kind of thing that occurs when you're really focussed on what the other person is saying. Think. Mrs. Jesus, listening to the reply after she says "So, where were YOU? Out with those 12 friends of yours again? Its Sunday morning and you've been gone for three days"

These are moments when you'd better speak clearly and not get things wrong. Same with a speech recognizer.

Recognizers autistically consider each utterance. They then calculates a per-phoneme confidence score, a statistical match of the sampled form (and the basis of sampling in this case is pitch, in the other case its energy - like - clap your hands and make a sound. clap harder. louder sound. but still the same sound) .... then we make up a matrix of the possibilities of that sound.

The dirty secret is that almost always given state of art the individual scores on individual phonemes (take for example the word 'cat' it has three - k a t ) are kind of low. If we get a probability score that a certain phoneme is 20% probability, at time of writing thats actually a good score. So all of these are assembed into a matrix.

To find our word, we take the matrix into a modified Markov Chain process, kind of a linear algebra thing. Its where you calculate probabilities , such that the future states of a system depend on the current state. Taken on a word by word or context by context, they can be considered finite state machines. Yes, the same coding that brought the game of life . Which is also playable online for those who like watching the grass grow.

A finite state machine can be used as a representation of a Markov chain. Assuming a sequence of independent and identically distributed input signals (for example, symbols from a binary alphabet chosen by coin tosses), if the machine is in state y at time n, then the probability that it moves to state x at time n + 1 depends only on the current state.

Words have a fixed meaning at the time we set them down. We don't use time variability, in general, to convey meaning. Which is to say. We tend to set a range in which we'll listen for a word. If we hear it within that time range, we recognize it. If not, we tend to engage active listening. Then outside that range entirely, we just ignore it. This is why, when stroke affects a persons speech - and they can't form the words of a sentence in an appropriate time - they must suffer others to consider that they've somehow changed - what is in fact changing is the way in which others are listening to them.

The recognition task becomes something of trying to spot a sequence and predict what that sequence will match. you might have three sounds, ch k and c, three middle sounds a eh and u, and t d and th, of which we form a 3x3 matrix and end up with a word confidence score its 'cat'. and not 'kad' or 'cheth'. The frequency stuff you could be listening to, would be 'CAT' or 'cat'.

So from a fundamental coding perspective, like you would code say - the game of life - you have found a sequence out of a series of sounds. Its kind of like a random walk. Actually. Like you've seen in thermo. A bit more about this.

Say you're walking down the road. And you see a coin on the ground. Whats the probability that its heads or tails? Thats a state probability. The coin is flipped. head. or. tail. two states. Now with words, if you can think of that kind of like the phoneme - we're looking for what probability a loose set of phonemes gathered together actually matches a word. Thats kind of like , what we're looking for here is a collection of quarters, nickels, dimes - maybe a ticket stub - that might fall out of someones pocket. We want to know the probability that if we're walking behind them, we can something off the dollar menu. Or got to a monster truck competition. And eat some burgers and fries.

Ok. So. Looking for a sequence.

This is a diagram that settles down an observation sequence above that can be produced by the following state sequences.

5 3 2 5 3 2
5 3 1 2 1 2
4 3 2 5 3 2
4 3 1 2 1 2
3 1 2 5 3 2

Transition and observation probabilities are indicated by the line color and opacity (colorlessness). I think 1.0 means 100 percent probable.

Again, dropping frequency information into this sort of scenario - we are looking for a sequence of things that will appear (like coins from a pocket or the shapes in the diagram above ) with certain specific sounds abstracted away. I can say, for example, to my dog. "Rover, sit!" and he'll sit down. I can also say "Rover, Pizza!". He'll still sit down. - The pitch or frequency representation (like the tone of voice for your dog) delivers the meaning - and the actual phonemes can shift. Its not what you say its how you say it. And as such, its a good basis for primordial language. I think thats what we'll find out when we're done with the Parajan - they are speaking primordial language. How does it have meaning? Well. How does a song have meaning?

Since most researchers at one point or another are reduced to babytalk. We can go to babytalk here.

An intermediate method for communication is recognition of prosody, the affective content of speech. Using prosody recognition, a human interacting with a robot can reward or punish its actions by scolding or praising it. In this project, prosody recognition of male voices is performed by feature-based analysis of sound files containing short utterances, which were recorded from subjects who were directed to emulate infant-directed speech, which generally contains exaggerated prosody (Breazeal, C and Aryanada, L, 2000). The features used are extracted from the energy and pitch contours in the preprocessing stage. The classifier discriminates amongst four affective classes of speech and neutral utterances. The four classes are prohibition, attentional bids, approval, and soothing, while the neutral utterances are speech, which carries none of the above affective intents. Discrimination is performed using a multistage k-nearest neighbor classifier. The five-way single-stage classifier operates at 62.5 accuracy on the entire male speech data set, while the female single-stage classifier classifies 66.7 percent correctly. Chi-square analysis resulted in a p of less than or equal to 0.001 for each. The data seem to indicate that while female voice data may be somewhat easier to classify than male, fundamental differences that make male utterances unsuitable for classification do not exist.

In practice, however, instead of tuning out specific frequency information, we're generally going to listen for it . But we reserve that listening to specific circumstances. We almost have two modes of conversation. Intimate. And Nonintimate.

The Bank's Automated Attendant will not recognize the change in pitch of your voice as you become more agitated. Prosody recognition could be helfpul here. For example, a blanket approach to recognizing the word that shows a doppler like drop in pitch can be taken to indicate the person turning away from the phone as they're speaking "Billy, put that down!" ... to which the dialogue can reply.. "Was that meant for me?". But in general, energy based, nonintimate, stripped down communication is what we use from day to day with almost everyone.

The Parajan in the Amazon Basin are the inverse of this situation.

So modelling all of this in silicon we come up with an approach to match speech to text with a decent confidence score hunting down that sequence (sequence of sound). Free speech reco, can see this kind of thing go unbound. Finite, or directed dialogue speech reco was and is where speech started really working properly.

Keep in mind our focus is on origin. The point of this is to demonstrate how using modelled stats, captured in a kind of silicon lattice - we avoid the vast sea of the interior of language study itself. We set up boundaries. And stick with waves in sets. This boosts recognition accuracy. Michael Dertouzos started this approach.

Mike Dertouzos at MIT one day leaned out of his window and yelled to the guy on the street below that he'd like a copy of the boston globe. The newspaper guy brought it up. Next day. He yelled out for the new york times. The guy brought it up. He realized that with a finite context, even on a noisy street the newspaper boy would be able to figure it out. So the next day he calls out "ob ob wobe" or something like that and the guy brings up a copy of the boston globe. This unleashed a revolution in speech recognition. At this point, we put context on the recognized speech.

The old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg. If language is constrained to context, which context is more vital to the species? For survival. Its the parent/child or first tier. Normally we go the egg, because its the biologically simpler of the two organisms. For an established species.

But for a pioneer organism it would be second tier. You would need a mate. Have you ever noticed when two people , particularly a man and a woman - meet, they tend to explore each other?

She listens for arrogance, tone. He hears in her higher frequency voice overtones - she can convey virtue. And the conversations follow and ebb and flow. Its pretty focussed.

Michael Cohen comes along later, and improves this context based picture - for directed dialogue by adding a few math techniques related to networking

Since a least energy configuration of a molecular network, would be by necessity constrained to its lattice configurations - and would likely have the same kind of problems we see getting this theory into silicon - and actually making it work, namely, confusion of the recognizer - we're arguing here this is a basis for a glottony hooked largely into directed dialogue interaction focussed on the second tier.

Its also important to note that of necessity that second tier interaction - would be outside normal replicant constraint. It is relatively easy to demonstrate social organisms interest, if passing or otherwise - in such alternative forms . So we've talked about certain aspects of speech engine development - tried to get a focus on why mating or pairing communication would be the place to look for glottony. How does this relate to abiogenesis?

It has to bend back towards the brain/mind/language barrier. Recent discoveries in neuroplasticity show that neural development spikes on the use of language in consequence bearing instance.

We posit as a consequence of this theory that use of language in a relational context has a unique generational effect.

There's a coding problem of locating the pioneer organism -namely, if the brain works a bit like a hologram (cf. Karl Pribram) where memory arises as a clique activity. Then the ways to dislodge part of the pattern from its clique position and move it back to blank clique and then rule coding (metacode) to re-encode and recall should be possible to locate by their respective encoded lattice documentation sequences.

Least energy configurations would of necessity store documentation sequences, the location of these sequences is an exercise left to the reader.

Heading towards a lattice / molecular network perspective, we adapt the theory Chomsky who recognized innate language facility and posited a universal grammar. This is commensurate with the perspective of implicate order.

Abstracting the process of abiogenesis, a mother transmits language to the child. In quantum mechanical terms, she is the observer and the collapse of the wave function would be from an act of measurement. Moms tend to be very interested in what their kids say.

Special conditions however, would have to be considered in order to determine the startpoints of pioneer organism. Consider autism. The mother would continue to transmit, an expensive process - trying to imprint the child not only with language imperatives (simple grammatical structure) but also social structures (prosody). The child (in the autistic case) receives, largely, but the manner in which they process any transmitted language is kind of broken, fragmented. As a result they would be responsible for anomalous processing, either really fast - or really slow. Like an office building whose communication network is cut - the departments would either communicate very slowly - as the different offices walk each document to the respective recipient - or very quickly, with office employees collecting in areas they shouldn't be (social aphorism of nontraditional behavior) in order to more rapidly receive signals the clique points would have otherwise statically received.

In the film "Radio", there is an interesting social treatment of someone who was horribly autistic. A person named 'radio'. They were basically unable to function. However, a coach noted they were essentially functional - and dedicated himself to bringing him along in his development. What ended up happening, is that the person ended up being a mascot. The person who sets things down like - how to walk in the hallway , or to rally the team at a game. They had a specific role. Perhaps that is what autism does to language. At one point in the movie, the person who was autistic, wrote a note. He simply wrote squiggles down on paper. However, a person who got the message picked it up and was touched. We need to look for language like this. It might be primitive, but it is language.

And the key point is the first point at which send /receive. The question is, why would any organism develop that kind of capability? Perhaps the answer is that, without it they could not be an organism. At the point where we can see a definite protocol . Previously, study of language origin, using language , ended up dashed against things like cultural evolution. Perhaps language originates as part of a fundamental, physical process for which language and life are bound.

Once I decided to spend spring break without an any real money. Owing to a certain reading of the Zen Koan, I didn't want to call my father and ask for money to go to the beach. Not wanting to starve to death, and being locked out of the dorm I found a place beneath the steps of my dorm. I made camp beneath the steps.I spent much of the week at the library, the rest coming back to a little home I made there. A bed. A shelf. For some reason, the thing I took away was a few lines from a very slim book about the study of langauge:

Language is like a vast sea, and we can never know its center. But if we stand on the shore, and see its boundaries. Regular patterns appear like waves in sets, and the ebb and flow if it can be studied.

Language is self referential. It will be subject to the butterfly effect. At a molecular level (cf. the Bheulosoz Zhabotinksy reaction (BZ) - catalytically sweeping color and complexity with simple reactants) - produce wave effects.

If as we are arguing, the precursors to language located in real communication in the second tier, ie - the imprints from which - the child during its nursing cycle exhibits .. harmony, acoustic sonority, mild rhythmic syncopation, repetitive melodic phrasing - are generated in the intermolecular pairing protocols - - then such a wave effect could be seen as a variation of initial condition in the biological processes precipating.

The shore. Taking measurements there means finding the places where sonoration enter language. The moments at which we are sensitive to send / receive. The moments of tight social interaction.

As we discussed regarding autistic children - who in the broadest sense seem particularly unable to hear people speaking to them - the send/receive depends almost entirely upon being able to shape and form a sensitivity to the phonetic boundary. As we discussed earlier, setting these boundaries in place properly can be a significant boost to settling down a random walk sequence that needs to be interpreted by the pairing organism. Or to find a least energy configuration (which later can self replicate to the point where it can become DNA from the RNA world).

In abiogenesis, and origin of language. Its the connection between a man and a woman that is the important one.

An historical aside.

Cisco systems began when a husband and a wife were located across the boundary of a large university. The two networks were numbered differently and the protocol disallowed traffic between them. So they invented a device that allowed information from the husband to travel to the wife, and vice versa. It was called a router. The company was actually named San Francisco systems but the lawyer spilled a cup of coffee on the name and blotted out the San Fran and they just decided to go with it.

Although these two people putatively connected to exchange data, the truth is more likely they simply wanted to connect with each other in simple ways. Being married for 15 years, I can tell you that sometimes I just love to hear the sound of my wife's voice. I can also definitively say that she really doesn't hear me at other times - and the fact that I am there - really is just to be a sounding board. Still other times, we're both not even interested in word choice. The two people from Cisco, who started it - admit if they are cornered properly - that they did it to connect to each other - and that in and of itself is a primer to sensitivity at send/receive.

Connections that work less on the subtle, frequency based first tier connectivity scheme and more on the energy basis, in terms of software, don't always make things easier. A husband and a wife can create a router to talk to each other, to be sure - but as we've even seen in the multiplication of information and contexts as internet communication latches into our species, the effect can be distributive and uncertain. Nevertheless, we'll do it because we like the sound of it.

Why do birds sing?

Birds are complex systems, as systems go. Only slightly less complex than humans. The answer is, because they can hear their own song - and also hear part of it in their mate. They are listening, like two people listen to each other. Being a guy, I am not great at listening all the time. But I know when to listen. Sometimes. Duct tape a birds ears and he loses his song. It is meant for her. And of course. She might not be interested. Whether or not he mates determines whether or not he survives.

So lets head down into the prebiotic and molecular realm with this principle. Lets say you were a sequence of molecules, a kind of reaction. Like the BZ reaction. Sort of. You're not yet conscious, at least not in the way we know. But possessed of a molecular vitalism that comes from lanthanides dropped through tremendous distortions of spacetime, dustclouds whipped past the schwarzchild radius and alot of different atomic basis that all came from supernovae. Each carrying a certain imprint of interdimensional geometry borne of that fugue.

So, relating back to our discussion of sequence discovery (which would be a statistical / neural network process) - as the basis of this probiotic / language - this specific point in any given galaxy would be the origin of both life and language. But specifically, at the boundary.

Life and language begin and end in singularity.

At the boundary, waves can be surfed which , if whipped out of - will yield the pioneer organism. It is a finite chance on a per/galactic basis. But it will yield an organism with the characteristic , at least in part - of spacetime dimensional enfoldment. Lets look at that. Langauge follows from the Implicate order at this boundary:

Space and time are no longer the dominant factors determining the relationships of dependence or independence of different elements. Rather, an entirely different sort of basic connection of elements is possible, from which our ordinary notions of space and time, along with those of separately existent material particles, are abstracted as forms derived from the deeper order - David Bohm

David Bohm really noticed that in the collapse of the wavefunction, as part of the observation. We argue that a connection to a hidden geometry is made, likely E-8. The analogy he used to use was - he would take a cylinder full of glycerine, clear liquid. Then put three dots of die along the center. three dots. See them?

Then he would spin the cylinders and the dots would disappear. They're still there. After a while. They settle back. The dots have been enfolded.They exist, but in a different state.

Why this is relevant for abiogenesis. A pioneer organism would have to discover through means of nonstandard transforms a least energy configuration. This organism would look more like a geometric shape really than a critter.

Second, if enfoldment is a quantum process, at the Schwarzchild boundary, that process would be one in which quantum effects are not disregarded. Life will be borne on planets whose chemistry includes these elements, uniquely created in strong gravitational field - and seeded by the pioneer organism.

The perspective that the origin of life is in a singularity now can be defined more carefully - only that organism that can traverse , but not cross the boundary of that singularity - will survive to instantiate enfoldment. Popular science fiction discusses traversal through a black hole, often as a doorway. This is base on an assumption of 4 dimensional spacetime fabric where the blackhole appears as a tear or rend in that fabric. However, if we see the spacetime fabric as collapsed from a doubled dimensionality (8) then we've got a connected shape. The boundary effect is whats important there, the wave effect on the boundary would be the easier way to traverse such a gate and/or discover the effect.

Alot of what is written about abiogenesis focusses on life on earth. Almost as if, we could explain how life itself seems to have this cosmic, eternal quality to it - by explaining away the different green and wiggly things that evolved up out of what was most likely RNA primordial soup.

And in origin of language, we note that language is useful in and only if it conveys meaning. Plato argued that there is an intrinsic connection between the sound of the word and the thing in which it refers to. Lets take that one step further.

There is a bay off the coast of Vieques - a small island off the coast of Puerto Rico. Phosphorescent Bay. At night, you can hit the water and swirl your arm in it. And it will light up. These are small organisms, and they're signalling to each other. Why?

It is a mathematical sense. The general perception of other dimensions and other states of being is done through mathematics. In the case of a pioneer organism, we are almost always dealing with elements that contain carbon chains whose constituents are formed from the heart of novae. The stars implode, start making iron 56 and before you know it you've got all these heavy elements. Just slight traces of these elements are enough for certain types of larger systems to run for cover. Silver. Gallium-Arsenide. Iridium.

So thinking of a pioneer organism in terms of a lattice, what I am saying here is that first communication across the lattice in the effort to attain least energy configuration likely occurs as a result of the quantum effect of that past space-time fugue. Pair/antipair separation right at the schwarzchild horizon - only at that horizon, can result in radiative effect. E-8/ Lisi Class type geometries echo into the constituents of the rare earths.

Like the biophosphorescents, we do not easily perceive the arm that comes from out of our world to stir the water. Like flatland, we can't easily conceive the effect of higher order dimensions on our lives. Perhaps it would feel like falling in love. Perhaps it might be an intuition.

Through a slow gathering of our own language, modified by search - we begin to express the presence of - not necessarily others in our lives - but of different games that can be played taken that life for the gift that it is.

Do you need anybody? I need someone to love. Could it be anybody? :)

You can swim in that bay. But if you want to feel. What its like. You need to let an artist paint the image. Or a poet work their way through the pain of meaning and word to find something safe from the throes of expression . A simple idea.

It is no different in chemical signalling. The purpose of that communication in the lattice, just as perhaps - the expression of the effect of some extremely rare-earth lanthanide in crystal growth - is to find a least energy configuration. Which gets us , finally, back to frequency.

Because , after all, Typhoid doesn't even become typhoid fever until it hears the song of other of its own kind and realizes there's enough of them to start a party.

The parajan build their communication largely on prosody. Meaning is fairly unimportant. They see themselves as musicians of the enfolded area of the Amazon in which they find themselves. Unarmed with any words to describe number, tense, direction - they go into the jungle and return with game. They spend their nights laughing and singing. Unable to really mark the passage of time. And the mother sings to her little child, to teach it to speak.

They convey a means to settle down their search sequences through second tier connection. Through what we would discard. The parajan are closer, as a race, to the origin of language.

Molecular driven networks yield , just that. Networks. A small lattice modification can be communicated by frequency - growth and direction and handedness of a pioneer organism would follow. And just like small children, who learn the rhythm of words before the sound sequences themselves. Following from existing imprints that come from their parents pairing and tone. They pioneer their own.

The pioneer organism would occur near gravitational fields that can distort spacetime sufficiently to allow the molecular bond to experience quantum distortion. And moreover, be able to persist and surf through that boundary to space. In so doing, they will eventually end up in the dirty snowballs that rain down on planets, and populate their seas.

The origin of life is at the center of galaxy. At the schwarzchild radius. Distortions, like us coming up from beneath the surface of a pool to see above - allow lattices to glimpse - underlying structure. We seek to pair (in pair/antipair complement). Only at that boundary energy can flow backward over time and they can traverse that boundary and return with the enfolded signature necessary to replicate.

Anyone who has ever fallen in love knows this.

Walking back up the foodchain a bit so we can see language we recognize - we are seeing life in our order along the lines of RNA genesis into DNA storage - and three dimensional catalytic structures. These structures are actually physically 3, but dimensionally 4. This implies that the geometry of spacetime is actually an 8 dimensional manifold of which we have only discovered the four. Abiogenesis occuring at the singularity, in crystal form. Which would in turn yield results on planetary ecology via panspermia.

Now. Thats the where. And we've discussed the why. (feed me!). Lets focus on the how.

The seed mechanism would be subject to variations. Those variations would determine viability based on environmental adaptation.

In Darwin's origin of species, we rarely trace an organism back through enough changes to be able to find out where it really came from. More often, we are measuring at the shore - the adaptations to the natural world. A black moth in a forest of black trees lives longer than a white one. So. Soon. You have block moths.

An abiogentic origin of language predicates this kind of linguistic evolution. At the point in which the seed mechanism had instantiated a pioneer organism, there would be a pairing on certain atomic components. These seem to be comprised of even more base components. Like seeing waves on the shore, we associate vocabulary - which derives its strength from imagery - in turn from poetry.

Because that baseline social structure would arise from these replicated structures - we would model brain/social behavior on the basis of neural clique and in turn maintain and store information in that holographic way. Parts of the brain being damaged can yield echoes of storage that set pointer to other parts.

And that sense that we are made of starstuff. The sense that we can somehow find the origin, or sense the infinite, can be gathered from social behavior. Most likely in pairs. This gives an n+1 model that allows induction. And so language can be used for the everyday.

Therefore the abiogenetic glottony would be central would be poetic and would be an alternate configuration or characteristic grouping.

Some interesting things we can test.

  • 1. The pioneer organism would have likely escaped the 4 dimensional manifold while seed continued on.
  • 2. That organism would have all the characteristics of a deity.
  • 3. Seed and linguistic evolution on a planetary scale would be traceable to origin and a finite number of utterances that would form a covering.
  • 4. A rationalization for language individuation would arise logically - each coming from that characteristic grouping handled by disperse effects of panspermia. Basically, the earth turned and a different comet hit somewhere else.
  • 5. Base reproduction would be the focus of molecular communication, either to failsafe sequence or to adapt (viral forms of life being the dominant for this planetary ecology).
  • 6. Finally, regenerative neuroplastic recovery from the exercise of a boundary and systematic prosody based therapy - put into software but paired to human prosodic variance for which patients may sense connection. A simple set of therapies based on software.

Because abiogenetic glottony - or origin of language at origin of life - would be a nonstandard event , focussed on exactly one pair/antipair production. Part of which (as hawking radiative math predicts) would result in standard matter/antimatter interaction (basically exploding into light) with the seed left as residue (according to hawking equations).

In the beginning. Was the word. And the word was with god. And god. said. Let there be light. And there was.

Choice is up to you. They come in two classes. I'd say go and get yourself some cheap sunglasses.

If we have established a stronger basis for understanding Glottony (origin of language) and esp. since we know better than to try to rationalize the center of language origin (owing to quantum effect), and abiogenesis (origin of life), applications might be interesting to discuss further.

For example. A person who cannot speak , having lost the ability to talk. Lay fallow in a bed. Who might in turn be placed in a position to say, to an application whose training included not only the grammatical word but also the prosody - of one whom they had spoken with before - a family member or someone who cared for them and for which the sound of their voice would be welcome. That small speech recognition application, acting only in the context (linguistic, like looking for food or finding your way out of a strang city whose roads you do not nkow) - of implicate order would be regenerated. Basically. Try to record your voice on a straight simple speech rec. to say a word matched recognition that someone else can try to trigger from the print of your voice. Perhaps a mother calling her children. But through the voiceprint made for her, by her husband.

Just so we don't lose track, its important to remember that language mirrors frequency variations naturally. Crickets at frequence that can back-calculate the temperature of the night . Like a bird singing their own song again. Thats something we can put into software. You have to ask why its never been done before. Maybe . Its because.

Its so much better to do it in real life.


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