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Pope Benedict XVI

The new pope is Benedict XVI, ne Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Munich. Cardinal Ratzinger was a nazi (AA Gunner) during world war II. Apparently the fact that the law automatically registered him to be a nazi, meant that he was one despite his 'deep misgivings'. That, coupled to the fact that his father was a cop, probably gave him some sort of social and leadership position that he didn't ask for, which of course meant that the new pope spent much of his time during the war in a little-bombed section of germany trained on our airplanes and trying to shoot them down. Just as the academics are complicit in the rise of Naziism, I fault Ratzinger for not standing up to them when they called him to service. That said, the ascendancy of Ratzinger is positive: orthodoxy, as Chesterton writes - is not staid but in fact, the most radical of viewpoints. Within context, in the grand scheme of things, Ratzingers wartime hobbies (he never once hit a plane) don't amount to mu…

On Tiger's Win at the Masters

Tiger played one for the ages. I have to confess this was a truly great game. Tiger's new swing seems tuned sharply to rhythm. If he can remove that one component of the swing that keeps him tied to tempo, he'll do ok. The adrenaline, for example - had its effect in the playoff but sheer fatigue was tinkering with things during the stretch home. Thats my view. Whats yours?