Political Prediction

Everything begins and ends with womankind
but rule of law and life is the domain of man
not to see the forest
for the trees
to decide by hatchet, axe and saw
action, consensus, and law
guns, germs and steel
A blood sport
more popular than football
which ultimately descends
under the influence of corruption
into chaos
and sin

out of the ashes
the candidate arises
focus of prediction
a machine
a human
a movement
gently unfolded
like a duck stuffed inside a chicken
stuffed into a turkey
stuffed into a duck
stuffed back into the duck again

A platform
of brimstone
deny climate change
but be angry about it
very angry

Whether he can or can't
they will believe he will walk upon the water
and the dark vents beneath the ocean will open
pumping two parts per million
to the less than one tenth of one percent
to make the voices heard
of the sybarite
standing for welfare for the wealthy
and a reform of life itself
and in our then-upcoming primary season
small mammals voting in dreamless sleep
awaken to a world without men

And so, a prediction

The first thing that is going to happen
is that one male squirrel will make a mad dash
across the road
and not get thrown under the bus
while the rest of us
see danger from above
look straight ahead
and run sideways
like a pair of ragged claws
under silent seas

But hey
Don't blame me
I voted for Kodos


Anonymous said…
Would this be Kodos the Executioner?
Right. As in "The Simpsons" lol

Anonymous said…
This thing is awesome. I love it.