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Weary Memory - Iron and Wine


The Mormon Overdrive

Placed in L5
spinning in axis
The black metal engine
waits for its master

The Laban fires her jets
and moves into position
bringing the overdrive
into the hold

The symbols on the case
are hard to read
so I load a translation firmware
burned in the silicon implants
from powdered stone
that were once my eyes

on Mormon overdrive
to the stars

I am what I once was
and lo my soul has grown
to a lordly compass within

the souls of the ten million

that make me who I am

I can no longer drink wine
the gray suffused into my veins

I can no longer smoke
because I no longer breathe
I eat once a week
or whenever I need
to add new parts

do androids dream of electric sheep?
I wait
in reefersleep
and take care of those within


like comets
on an arc of new life
like the waking limb
pins and needles
pins and needles

and stars and songs
nice to know you


Bettie Page - A Dream



Boston is a beautiful place
where everyone can run their own race

Where people can simply be
and people can be free

It's been too long
since the last tea party

takes a new name
and a new face

Tyranny of the Mind
Tyranny of the Flesh

Schedule in ink upon skin
A Post Humanist World

Set aside grace
Set aside love
like a Seminary

long having changed its name
and forgotten

A fair city

May it help me to remember your face

And to those who travel that way
may God keep safe

It's ok.
You don't have to believe, here
in the ancient of days

Echoes/ Pink Floyd - 2001


Teresa One

Here are my thoughts
that are your thoughts
that have been our thoughts
since before time began
and after it will end

First, dead air rings through the sky
because all of that time
was not when we were alive
the realm of soft illusion
that we never lived
and all the world unborn

And this brings us to music
you play during sex
but it's all just music on hold
maybe like life a bit
you and me

And so we weave our way
into enfoldment of space and time
that keeps a pocket of miracle
left from all the disease
and our soft eyes
and fading senses
return us to the place we came

Plant me in the ground
next to a redwood
or an oak
but never a pine

Let my body feed the world
as I have fed from it

and never be its mistress
but its lover
and friend
the ocean closes in

And the Gryphon rises
with terrible Will
carrying valentine
to twenty nines
that every four years
adds one more day of life

To you.

Violin Music On Hold

On hold
music whispers

Friendly conversation fills the hallway
and the phone cradle set against my ear
feels calm

I take a drink of water
and break an aspirin
with my thumb

The irregular half popped into my mouth
and chased with cool water
as violins play music to my ear

What is it about classical music
that makes it timeless?

Music soothes the savage beast
and gives us a taste of the beyond

While someone on the end of the line
with whom I am talking
runs diagnostics
and sets everything right

The violins in symphony
carrying me forward in time
second by second
minute by minute

In some ways warm
In some ways cold

Younger than my teeth
Older than my tongue