A Story About America

Not many campaigns can afford to buy this much airtime. Not many campaigns have ever occurred in American history where the money comes directly from the people, through the internet. Not many people can afford to sit on their couch and hope that what is being broadcast to a million people tonight, is what they need to see. I'm glad someone posted this so I could find it. I hope you enjoy it as well. I especially liked the part that Bill Richardson played at the end, because I'm actually more stoked about the prospect of Bill Richardson as Secretary of State, than anything else. Have Fun This Week/ Happy Halloween, and Don't Forget Next Week You Rock The Vote.


M@ said…
Now, don't get me wrong. I don't like democrats but if I was going to throw my vote elsewhere, it would have been to the Green Party rather than the republicans.

I'm excited, too.
M@ said…
Hey, you know about finance.... I've read recently about how the democrats helped to create the mortgage crisis by allowing poor people to get mortgages--a lofty idea but not practical. Risky loans are, by definition, loans that are bound to fail. So they set people up for failure.

Then the republicans didn't want to regulate the financial industry and Alan Greenspan says he's baffled b/c he was going on 40 years of emperical data but, dude, mortgage-backed derivatives didn't exist 40 years ago....

It seems that the democrats teed the ball and republicans drove it!

They work very well together.