I feel
an inability
to feel

Seeing you again
brought something within
something I'd forgotten
curled up dead and left for rotten

I am water
and trace chemicals

But each and every atom
every element of yesterday's triumph
every trace of winning and losing
and delusion
and dust
now lights up for you in the darkness

And when you hang up the phone
I am alone
I have no mouth
and I must scream

You and I
and all of us
are citizen of two nations

our own
and France

to higher beings
is an inconvenience

they gain eternal life
sometimes bear vice
that they no longer remember
how to reproduce

Once upon a Universe

And so they play a game
using the bible as source code
they play an avatar

And there you are

Floating next to you
The torn off head of a barbie doll
that detonates into flame
and burns

We travel on

Set the controls
For the heart of the sun

Virgin Mary
in stained glass
glowing by the spiral arm of a galactic weapon
As if to say
there is nowhere you can hide

Left hidden in the cold dead of space
a rolling pattern of static
transmits The Andy Griffith Show

Black and White:
A man and his young girlfriend
show up at the door
to be wed
and their fathers break in
and call it off
at the end of a shotgun

And starlight

Andy tells Opie
the story of Romeo and Juliet

He decides the best way to wed
is instead of death , feigned
for the capulet

The two men must end their feud
that neither began

And so in the end
two become one
in matrimony
the shotgun trained
upon the policeman

Any colour you like
A photon

that when it will shine
knocks from the motherly dark
a snowball
that begins a virus laden fall
toward a bright blue ball
gone to ground
around a star
far from the galactic core
far from the black hole
that they know is not a hole
far from them
and really, wasn't their idea

for God so loved the world.
Maybe yours. Maybe Mine.

A nice place to keep a bioweapon.
And a river unseen beneath the trees.

Jesus is coming.

Look busy.