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Political Prediction

Everything begins and ends with womankind
but rule of law and life is the domain of man
not to see the forest
for the trees
to decide by hatchet, axe and saw
action, consensus, and law
guns, germs and steel
A blood sport
more popular than football
which ultimately descends
under the influence of corruption
into chaos
and sin

out of the ashes
the candidate arises
focus of prediction
a machine
a human
a movement
gently unfolded
like a duck stuffed inside a chicken
stuffed into a turkey
stuffed into a duck
stuffed back into the duck again

A platform
of brimstone
deny climate change
but be angry about it
very angry

Whether he can or can't
they will believe he will walk upon the water
and the dark vents beneath the ocean will open
pumping two parts per million
to the less than one tenth of one percent
to make the voices heard
of the sybarite
standing for welfare for the wealthy
and a reform of life itself
and in our then-upcoming primary season
small mammals voting in dreamless sle…

Punching a Theocon

I can't hear you
over the sound
of how awesome I am

When I walk into the room
the lamestream media doesn't care
but I am the hero you dreamed of

As I walked to the podium
I planned to give a speech
where I would tell everyone
that conservatism is christian
and christianity is conservative
but just then
someone walked straight up to me

and punched me in the nose
and my blood flowed

When I awoke
I found myself
with a 50,000.00 hospital bill
from six teams of specialists
that had all run tests
telling me
is ok

A Child, Born. A Parent, Made.

My trust has to be earned
even if you think it was given
You can never know the fear
that I live with every day
everything seems to be forever

When I was born
you were made
and all the things you were, once
passed away

I changed you forever
and made you a traveller
into the realm of immortality
but each and every day
there is danger

Protect me
keep me warm
one day I will grow
to be a gentleman
or lady

And you will die

I will visit you where you lay
beneath fields of stone
and rye
freshly planted to hold the earth
vivid green
against the straw
the wet rains held in place
to keep the birds from flying away
with seed

I have lived my life in a day
and as the sun sets
and heat lightning rolls through the clouds
dancing one, to another
you have touched eternity

And heard the sound
of a savior
and sucking on his pacifier
he never named


a job
to find it
to pick it up
if it fell to the ground

to keep it clean

and have it always around
one day
take it away


Occupy vs. Bank of America

A clear action of Occupy , is to empower us all to become a stronger democracy - and to make better choices. When we launched a site that allowed consumers to locate and avail themselves of better, less expensive, and more ethical banking institutions - the winners were the people who moved their money into safe harbor and away from the more corrupt and less reliable banks in our country. A massive campaign ensued to justify that , an organization who was involved in delivering hidden fees - could then simply take them from their customers by outright means. Such action is the essence of corporate hubris. And Occupy answered. We, as a country - now fully embrace Occupy. Fully one out of every two Americans see Occupy as a positive force. Occupy - after global success, has now moved to your neighborhood - and stands for the Occupation of your own neighborhood. And it stands for wise choices in your personal finance. Fortunately for Occupy - the millions spent in sponsored &quo…

A Mormon Candidate

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is one in which the members first and foremost profess a christian faith. This is the denomination of their religion. Mitt Romney is, first and foremost a Christian. Moreover, he is a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints. As a young man, he was a missionary. He later became involved in his Church, and worked as an administrator. His belief system incorporates LDS ideals. However, his religion - as practiced by the office of the presidency - will be all but nonexistent. America believes in the separation of Church and State. And Mitt Romney has stated clearly and unequivocally that he will uphold this rule. He has said on several occasions, and in interviews - that his religion is a private matter. Further, he has successfully accomplished an independent resume as a statesman. For the deeply flawed Republican party - and its corrupt primary process - this has been a persistent issue with his candidacy. But speaking as an indep…

Save The World - Swedish House Mafia


Norma Jeane Mortenson


Healthcare Reform

Today, an article was posted that delivers a CDC report stating that , as a result of Healthcare Reform - more young people are insured. Young adults , before the great Healthcare reform of 2010 - were knocked off their parent's insurance as they reached a certain age. But reform helped parents and kids to be able to acquire insurance. Unlike the Bush Republican era, in which those kids were either price gouged to get insurance, or had no insurance at all - the result of this change in the law allowed young adults up to the age of 26 to easily acquire affordable health insurance through existing means. As a direct result, last year 2.5 million more young Americans were insured - and 5 million parents rested a bit easier about their children. I stop to think about what this means for our country. About what it means for jobs, economic and cultural stability. That's almost 8 million people. What is the effect of these people worrying, or paying more than they should? Eve…

Merry Christmas



My story has a simple beginning.

I was born to parents that made their living on the cold lakes of the netherlands. My father was a fisherman. One year, in the dead of winter - my sister caught a fever. She drifted in and out of this fever for many days. Finally, it seemed as though she was ready to pass into the afterlife. She had grown thin, and pale - and refused to eat. And yet she seemed to have a peaceful sort of glow about her. My mother grew exceedingly worried. She demanded of my father, then and there - that she must be taken to the village at once. But the night was cold, and my father decided that the only way that she would survive the night - would be if she were to be carried across the ice. And so my mother, and my father - carrying my sister wrapped soundly upon his back - all made their way out in the cold night. My father told me that he would be back in the morning. But he did not return.

I seem to remember most, about them - how young and beautiful my sist…

HyperBallad - Bjork / Royal Opera


Skrillex - First of the Year


Dita Van Teese (Two)

Between supposed lovers...

Dita Von Teese

To the tune of "Now we are free". Or, possibly. Schism.

Now We Are Free

I don't write about myself, alot. Or those that I love. I tend to write about objects of fascination and thought. I like to write about ideas. I have also dedicated quite a few lines to political thought - mostly because it is a place where language morphs and changes and it is a species imperative that we somehow arrive back at a place where statesmanship once thrived and governance was a bit more than a dog and pony show between electioneers and lobbyists. I guess it's because I've never actually seen a dog and pony show. Scratch that. I've seen one. It was pretty cool. But it's not what I want or need, out of my country's elected officials. If you've read this blog, you'll find that I never. Ever . Write about anyone directly related to me. I do this because, to be honest - I believe that this is a personal journal where I am free to write about almost anything. And everything. I've written about kinky sex, online gaming, triathlon, rock and…

Life in a Day

Full screen recommended, 1:34:56

My Woman From Tokyo

For Laura Shigihara

Spinning in artificial gravity
I speed through the darkness
your words and thoughts
pure intention
disintegrating within me in shades of color
warming me against the cold of space

I have no window except one and I am quietly aware
that if I look at the rising sun
it will burn my retina

And I will go blind
Perhaps I am running from something
Perhaps I am playing a game
But the future comes from the rising sun
and not the breaking dawn

In her eyes I see there is no sunrise
only blackness
I see myself spinning
endlessly through the darkness
I am alone on the open ocean
and she is my warmth

Cold silence
and fragments of sharp rock
fly through the void
cutting through metal skin

But ahead
in the center of my strongest nightmare
burns a red circle
where we will land

And together
we bring with us
A virus

Her smell
Her scent
Her ruthless beauty

I know she is origin
And I know that we are there
to start a world
or perhaps more appropriately
we are contagion

The Honey Badger


All I Want is You - Bono/The Edge