A Child, Born. A Parent, Made.

My trust has to be earned
even if you think it was given
You can never know the fear
that I live with every day
everything seems to be forever

When I was born
you were made
and all the things you were, once
passed away

I changed you forever
and made you a traveller
into the realm of immortality
but each and every day
there is danger

Protect me
keep me warm
one day I will grow
to be a gentleman
or lady

And you will die

I will visit you where you lay
beneath fields of stone
and rye
freshly planted to hold the earth
vivid green
against the straw
the wet rains held in place
to keep the birds from flying away
with seed

I have lived my life in a day
and as the sun sets
and heat lightning rolls through the clouds
dancing one, to another
you have touched eternity

And heard the sound
of a savior
and sucking on his pacifier
he never named


a job
to find it
to pick it up
if it fell to the ground

to keep it clean

and have it always around
one day
take it away

children are born
parents are made

so happy birthday