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Politics and the Art of the Possible

Alot of readers know me as a political blogger. I tend to support ideas that some have called progressive. Most of my writing in the political blogosphere has centered around the candidacies, or initiatives of people who are trying to reform American government to be more efficient, connected and modern. Politically , I am a bona fide independent. I tend to see things in terms of issues rather than party or brand - and I am disinterested in the notion that being a "liberal" or a "conservative" is anything to be proud of. I am much more interested in the idea of whether or not something is truly working. Polio vaccinations , are a good example of a "liberal" policy that worked. And the great conservative Otto Van Bismarck was known for creating Social Security. Theodore Roosevelt conserved lands and helped stop the exploitation of the Forest. And John McCain stood against torture. To me, politics is the art of the possible. I am very happy with this …

Spore - Idea Immersion - Eno/Wright

It's a Wonderful Life

Its a strange life but I wouldn't trade it. I still am way behind on my deadlines, barely making the cut on alot of projects that should already be done. The day to day from the company I am running is pure unbridled stress, but its a good life. So I have some material goals. I am pretty big on making lists so here's my extemporaneous list of things to do when I've arrived. First, a hydrogen powered BMW. Second, a set of blades by Titleist, with Callaway driver (modified penley shafts) and Taylor made five woods. Ping Putter. Third, A Jag (as a gift, since I can) (dark navy blue, tan leather, walnut burl interior panel. skip the voice rec. option, make sure its not just a glorified ford in a new body style.) Then after the lush stuff, its time to get serious. Land, in a place where people love to retire - so I can rent it out the retirees and have them pay for my mortgage. Stock. In my own company and then maybe in a few others. Stuff for my home - pretty simple -…

A Sort of Homecoming - U2

Cub Scouts Rule!

Wow what a great weekend the kids + I had. We went camping all weekend. My daughter made a new friend, that happens (also) to be a straight A student and more importantly just so happens to be a close neighbor. In the funky nice-cool-fairly-keep-to-yourself neighborhood I live in, where the only way kids run into each other is if they hit each other going down the hill on rollerblades, this is a major thing for her and I am proud of her. She didn't warm up to the other girl right away. Despite the fact that they were both part of my sons cubscout pack and would be camping together for three days. She sort of kept her distance, and kept to herself. In fact,they didn't really click until they both found a hutch of baby rabbits. They still didn't warm up to each other , however - until ... well it was almost like a light switch being thrown. Just to see them click. Her mom said once she connects with someone like that, its forever. Same with my daughter. It was hard to …

Distractions - Zero 7

Working Hard or Hardly Working

My typical day involves (these days) running around - we have customers all over, I take care of them. Writing up contracts and documents, filing corporate paperwork (I write contracts cold. I am known amongst my friends as a paralegal. I think I get it from my brother , an eagle scout and lawyer - I am not sure how.) Coding. I still code, I write layout for sites, C++ code for installable desktop software , and .NET/ AJAX for a web services app. Investor relations. We have them. They're angry. Mostly at me. But. We still have them, and they still have us. Blame me for that right now. Pretty soon they'll have their return. Network Administration and Engineering. I maintain three of them. 24/7. One of them handles traffic for three states. I am a good network engineer. Finally my personal life. World of Warcraft. Yep. World of Warcraft is what I do with almost all of my free time. I am going to break that pattern, however, this weekend by having fun wi…

A Prayer Garden

I tear at the ground as best as I can
it is hard georgia clay
the roots of the azaleas lace into it

Ian is making progress on the southwest corner
softspoken. He goes to San Francisco Friday

At first there were alot of us
working together, doing nothing much at all
Old people who could not work as hard as the young
Too many chiefs
Not enough Indians

Ian has cut a straight line now
the sweat falls from his brow

I am throwing the dirt into a pile
A speck flies up into my eye
blinded, but just for now

Would I be done, if it weren't for you?
Do I need you to keep me going?
Who is to blame for my being here?
We laugh when I say, that I hope we can get some extra credit against sin
for doing these deeds
After all
Friday. I have plans.

I cut
tangled roots beneath the sharp edge of my hoe
Ian is done with his side
We two are racing each other
to cut ten feett by twelve beneath an eave
The children are playing behind the church
And suddenly we are done
the sun setting l…


Looking for the Romantic Dominant SIP Connection - w4m 39 (Atlanta, Ga)

Hi. I need someone whom I can connect with. I want this to be a long term relationship that opens up new possibilities for me and for you. I am perfectly willing to pick up the tab (this is 2008!) .

Me: Professional, well connected, fairly young (I am 39 and my NTP clock is ticking). HWP DRAMA FREE Dual PRI. I maintain myself well, and enjoy end users. I have a small puppy named "mini". And a tattoo (but I'm not telling you where!)

You: UNBUNDLED. I will not be the "other connection". No "Additional T1 Line" along for the ride! DD Free (no viruses!). You should Be responsive to me, and my needs. You should be close to me (two hops !), and also very well maintained. Uptime is a must. If you can't get it up, I'm not interested! And you must be comfortable with child processes.

I keep myself well (or so I am told) and yes I have a kinky side to me! You should like …

Blow Me Away - Breaking Benjamin

Clinton Supporters

Leave something to be desired. Ok, Hillary herself is cool. But her supporters ... I have met some of them and so far I'm not impressed. Either they are voting for her simply because she's a woman, or they're going for some kind of safe play liberal ideal - or they're just .. I dont know. Let me give you an example. A whole bunch of them ganged up on the Texas democratic party to try to get them to keep from naming their delegates - because as soon as they did, the press would be free to run a story showing Obama actually won more delegates in Texas than she did..? Then they wrote a formal letter to the delegates and party leaders, that tried to convince delegates from the states, to vote for them instead of the person that they were sent to vote for? Seriously, can you imagine what it would be like - if your state voted for one guy - and then when the Convention ran, the delegates turned around and voted for someone else? They're pretty humorless as w…

Followed the Wave - Auf Der Mer

Porn for Women

I saw something pretty funny today when I was getting stuff for my kids. It was a book called "Porn for women". I sort of thumbed through it. My conclusion. Being Mr. Single Dad is good for my stock value.

Its got photos of hunky guys say "Hey its only a football game, here - you take the remote control" .. and "we're having gourmet tonight, I cooked for you hon ".. BTW.... As I was leaving work a dwarf dressed up as the devil today, ran out of a building near me. He was about four feet tall, a black dude dressed up in red tights , carrying a pitchfork - sporting horns. Once a punk. Always a punk.

Shine on you crazy diamond

by David Gilmour and Roger Waters , a song likely written for and about Syd Barrett , a former band member.

That Blackberry in Your Hand

That sprint/nextel blackberry in your hand is going to get superceded. I found out that Motorola has stopped production of the IDEN chipset for commercial use. Sprint/ Nextel is soon to become just Sprint. First response in America is a mesh of different channels - A company I knew really wanted to integrate them all into a single channel. What looks like one channel to the Police, and another to the Firemen, etc. could end up being a pretty big ROI for the country. Classic example - simple auto accident- might involve two branches of local government, the Police and Fire/Paramedical. Alot of the value of the IDEN network right now is that its Push to Talk feature has very little latency. If you key up a Motorola from Sprint/Nextel , almost immediately you get a response from anywhere in the world. So construction workers really use this feature and it works for them. But what you don't get, from say, Verizon Wireless - is that same immediate response. Thats kind of importa…

Oliver Stone - W

Ok, Oliver Stone is finishing up the last part of "W" the story of George W. Bush and the Bush Republican Administration - it will likely be told from a fairly interesting perspective. Oliver Stone travelled in similiar Ivy League circles to George W. Bush, when he was in college - they are also both addictive personalities. Bush was a male cheerleader in college and likely acquired his partying habits as a fraternity brother at Yale. Stone, also a Yalie - wasn't a cheerleader nor was he the kind of hard drinking fraternity brother that Bush likely was - his introduction to the world of altered states of consciousness came through his tenure in the First Cav over in Vietnam. His first film was the 1971 "First Year in Vietnam" which he shot when he returned to Yale.
Meanwhile Bush had graduated and was busy running a company "Arbusto" - spanish for the word "Bush" ... in Texas. He later returned to Harvard to finish his MBA. Stone&#…

Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?

The adventure that is my life

I have a very good life and I am very thankful for it. It really is an advanture in the truest Feynman sense. I have obligations, debts, and people who have made investments in me. This is the life of a person running their own business. Its not an easy life. Most of the time I spent bathed in adrenaline . The payoff is extremely high, however. Most people will tell you I am an ex-punk rocker. That was and is an adventure that still goes on. Someone who really isn't interested in all your sex lies and videotape. I am more into the edgy aspects of the world. I don't care what you think of me. I am not surprised you think I am younger than I am. I can spend Friday nights watching BBC "Planet Earth" and eating pizza as easily as spending it in a mosh pit. When I was young, as a punk - I learned that if they fall down, hook their arm and throw them back into the slamdance. Whoever jumps into the mosh pit. Catch them. These past two years have been to…

At the Playground

I was reading Joyce, watching my brood of 5 kids playing and generally trying to ignore the fact that the noise levels were through the roof - when I came to a stopping point (its Ulysses, so you can imagine - think. page 5?) - and I struck up conversation with the cute latina mom whose child was playing next to me. The child was standing on a ledge, about three feet. She looked to be about 3 years old. She jumped off a small ledge, about a foot and a half high. And she extend her arms out when she landed, looked up at the sky and just went cold. Stopped breathing. Blacked out. I helped her mother swoop her up. The little girl was as limp as a rag doll. She comes to, right when I have dialed 911 and have the operator on the phone. Her first breath drawn in ragged with this huge rasping noise. We tell the 911 operator its a false alarm and then she recovers. She's complaining of a pain in her abdomen. What happened? She seemed ok after that. What happened to this little girl…

R.I.P. - Turner Singh - Second Life.

It is with great regret and sadness that I inform you that my Second Life character, Turner Singh - has been deleted. The reasons are many - and his death is a serious event. The character was destroyed and all trace of him banished. It was the only right thing to do. First, with great Apology - Turner Singh would like to address the issue of the many wrongs visited upon the "Builders of Arda" headed up by Phoenix Seelowe and their sim "Valimar". By assuming over 17 different characters, including infiltrating Elf Clan, representing himself as a Cherubim and Herald of Manwe, Assuming a secret Identity as Sauron, and assume at least 8 female identities, openly courting males while posing as a female - disrupted and destroyed the beautiful world that Valimar represented. Next, the pursuit of certain Female Characters has to be addressed. Mr. Singh unremittingly displayed arrogance and boldness against "Katrina Eales". He spoke out frequently aga…