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A Lonely Piano in an Empty Home

Paint peels from the wall
the door hangs ajar
thorn and nettle
blackrose and dead thyme
grass growing high in the yard

Wooden slat left in the garden
overturned by the storm
things move out from beneath
with the soft scent of dark life
and scurry into the soft earth
to tunnel for another harbor
their world fallen apart

was buried here
by a seven year old girl
carefully sealed
with folded paper heart and cloth

Years later
A dandelion pierced the buried box with its taproot
invading by anime tendril
and white earth seeking tentacles
it pierced the cloth doll
like a silver needle
into the arm of a person
dying on the side of the road
that you left dying there
on your way to work
baker company
tattoo fading against laced and dying veins
black and torn
he whispers to himself
through lips wet with tears
we said we'd all go down together

We said we'd all go down

A lifetime ago
and then more
The roof collapsed
the rain fell in
and no one lived here anymore

That is wh…

Six Signs

The air becomes cold An eerieMist descends from out of nowherehalfwhisperedWarnings are heard, whispered below breath
A menacing wind stirs the leaves of the trees birdSong and forestSound mysteriously fade somethingWickedThisWayComes

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Droid FTW

Droid is an amazing platform. It's completely worth it. I am stoked beyond words at the stuff I've been able to do with this lightweight, high performance OS. The platform is unbelievable. The phones have built in location and magnetometer - they know if they're rightside up, upside down, facing north - even where they are located. I downloaded an application that turned my phone into a metal detector. !! I have an application that lets my phone work as a bubble level. And I was able to pull coordinates off the GPS in my phone with minimal hassle. Strange Rain here I come.

Soul Surfer




Five things

At any time
during this message
you can press zero
to get a
human being

And Now, the News..

And so, with great dramatics from the GOP - we had.. what? The house of representatives actually do their job, yesterday . And pass a budget bill. Wee. What this means, to me and you is that the paid vacation that the GOP had set up for themselves isn't going to happen - and we may actually see our representatives work for us instead of goof around and play showmanship games like the whole 'government shutdown' noise. The GOP continues to contribute to the economic recovery. This time, they chose a stronger contribution: not doing what they said they were going to do. The net effect of that action is this: they are actually going to have to work for their pay , now. Wee.

The Upcoming GOP Contribution to American Recovery

I guess, by now, if you're an independent as am I - you're probably wondering what the so-called conservatives are trying to do with their side of the bargain this upcoming election and recovery cycle. After having run last year on the economy, and jobs - they've attempted, and failed to pass the "job killing bla bla bah blah economy destroying hey-look-at-me-I'm-on-TV" dead-on-arrival bill, and as a result. Jobs have rebounded and the economy is stronger. Of course, before the GOP took over , they were trying to shut down every legislative initiative on the hill. So the fact that a) the economy was actually recovering the entire time they were telling us it wasn't, and b)they broke it in the first place, and c) they did nothing to fix it and actually tried to stop the president from fixing it ... it should come as no surprise that the upcoming contribution from the GOP , to American recovery will be a shutdown of the American government. Of course…





Allergy and Dust

When the pollen count hits as high as it is in my city, I honestly think there are two kinds of reactions to it. The first, is a dust reaction. The second, allergy. They're linked. Simply put, there is a massive amount of pollen dust in the air and it causes a physical reaction. I woke up this morning , having left my window open at night - with the taste of dogwood pollen in my mouth. I cough out yellow dust. The pollen covers my car, coating it in a manner of seconds. People can and should have a reaction to this. There's nothing wrong with that. Your eyes will water and your throat will feel scratchy. Suppose you were up in the attic, and someone picked up an old book next to you, and blew the dust off into your face? Would it be odd, if you coughed, in response. No. It's a reaction to the foreign particle that lodged into your throat and nose in quantity. You are throwing it out of your body - that's the cough reaction, and it's pretty straightforward…

Hurrah for Healthcare Reform today wrote an interesting article called "Hurrah for Healthcare Reform". The premise of their article was a study on how healthcare reform closed various problems and issues with previous healthcare expenses on medicare. According to Fidelity Investments, Projected lifetime health care costs for people retiring at 65 in 2011 declined $20,000 thanks to the changes in Medicare driven by the health care reform law signed in 2010 (calcuated by the nation's largest provider of employee benefits). The law was complex, and more about it is coming online. If you are curious which elements of the law went active recently (the law phases in over two years) go to and find out more. Healthcare reform was a horse that was a long shot out of the gate, and smart money across the finish line. The more you find out about it, the more you're going to like it. 20,000.00 bucks in your pocket isn't such a bad start, is it?

Are Games Good For You?

The short answer is, yes. They are. (cf. "Reality is Broken" - by Jane McGonigal). The long answer is - it depends on how much time you're going to put into them, and what you expect out of them, and why you're playing instead of working (work can be a realtime game with a ton of benefits). Looking at board games, and games that can be played in group or single, outdoors or in - you have a wide spectrum of activity that can include chance, skill or a combination of both. You can better yourself mentally, physically, emotionally - and you can learn to weather the storms of chance as well. Case in point: golf. Many golfers would not admit to the random element - but I would offer the following observation: are people like Tiger Woods all that prone to making mistakes? Why is it that we see, over and over again - a rotation on the leaderboard? If Phil Mickelson goes out and shoots a great round, and then the next day gets-pole axed by the lie he draws - how much…

April 1, 2011 - Introducing Gmail Motion