The Last Daemon

voice hunt-group 102 parallel
final 37012
list 44202,44212,44222
timeout 252
pilot 37952

ephone-Hope longest idle

When we set aside which is greater
hope becomes
the last to be saved
first to go
last to know

Hope is a house of cards
that folded when mankind was born
Blown to the wind
and destroyed the million reasons why
you and I
Should not exist

In my mind
I am in a shed
in the backyard
A blue light glows
through the branches of 200 year old trees
that rain acorns down
upon its metal roof
whispering in the rafters full of mouse shit
and spiderwebs

That tonight
You and I spoke
or was it SMS
or a post.

Who cares.
You pulled a piece of my soul out
and left a warm place for a cactus to grow.

I learn not to read
the things that should not be rote

it will be very cold
and there is no heater
in the shed
in the backyard
floating upon a selfless void
that burns cold
in black flame

Like the twisted white hot metal leg cramp
at four am
that throws you out of bed
and makes you crawl
across a hardwood floor

A four minute warning

You would have been screaming
but you can't catch your breath
the knot in your leg
feels like someone hit you
with a baseball bat
this isn't just a nightmare

but soon you're gonna wake up
begets nothing

the pain will go away
I want you to try
I want you to make me live
but I know
that I am so alone

So it goes

will be very cold
but the screen will glow
an avatar in a virtual world
that rises to meet the Legion
Of the storm

But the real world is never far

And in my heart
even though it is only the glow of a cellphone
that lights my way

It has become my Pandora
that even though she has doomed us
saved hope
the last of them all

And so it goes
two people in a Nicholas Sparks forest
running through the fields
laying flat on the ground

Standing on the beach

by the immensity of the sea
its vast unknowable being

I am become
the person
my cat believes that I am

(Tail rising to greet me like a kitten)

I am become
the person
my dog
believes that I am

(Lying at my feet)

To set everything straight, a poem
Because I don't want to hear it
I don't want to know

Pandora never trapped hope
she kept the last demon
Its name was hard to say
but you can call him
of Evil

So now we are all free
to see the good
in everyone

Thanks for being here

Thank you for
shared wings
to fly into Erebus
and dark winged night
I wish you enough stars

Thank you for listening.
You are beautiful.
You really are.

Please leave some money in the jar
as you walk out the door.

Wri mem
show run