Now We Are Free

I don't write about myself, alot. Or those that I love. I tend to write about objects of fascination and thought. I like to write about ideas. I have also dedicated quite a few lines to political thought - mostly because it is a place where language morphs and changes and it is a species imperative that we somehow arrive back at a place where statesmanship once thrived and governance was a bit more than a dog and pony show between electioneers and lobbyists. I guess it's because I've never actually seen a dog and pony show. Scratch that. I've seen one. It was pretty cool. But it's not what I want or need, out of my country's elected officials.

If you've read this blog, you'll find that I never. Ever . Write about anyone directly related to me. I do this because, to be honest - I believe that this is a personal journal where I am free to write about almost anything. And everything. I've written about kinky sex, online gaming, triathlon, rock and roll, and tolkien. I've written about Amber Dalton (whom, you can be sure - is an abstraction to me, and little else), beat poets and the birth and death of the day. I've tracked all kinds of pictures from all over the net, and some of them are decidedly adult. My heterosexual privilege. Women quickly discover that not all men are natural dominants. And as one of the few in the world, who have decided to man up. I reserve the right to be absolutely fascinated with beautiful women. A viewpoint that may find itself at odds with whatever form of family life I may or may not have.

With afew exceptions, I have stayed true to the ethic of this blog , which spans from 2005 to present date, containing over 2,000 posts. Some of it likley comes off in a narcissistic way. When you write exclusively about yourself, you really look like you're the only person in the whole world - that you care about.

Those who know me, know this is not true. These are meditations. Nothing more. And my ties to others, whether loose or strong - are part of who I am and where I draw my strength. But they are not in and of themselves a strength. They are a safe haven. And somehow, those around me have thrived even though the world has essentially fallen apart. I am happy for them. This is a world, where you can look up into the sky - and feel at peace.

It is a world where there fate holds many possibilities for those who do not play to win. And , perhaps - the only noble exit - is a hero's death.

For Now, We Are Free.