Looking Vice Presidential..

Cue to the Cigaretta whipping past a Dade county harbor. .. Alright, I have noticed a difference in McCain vs. Obama, that here in Georgia, is starting to play out for a victory for Barack (he's already up by six points in early voting).

Sarah Palin was the reason that GA turned to McCain's camp. Not many people know this, but before the GOP convention GA was 42 - 44 percent in favor of McCain. After, it was 55 - 39.

But as the campaign wore on, GA voters, which are really voters for reform, and change - are noticing that Obama's campaign is about his presidency, whereas McCain's campaign seems to be a Karl Rove style succession of maneuvers like his appointment of Sarah, or his grandstanding of the Financial Crisis and subsequent attempt to stall his first debate. GA fought fiercely in the civil war - the North had the means of production, factories, gear. The south had moxie. To see McCain publicly stand up for courage, conviction, and change - and yet embrace the policies and politics of the Bush administration, is one thing. But in the early polling places, where there is now a 10 point swing in favor of Obama, we are seeing something else - we're seeing a voter, at the final point of decision - realize that Obama didn't need any big news when he appointed his VP, because he's strong enough of a leader not to require another Dick Cheney. Or, a Sarah Palin.

GA is your average joe six pack voter. They're people who've been voting for change for a long time. Alot of people believe that GA votes for the GOP because they are into Guns, Against Gays,and all for God. Which is, of course, also the reason why Ms. Shoots Wolves-from-scout-planes, Marriage-is-a-union-of-man-and-wife-even-if-it-means-my-daughter-at-17, and I-only-know-Roe-v-Wade-but-I'm-cute-on-Camera, is such a big hit.

But what people dont realize is the act of courage that it took for a deeply democratic GA, to turn to a republican government. Supporting republican policies in GA has been an act of reform. The Democrats, like Zell Miller and earlier - were largely representative of an oppressive, racist south. These are the Democrats who ended up apologizing to Ray Charles for keeping him from playing here, because he was a black man. And as you all know, one of his songs is now GA's state song. "Georgia on My Mind"...

The Southern Conservative Democrats had a huge political Machine. I liken the move from blue state to redstate, with a large prize of electoral votes, to that of Texas declaring its independence from Mexico. And for better or worse, that meant the average GA voter understood that he or she had to go straight ticket.

They really liked the fact that McCain went out and embraced change. There have been radical changes in GA, and alot of them very positive.

But when they're getting into the polling booth, they're not voting for a Vice President. They're voting for Barack Obama.


M@ said…
You still have nothing good to say about Sen. Joe Biden, do you? Even though he was rated by some conservative watchdog group as the third most liberal senator, ahead of #4 Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (of Vermont)!?

Well, the media fix in, I think. Just got my copy of this month's Men's Health. Guess who's on the cover? It's not McCaine.....