The Greatest Fear

On the Eve of Halloween

My greatest Fear
is that I am not in love
with an angel
nor that she has guided me my entire life
with gentle grace
and beauty
and that I have given my heart
to someone
who does not love me

As darkness approaches
and monsters come
knocking upon my door

I will hand out baked cookies
and gum
and chocolate

But in my soul
that has been bound to her

I wait

A crown upon my head
a chair
my arms
held fast
to a throne that resembles
a broken chair

White linen cloth
A single light bulb overhead

Does She touch up in the mirror

And then
close the door
Leave me lying here

Your favorite darkness

- and then
a knock upon the door
like the tell tale heart

And I hand candy

to a Christian Zombie

and a half decayed avatar
of a professional Golfer

A faerie
and one kid that looks vaguely