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Mr. Blue Sky - ELO


Northern California

I have been warned
of the redwoods
the light through the trees
the ocean breeze

I can see
fiat lux
Founder's Grove

The cliff that descends
The mountain that rises up

I can feel
the cool wind of summer
and the water

I can hear
the sound of the wind and wave

Let's have
a bit of the grape

and write a poem

Mind Mischief - Tame Impala


Moments of Pleasure - Kate Bush/ HD


Wild World - Dark Matter AMV/FanVid


Head over Heels - Donnie Darko


Vangelis - Rachel's Theme - Bladerunner


Bettie Page.


A simple observation

There is no gray area when it comes to what happens next. You are either fighting for virtue, honor, and what is right - to defend our country against attack, to help bring America to a new place. Or you are fighting for the enemy. We will not be in a civil war, we are not going to explode when the new administration comes into power - but democracy will die and our country will change. The next day after the enemy takes control, they will attempt to pass hundreds of laws. They are going to loot our country and burn its institutions and honor.

You're either with them, or you're against them.