Amber Cold Town

Animal Mind, faded from her cortex
the high school still laughing at her
she wants to hide behind her teen binder, there on her desk
she wants to become invisible
how could they lay all of her troubles down?
how could they make fun of her like this?
It was his fault, after all

The words once flowed but now like a gun
pointed in the wrong direction
she can't make herself pull the trigger
she can't do it anymore
No longer a Desert Eagle
No more connection to the blogger

He decides to lock himself down for the cold winter
and wait through it all
he specializes in MILFs, he makes them feel wanted
sexy, romantic, desirable
but this world is nothing without her
and he misses her

She was the kind of girl
that would grab it and tap it on the head and say
"Is this thing on?"

I spread my dark wings over their space
Yes. Its dark at high noon
And somehow they know
Their new england eyes seem to whisper to me
when they smile

I wish my skin was white
I wish I wasn't the one
I wish I could leave this land of ashes
Let the dreams, the demons, the merchants solve their own
Let the fair wind carry me to the Marquesas
And then someone hands a small steel ball
And the number matches
And I spread my wings and fly

To them
I am the steady one
their final vision
And I was ready to pull the trigger
I looked down
And saw her still upon the ground

It was like heroin
A short, sharp shock
I wanted to throw up
But in my disgust
My arms stretched out to the sky
And I became the glittering dark
that was within them all