A Mormon Candidate

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is one in which the members first and foremost profess a christian faith. This is the denomination of their religion.

Mitt Romney is, first and foremost a Christian. Moreover, he is a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints. As a young man, he was a missionary. He later became involved in his Church, and worked as an administrator. His belief system incorporates LDS ideals. However, his religion - as practiced by the office of the presidency - will be all but nonexistent.

America believes in the separation of Church and State. And Mitt Romney has stated clearly and unequivocally that he will uphold this rule. He has said on several occasions, and in interviews - that his religion is a private matter. Further, he has successfully accomplished an independent resume as a statesman. For the deeply flawed Republican party - and its corrupt primary process - this has been a persistent issue with his candidacy. But speaking as an independent, I believe it is a plus - and it will guarantee that the religious zealotry and the bizarre capacity of certain other candidates to attempt to invoke their occupation of a so called higher ground - will guarantee and reinforce that the winning candidate will be one that can separate Church and State.

A Church is designed to help people share their faith, and build upon a foundation of good work. A state is designed to act in its own interests - and in particular - pursue those interests in a global theater in which the zero sum game can and does occur. A Church is designed to help others, and to be a resource for all. A state is designed to rise and fall with the accomplishments of its people - it is a working entity and does not contemplate the afterworld. And for that reason, its business should be largely non partisan. A Church and and will embrace dogma. A state must disabuse itself of that notion - it is a representative entity of several , possibly conflicting views and people - and it makes its headway by popular vote and general assembly.

The Bush Republicans - continually attempt to destroy the boundaries between church and state. This has damaged the Republican party beyond repair. If we, as a country - are to see a Mormon Candidate - it is likely that this will be a big plus. Most Mormons in their Worship, are apolitical. You don't get GOP talking points recycled as sermons, in an LDS Church. And so a Mormon Candidate, not so much because he or she is of a certain faith - but because of a demonstrated ability to accomplish the separations of Church and State - would , at this stage in the primary season of 2011 and 2012 - seem a distinct possibility.

In the end, Americans are largely apolitical. We simply want to get on with life and not have our Government become a dog and pony show. As much as we have heard of the primary season for what can be loosely referred to as a "Conservative" political party - it is clear that we will accomplish much as a country by its dissolution and replacement. Independent political thinking and religious dogmatics are deeply incompatible. The likely source of the vitriol from within the dying husk of the GOP - comes not from the will of the American voter - but the shrill voice of the minority - in whom ones professed faith , under Bush Republican precept - becomes a negotiable platform. This minority seeks not to install itself within just leadership - but to accomplish political pyrotechnic at the expense of the American voter , and the American Taxpayer.