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Happy Halloween

Have you ever stopped to consider, what life would be like if we could all wield powerful, life or death magic ? Would we be talking on our cellphone.. or , would we head out at sunset to the circles of summoning... GPS coordinates as the glowing runes of a magical sword. Would we use the trappings of modern society. Would money.. be the primary vehicle of status. If our very armor could protect us, would it simply be lands end. Or would it be something else.. altogether..

Beware nightfall, reader... something wicked this way comes.

A Story About America

Not many campaigns can afford to buy this much airtime. Not many campaigns have ever occurred in American history where the money comes directly from the people, through the internet. Not many people can afford to sit on their couch and hope that what is being broadcast to a million people tonight, is what they need to see. I'm glad someone posted this so I could find it. I hope you enjoy it as well. I especially liked the part that Bill Richardson played at the end, because I'm actually more stoked about the prospect of Bill Richardson as Secretary of State, than anything else. Have Fun This Week/ Happy Halloween, and Don't Forget Next Week You Rock The Vote.

Market Bottom

The way to find a market bottom is to look at three factors. One, if something called a "triple bottom" is occurring where the stock prices try to fall lower, but hit a certain baseline and rebound three times. Two, where the um.. I forget what it was called, but its like a variance - begins with an S- or something, and it starts to narrow. Basically that means that the market is going into a volatile phase again (so its hit a stable point and moving upward). And three, if you read my blog and you're clever. Enough people make money off me already. Obama's speech yesterday didn't hurt, either. The markets rallied right after it - Wall Street wants a stable, respected administration. They didn't drink the Hang-Sen coolaid yesterday. What stocks look good? My uncle day-traded AIG to a two-bagger (200 percent return). I am thinking maybe its time to look at blue chips.

It takes nerve to trade in a market like this. Then again. It takes nerve to fall…

Life of a Pumpkin - Aaron Yonda

Idyllic.. the sun on my skin..and then... they came for me.


Its funny when you work on language, you can be taken to the farthest reaches of best practices - if you play your cards right. People use language to identify themselves. Spammers can be identified by a triplet of information - the originating IP address or relay of the mailserver they use to blast mail, the sender, and the recipient address. These three elements are the only key elements of the message that can truly identify the origin. Accent can identify a person, as can language quirks. For spammers, the fatal identification is that their network identifies them. No spammer ever sent a single email without being able to login, receive a unique address, and then somehow connect to an address that is publicly routed. In addition, they often go with "fire and forget" .. they attempt to send the spam to one or several MX hosts for a domain, but then never attempt a true retry as a real MTA would. You've probably been annoyed by spam, at some point. I really lik…

Bach - Walt Disney AMV

Jim Martin

Jim Martin is an interesting candidate for the Georgia Senate race. First, he's running a campaign without money. Let me say that again, he's actually tied for winning a seat in the Senate of the United States of America, in the 21st century, from a campaign that has almost zero cash and is running literally , almost no television advertising. Martin is supremely qualified to be the Senator from Georgia. First, he really understands the healthcare issues of Americans and in particular, the role that a normalized, sane universal healthcare system would play in stabilizing the prices charged for medical services, and vaulting the 20 million uninsured into the system. He helped create Peachcare, which is Ga.'s healthcare system for young children and others who have no coverage - and its a huge success. The GOP cutting into this system, are losing massive numbers of voters and they're turning towards Jim. He's served served as chairman of a number of committees…

Looking Vice Presidential..

Cue to the Cigaretta whipping past a Dade county harbor. .. Alright, I have noticed a difference in McCain vs. Obama, that here in Georgia, is starting to play out for a victory for Barack (he's already up by six points in early voting). Sarah Palin was the reason that GA turned to McCain's camp. Not many people know this, but before the GOP convention GA was 42 - 44 percent in favor of McCain. After, it was 55 - 39. But as the campaign wore on, GA voters, which are really voters for reform, and change - are noticing that Obama's campaign is about his presidency, whereas McCain's campaign seems to be a Karl Rove style succession of maneuvers like his appointment of Sarah, or his grandstanding of the Financial Crisis and subsequent attempt to stall his first debate. GA fought fiercely in the civil war - the North had the means of production, factories, gear. The south had moxie. To see McCain publicly stand up for courage, conviction, and change - and yet embra…

Cremaster One - Matthey Barney

What We Do Now

We Vote. Go ahead and vote early, and get it done. This election is going to be about real leadership. And if Obama gets elected Nov. 2, then good. We've done something cool for the country. The real work will begin once we've got clear leadership.

Hotel California

Dead Cat Bounce

I told my friend, that if you drop a dead cat
from the top of the empire state building
even though it would die, its body would bounce up
after it hit the ground

He turned to me and said
the cat probably has a better chance of living
even though it is falling from a higher place, because
the cat would relax as it approaches
terminal velocity

And then it occured to me..
magneto was mad
titanium too
And the crimson dynamo
just couldn't cut it no more were the law

What goes through the mind of a cat falling so fast..

his ass


Godzilla - B.O.C.

Amber Cold Town

Animal Mind, faded from her cortex
the high school still laughing at her
she wants to hide behind her teen binder, there on her desk
she wants to become invisible
how could they lay all of her troubles down?
how could they make fun of her like this?
It was his fault, after all

The words once flowed but now like a gun
pointed in the wrong direction
she can't make herself pull the trigger
she can't do it anymore
No longer a Desert Eagle
No more connection to the blogger

He decides to lock himself down for the cold winter
and wait through it all
he specializes in MILFs, he makes them feel wanted
sexy, romantic, desirable
but this world is nothing without her
and he misses her

She was the kind of girl
that would grab it and tap it on the head and say
"Is this thing on?"

I spread my dark wings over their space
Yes. Its dark at high noon
And somehow they know
Their new england eyes seem to whisper to me
when they smile

I wish my skin was white
I wish …

When It Falls

She's standing next to Big Ben
the morning is cold, she draws her raincoat tight
the cross hatch timbers collect beads of light

He wipes his head
takes a drag of a cigarette
meets her for coffee
but not her gaze
how could you do this?
wear your pretty face
turn to face the audience
no one makes a sound
the white lights upon him now
sparkling upon his brow

He casts his eyes outside
cream swirls like fog in his hand
How are you going to manage he asks beneath his breath
she sits across from him in tight lipped rage

She screams at him secretly in her mind
the rage and frustration of a misspent life
detonates upon on the table
blowing the windows into the half-light
to radiate cold shafts of broken glass
hanging in the air , sky fire diamonds
they play out their last scene

They are alone, quiet, peaceful
accepting a certain grace
he puts the pen down on the table
its metal sheen against the white cloth
and she signs in broken hand
in dark blue line on white page

He turns a corn…

Blood of Eden - Peter Gabriel / S. O'Connor

The Vice Presidential Debate

I share the problems, that Sarah Palin shares. I am, at my worst, egotistical, self centered, narcissistic and completely unable to see myself as wrong in any way. I try to force issues, where none should be forced. I usually try to find ways to make whatever I am thinking , the right thing for everyone - or, alternately, if you are opposing me - I tend to - when I am at my worst - give you the ninth degree. If at the end of all of that, you're still lined up against me, and you happen to be right - again, at my worst - I tend to acquiesce whatever point may have been made. I also share her problem of being unable, at times, to focus on a question. For example, she was asked "What is your Achilles Heel?" and she responded by saying , in effect, that she's perfect as she is. She completely ignored the question. In her mind, she felt that she answered it, I am certain of that. Because that delusion - that inability to see the question for what it is, and to f…

Warcraft Lore - The Burning Crusade

Imprisoned by Sargeras, who then came to believe that the only absolutes in the universe were chaos and depravity. Freed, to serve him - and lead an army to burn the entire universe. Beware.