Market Bottom

The way to find a market bottom is to look at three factors. One, if something called a "triple bottom" is occurring where the stock prices try to fall lower, but hit a certain baseline and rebound three times.

Two, where the um.. I forget what it was called, but its like a variance - begins with an S- or something, and it starts to narrow. Basically that means that the market is going into a volatile phase again (so its hit a stable point and moving upward).

And three, if you read my blog and you're clever. Enough people make money off me already.

Obama's speech yesterday didn't hurt, either. The markets rallied right after it - Wall Street wants a stable, respected administration. They didn't drink the Hang-Sen coolaid yesterday.

What stocks look good? My uncle day-traded AIG to a two-bagger (200 percent return). I am thinking maybe its time to look at blue chips.

It takes nerve to trade in a market like this. Then again. It takes nerve to fall in love, too .. doesn't it.

Whats that saying about love, and war? We democrats should probably learn it.. =)