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The Greatest Fear

On the Eve of Halloween

My greatest Fear
is that I am not in love
with an angel
nor that she has guided me my entire life
with gentle grace
and beauty
and that I have given my heart
to someone
who does not love me

As darkness approaches
and monsters come
knocking upon my door

I will hand out baked cookies
and gum
and chocolate

But in my soul
that has been bound to her

I wait

A crown upon my head
a chair
my arms
held fast
to a throne that resembles
a broken chair

White linen cloth
A single light bulb overhead

Does She touch up in the mirror

And then
close the door
Leave me lying here

Your favorite darkness

- and then
a knock upon the door
like the tell tale heart

And I hand candy

to a Christian Zombie

and a half decayed avatar
of a professional Golfer

A faerie
and one kid that looks vaguely




Mathilde,Sara et Marine


For EE Cummings, On The Lord's Anniversary

God's Secret Was Always
That He Had A Wife

They had A Way About Them
That Really Worked
They Were The Only Two People
The first
In The Universe

and so she smiled
and there was light

I Think
A Woman
is always justabitcurious
to know if you really believe she is the only woman in the world

But always happy to find
that she really is


(it makes the pain go away)
(and the nights warm)
(which, if your job)
(is to create the world)
(might be morefunthannetflix)

you see

So much depends
upon initial conditions

Ihavelovedandlostorareyou gone
you beautifulcreativewoman

[so much of a wedding is unique]
[the invitation is written on special paper]
[with special ink]
Lots of special food
and the ceremony really means something

The Last Daemon

voice hunt-group 102 parallel
final 37012
list 44202,44212,44222
timeout 252
pilot 37952

ephone-Hope longest idle

When we set aside which is greater
hope becomes
the last to be saved
first to go
last to know

Hope is a house of cards
that folded when mankind was born
Blown to the wind
and destroyed the million reasons why
you and I
Should not exist

In my mind
I am in a shed
in the backyard
A blue light glows
through the branches of 200 year old trees
that rain acorns down
upon its metal roof
whispering in the rafters full of mouse shit
and spiderwebs

That tonight
You and I spoke
or was it SMS
or a post.

Who cares.
You pulled a piece of my soul out
and left a warm place for a cactus to grow.

I learn not to read
the things that should not be rote

it will be very cold
and there is no heater
in the shed
in the backyard
floating upon a selfless void
that burns cold
in black flame

Like the twisted white hot metal leg cramp
at four am
that throws you out of …

House of Cards - Radiohead


A Poem for A Daughter

I heard today that you scored
one hundred
on a poem you wrote on a blog
for school

I heard today that you wrote it
on childhood
not saying anything another word
so. cool.

For some strange reason I am not curious
I feel like
whatever you've written is good

I guess it doesn't matter
A father
eventually gets replaced

Then again
So does a mother

And the arguments you have with her
mark a time and place
where you're glad not to say

What you've written
or who you are

I heard today
you wanted to become a pediatrician
where before
you wanted to be a mathematician

You gave exact statistics
on how much they make

but when I asked you if you liked biology
you shook your head

I didn't ask
if you could ever visualize
Losing a patient so small

I heard today
you didn't want to go to church with us
but you did anyway

And we played trunk or treat
somehow it all worked out

We grabbed the feet
of a little week old child
and those toes

Made me breathe again
just the feel of her…

Cloud Atlas


Seven Nation Army - It Might Get Loud / Jack White / Jimmy Page/ The Edge


Men Don't Tell


You Love Her. She's Your Passion.

Be tender. Remind her what love is.




I feel
an inability
to feel

Seeing you again
brought something within
something I'd forgotten
curled up dead and left for rotten

I am water
and trace chemicals

But each and every atom
every element of yesterday's triumph
every trace of winning and losing
and delusion
and dust
now lights up for you in the darkness

And when you hang up the phone
I am alone
I have no mouth
and I must scream

You and I
and all of us
are citizen of two nations

our own
and France

to higher beings
is an inconvenience

they gain eternal life
sometimes bear vice
that they no longer remember
how to reproduce

Once upon a Universe

And so they play a game
using the bible as source code
they play an avatar

And there you are

Floating next to you
The torn off head of a barbie doll
that detonates into flame
and burns

We travel on

Set the controls
For the heart of the sun

Virgin Mary
in stained glass
glowing by the spiral arm of a galactic weapon
As if t…

An Hour of Pink Floyd